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Friday, June 30, 2006

new picture taken today!!!

Only thing missing is the flower box. Yea, got another set of double shelves done today and some counter top up in the kitchen/office.

Before picture

Guess I should give you a before picture so you can see what the building looked like. This was taken about a month after I bought the building and had already had the new roof put on.
We litterly gutted the inside down to the studs and put in new wiring and plumbing. Thats why it has taken so long. dc

MY Store

Well here is the {almost} finished store. Still need the store sign to be put up and will do that today. About 3 more days building shelves. Then a few days putting books on them. Will be glad to have all the sawdust over with. But have loved every minute of this. Oh, also have a flower box to go out front tomorrow and have the flag mounted on the right corner. Will do another picture later plus some of the renovation in progress, and the finished product. That alley way beside the store, carries all the traffic from the bank drive thru that is on main street. I couldn't believe all the traffic that comes thru there. There is a parking lot just to the right of my little red truck and a small amount of parking in the front. Well got to go and get some paint slapped on some more shelving before my helper comes at noon and we can get some more shelves up. Lots of other personal news but will save that for later too. dc

Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome to MO....

Well only 4 months off line!! Things do move slow here in Mo. LOL!
Got lots to share and pictures galore. But just a quick note to say I am back
Better than ever. Retirement is wonderful. Have never worked so hard in my life. lol.
But it has been a work of love, The store is about ready to be opened. Shooting for the 5th of July. Got to get back to the paint before my brush dries out. Oh, Meg the front door will be RED>>> Think you will like all my colors. Just got on line. So will sit down in the evening and send a big post with some pictures. Love to ya all. dc