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Friday, September 25, 2009

A little of this, and a little of that

Here is my rainbow from back door a few days ago.

Been a busy week, had the colonoscopy on Tue, then worked Wed, and also Thurs, and now it is Fri. already.

First the colonoscopy was quite interesting. I got to the hosp at 8 AM. On the table with IV by 8:30, Dr. was to be there at 9, but he had an emergency and got there at 11:30. I wasn't about to go home and do the prep another day. I was asleep the whole time for the last one I had, so I was surprised to wake up and find myself looking at the monitor and watched the last half of the procedure and even that I remembered. I watched them snip off some polyps, (didn't have those 5 years ago) I even got colored pictures of them to take home. (Icky). The bad part was that they blew so much air into the colon to puff it out to see and do the work, and it was quite painful. The pain lasted a couple hours till I was able to pass some of the gas. So now I wait for the biopsy reports. My concern now is that he wants to repeat it in 4 mo. to make sure they didn't "grow" back. So just keeping positive thoughts that all is well.

Now about the work. Wed. went OK. Worked with the 2 who are the gossips, so just tried to ignore and do all I could to learn more of their routines. Then I was asked if I could work the next day, as the part time nurse was working alone and the DON was coming in for only part of the day. I knew something was up after a few hrs. Judy (the part time nurse) said she had a meeting at 3pm with the Big Wheels. The DON told me later on the side that it was a sort of hearing and the outcome may not be good. So I sort of pushed all day to keep all the charts done up and tried to learn everything I could about the paper flow and finally got computer access code. (Oh, and I got to assist the PA in removing a big shot pellet from this guys forehead) So Judy left at 3pm and about 45 min. later was brought back by an officer and picked up her bag and left, escorted out. So that was it, and there is now a part time opening. I felt really bad for her. She seemed like a nice person and I really don't want to know all the details, its not my business. So I was left to do the 4pm pill call alone, and had only done it once, with help. You have to use the computer to look up each one and then document that rx. was given. Well the computer wouldn't show up the new orders, and the DON helped me some, but basically I got thru it and all ended well. So I don't know how long it will take them to decide what to do about hiring me into that slot. It may be awhile. So will wait and see.

Headed out to pick up our elk meat tomorrow. It will be an all day trip. About 5 hrs. one way

Thought for the day: A word to the wise is not necessary, its the stupid who need them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

People Watching

People watching the other day as we sat in the car waiting on SIL to do her grocery shopping. What a strange assortment there are. Does any one realize that what we see on TV has to just be the cream of the crop. Very few folks really look like that. In 30 min. I didn't see one that would get casted on a sitcom. Not even a Rosanne Barr! But isn't it sort of cool to realize that we are all so different and yet inside each one beats a heart that would look the same circulating the same colored blood around inside these different bodies. Now bodies are one thing, then you look at what everyone is wearing. Such diversity! From crack showing low hung pants, to fuzzy boots with shorts, to long sarong type dresses and everything in between.

Enjoying a nice little rain everyday for the last 4 or 5 days now. Then it blows thru and the sky is blue and air so fresh. Doing more tomato sauce today. Diced up more hot red peppers and onions to add to this batch. That's it, any more and I will just share with neighbors. I picked 3 one gal. buckets from that one plant the other day. And there are still alot left that are still ripening.

Starting my colonoscopy prep tomorrow, will be glad to get that out of the way on Tue. Then I work on Wed. Sat. we go after our elk meat. Well that's my update for this week. May have new news next time. You just never know what we are up to.

Thought for the day: He who throws dirt, looses ground.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Elk

Here is the proof. Hubby got a nice bull elk yesterday. Says he saw some alot bigger than this guy.
Just glad he had a same hunt and the guide seemed to take good care of him. It is sort of a once in a life time thing for him. He says he lived his dream of getting a big elk. This is the 3rd one he has taken. The first bull. Hopefully he was a young one and should be good eating. Having alot ground up into hamburger. We love chili and speg. sauce made with elk meat. I will go with him in a couple weeks to pick up the meat. Ya'al come over for a pot of chili when it gets cold.

Long lost friend

It is so wonderful to reconnect with an old friend. There is a gal that I went to nursing school with back in 86. We shared rides for one class that we had to take in Reno so we got to know each other pretty well and then graduated from nursing school together. I moved away, in 89 but we kept in touch some, and the last time I heard from her was a calender she sent me from HI. while she was there as a traveling nurse. By the time I got around to thanking her she had moved back to the mainland. So the years went by.

Last nite I was going thru some old albums and saw our pictures. I got the bright idea of seeing if she was on FaceBook like I am and I could send her an invite. No luck, so I googled her name and thought it might pop up that she had a blog or something. Well what the heck, she popped up alot of times. Seems she is an actress/nurse and has a website and I could see all her acting credits and PICTURES!! I looked close and sure enough it was her. There was a phone no. on that web page. So I called it this morning and had a great little chat with her. How cool is that?

I gave her my blog site so I know she is reading this and Hi again.

Thought for the day: Can't have too many friends and old ones are the best.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hitting the sauce

Making tomato sauce today. I added diced up red peppers that are hot. They were supposed to just be sweet red pepper plants. But think they will give the sauce nice flavor. I will attach a picture of the monster tomato plant!
Hubby called from the lodge where his hunt is located. They went out this morning, saw quite a few bull elk but no cows. So after a rest up thru early afternoon they will go back out after 4pm.
Had a nice visit with my sister yesterday. Not much news except that she sounds like she is getting her health back now and doing alot better. They are having a family gathering this Sun. Wish I was there. I had originally planned to go back this fall to see everyone but ended up going in May to close my store down so I hope to save up a few bucks and take off in the spring and make a nice long trip out of it.
Thought for the day: Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yeah, got to work one day

Tue. I got a call to come in and work on Wed. Soooo I did. It was clinic day with the PA so I got to run the clinic line and take off orders. All helpful stuff to learn. I need to be there one day when they do labs so I can learn their routine for that. I have one day scheduled later on, but boss lady is hoping there will be a part time opening soon. Which could mean by Xmas!

All alone for a few days, as hubby is about 5 hrs away on an elk hunt. Going to get some "spring" cleaning done. Got a counter full of tomatoes that I guess I will cook up into sauce. My red pepper plant has ended up having these cute small cone shaped red peppers that are just a bit hot, so figure I will chop them up in the tomatoes.

Think I will take a day for myself and go do a nice drive up in the mountains and pack a lunch and a book and lawn chair. Think I will? I will report.

Thought for the day, was in an e-mail from a friend: Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

Monday, September 07, 2009

If you speak honestly, everyone will listen.(my fortune cookie)

This is the view from the front door of our tent trailer this past week when we went camping. Woke up to 34 degrees and a skim of ice on the windshield of the truck. Good fishing, Got some nice larger trout. Our promise to ourselves is to eat trout once a week. Got several 18 in. long ones. They put up a good fight and are fun to catch. It is so peaceful to sit and look at the pine trees and mountains, and breath the clean air.
My arm is about healed up from a malignant spot that I had removed. It was basal cell ca. which is what I sort of thought it was. The path. showed all edges of it were clean so that's good news. Family frowned at me for letting my family Dr. remove it. but I had confidence that he knew what he was doing and it is all good.
Hubby heads out Thurs to Utah to hunt elk. He thinks this will be his last hunt and I silently agree. He is slowing way down, but sort of like the hound dog that still gets the scent to chase a rabbit.
Should hear from the home health agency this week about working part time for them. The staffing agency that I signed up with keeps calling me to fill shifts 200 miles away. Sorry I am not that desperate. But might consider getting a little orientation with the one 100 miles away if they schedule me 2 or 3 days in a row. Plan to talk to the DON about that tomorrow. She says that "next" week she will start getting me scheduled. We will see.
SIL is still (whats new) not happy about where she lives. I plan on driving her around the area and letting her look at other neighborhoods. I don't think she will be happy anywhere, she watches out her window and finds fault with everything, kids, weeds in neighbors hard, and heaven forbid a trash can sitting in front of someones garage. She is just not used to living in a housing community with neighbors. We don't let things bother us, and personally I think it is pretty quiet.
Well enough,
Thought for the day: Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand?