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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why do we hate Garage Sales?

Just finished a 2 day garage sale with my SIL. She did good to sell a couple easy chairs, and a big cedar chest, plus alot of small stuff. We sold alot of old 8 tracks, coffee cans full of matches from the 70's, and one large mirror, and some small stuff. The rest is boxed up to go to the Salvation Army. Just glad to be done with it.

Headed out tomorrow to the "city" to Sam's and a health food store. Then on Tue. we are going fishing!! I got worms in the refrig. to prove that we really are. Man, 4$ for a little tub of worms, I assume there are a doz. in the tub. They better do their stuff and catch us a few trout.

Friday, June 26, 2009

God whispered in my ear, again

I picked up a book yesterday and started the first few lines, and as I read the words "big deal" at the same moment those words were said on TV, "big deal". Not a coincidence, just more synchronicity. Would love to hear if you are finding these in your life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me and ABBA

With ABBA in my ears I did a 2 mile "quick" walk last pm. Getting better. I have a road that runs a couple blocks behind our house that is a straight 1 mile stretch. Not to much traffic and lots to see. Most of the homes are build on 1/4 to 1 acre lots. So they have horses and just such a diverse setting. Makes the walk easier. ABBA helps as most of the music is very fast beat. A couple days ago I went to the river trail. Which is nice, but just a little scary alone. It is a great bike trail but meanders thru trees and secluded. Think I will try the other end of it that is out in the open and maybe more used.

Talked to the Director of Nursing that is managing the facility where I am trying to get on. Looks like I will be doing some orientation soon, and will fill in some shifts thru the nursing agency that I have applied with. This will be good till the state finally has an "official" position posted for me.

We are trying to get everything ready to do a combined garage sale with SIL. Have all our stuff priced and ready but now weather looks like rain Fri. and Sat. So guess we will wait a week. Just want to get it over with. We LOVE doing garage sales, about like having your fingernails pulled out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do

I was cleaning out my desk and found this joke I had cut out. It is a picture of a Dr. sitting behind a desk, He is very obese and he is asking his patient: "Are you eating properly and getting plenty of exercise?"

Made me think that alot of times we are ready to hand out advice that maybe we don't really follow ourselves. Food :) for thought.

Monday, June 15, 2009

All quiet on the western front. (I just made that up)

Heading out bright and early in the AM to take that test I mentioned before. Hubby going with me. He overdid yesterday, (only 1 wk. since he broke the 2 ribs) He is having alot of shoulder pain. But each day I can tell it is better. I told him he is getting grouchy and sassy so that is a good sign. But he is so stubborn!!

Still having a bit of cool weather for it being almost the first of summer. We will be wishing for these breezes and fluffy clouds next month.

Not much else new so bye for now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here's to the importance of fiber in your diet!

Hubby still not doing so well with the rib pain. But did a lung check today and he is moving air down in the bottom and it sounds clear. Just have to be patient. Yesterdays bathroom drama about wiped him out. Definitely no joking matter. Have been adding extra calcium, IBU's, and FIBER. I know it will get better every day. Dang we are all ready to go fishing.

Having a cool spring (or is it summer?) May save alot on air conditioning if we can just quit running the heat in the mornings. Still down in the 50's at nite. Can't really complain.

Will be heading to Canon City next week to take a competency test, (just to be sure I haven't lost my nursing smarts) A 4 hr drive one way to take a 1 hr test. Hopefully hubby can go with me and we can check out the lakes on the way home.

Little brother headed to NC to see his oldest grand daughter graduate Sat. Have a safe trip.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hubby's Boo Boo

Yesterday hubby was sealing a little crack in the bed of the pickup, (we are getting a camper shell put on it this week) and he was getting down by "hopping" off the tailgait. Guess his hand slipped and he banged his back on the corner of the lowered tailgait. He came into the house, looking real pastey and groaning, trying to breath. He has a good abrasian up the left side of his back. He refused to go to ER at the time. But by nite time I told him we were definately going this morning just to make sure there were no internal injuries. The X-ray shows one complete break and another one almost all the way thru. So he is sleeping in the recliner as he can't lay down, taking IBU, and ice. Got to go pester him soon to do some deep breathing. I will try to scan the printout of the X-ray and add it here. Its all digital now and they sent us home a copy.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I am soooo tired.

Wow, that trip to Mo. and all really kicked my butt. Haven't had much energy to do much since I got home last Tue. Recap: I was gone 18 days. 2 day drive both ways, I kept the store open for 12 days straight to sell out as much stock as possible, Sold the book cases, pictures, card rack, advertising sign, and a couple small tables. Then I took my main desk and a couple of bookcases to my daughter. The remaining books, turned out to be about 1900, I donated to a local little library, and what a job to get them boxed up and loaded in her truck.

The store is all clean, and winterized all ready thanks to help from brother and his girl friend. I really couldn't have been more pleased with how it went. Of course when it was all empty and just me looking at the empty shelves I wanted to cry. I really didn't want to give up my store, but I know something else is waiting for me to do. It was a wonderful experience and maybe someday I will do something like that again. Not sure what I will do with the building, I left a sign on the front that anyone wishing to inquire about the building to call my brother.

The 2 days to drive home were peaceful. But as I said I have had a bad case of dragging butt.

Oh, we did get our fishing license this week and found an old camper shell to put on the little pickup so we can throw our gear in and go fishing. Yea. Very soon.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My synchronicity

While driving home Tue I hit a rain storm, well ended up driving in and out of the rain all day. But just as I was going into the rain for the first time, a song came up on my CD I was listening to by the Mavericks called " can you guess? "Here comes the Rain"

I always feel like this is God's way of saying "I am here" "Did you notice that?"

Monday, June 01, 2009


Well lets see, I was premature on the Sold Out post. When I got to the store the next morning to meet the folks and take the money, I had a voice mail message telling me they had changed their minds. They didn't have the guts to call my cell phone and tell me themselves. Anyway it was for the best.
I actually wanted to see it to the finish anyway. I did a brisk business all day Friday, had cut my prices in half. Selling out at garage sale prices, then on Sat I put up signs and did 2$ bag sales and sold about 60 bags of books. On Sun I donated the remainder stock to the local library. I thought there was about 1,000. But turned out there was 1900. I will get a slip for my donation for my taxes. I gave away about $1000 worth of books (my price's) for the folks that had credit for trading in books. I figured I sold over 2,000 books. Not bad. Would like to have sold them at my regular price, but its all done and the building all cleaned out and winterized too, just in case it is still empty.

I am staying at the same motel, same room as I did on my way to Mo. So I am half way back home. Had a great visit with all my family. Just felt like going back home.

Was able to help my sister out as she got home from her stay in KC after her surg. over 3 weeks ago. She is doing well, still weak, and having trouble tolerating more than a very small amount of food at a time, but she has about got the hang of managing the colostomy now. Just needs to gain about 30 lbs back. Dr. says she is doing just fine.

So its on home tomorrow and get back to my Co. life. More later