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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gee, I miss my bunny slippers!

I think I mentioned that I sort of gave my notice at work, actually the resignation was left with date to be determined. But I have an understanding that the 16th is "sorta" the last day. I will need to be gone a couple weeks and I have offered to help train the new person, but they really haven't started doing any interviews yet, Not sure what the hold up is. The LPN that runs the day to day stuff is frustrated as she needs help to get the new DON started. (even though she wasn't much help orienting me) Oh well they had a month's notice.
What is the shame, is that now that I am on 3 days a week and no more evenings (started that last week) I actually am really liking my job. I wish I had gotten into the Assisted Living management years ago. It is so rewarding to be a part of these folks lives. I have always found older folks very interesting. We have one lady who has climbed mountains all over the world, another who worked in Washington DC under J Edgar Hoover, and another who married a sheep rancher in Utah, her sister married his brother and they all lived together and raised their kids together, and they even lived together in the Assisted Living Home till the other sister died a couple years ago. Some of the families are so wonderful and some are bickering idiots, always trying to one up the other with who has the most power of attorney.
Can't figure out why sometimes this won't let me seperate my post into paragraphs. I have tried 3 times to edit it to create spacing, and all I get is one huge paragraph. Probably no one will read it anyway!
Thought for the day: We all have our stories to tell, will anyone listen? (this is my thought, not borrowed)