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Friday, April 27, 2007

Update on SIL condition

Well she made it thru surg. with hip pinning and blood transfusions OK. That was on Mon. By Wed they got her off the morphine and started PT and OT. On Thurs was moved into a rehab floor of the hosp. and working on how to dress herself with the bum leg and getting up and down to the bathroom. Guess the plan is to stay for about a week in rehab and then home. I hear she is giving the hosp staff hell, thats my SIL. They will be glad to be rid of her, LOL. so we will see how she is doing by the first of next week then see about an airline ticket and get a date set for the movers again. My gut feeling is that as soon as she is moving around some she will try to talk herself into the drive instead of airplane. But hopefully the Dr. will nix that for her. I am finding her a Dr. here to take her care and will set up home PT for her. She is still worried about all the trouble she is causing us and how I am having to manage alone. Heck, I always like my alone time. I am not complaining. Only complaint was when that donkey stepped on my toe and I had to hobble out to do chores. But it is pretty much OK now.

Looks like a great weekend coming up. The grass is about 6 inches tall or more with all the rains. So I will be on the mower alot to catch it up. But I don't mind. I would rather work outside and inside any day of the week. Got tomatoe plants to set out and have some baby dogwood trees that I got a week ago free from the fish hatchery near by, so guess I will find a place to get them set out.

Have a wonderful weekend. And remember Today is a Gift, thats why they call it the Present.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In the blink of an eye!

Wow, how we take life for granted. Really in a blink of an eye everything can change. Hubby and his sister were in the last 2 days of packing up for her move back here. Movers scheduled for Wed, the 25th. Mon. they went out to breakfast and went to the store top pick up a couple things. Bebo {sister} turned to greet someone and her hip gave way and down she went. Ended up she had fractured the long bone, femur, up near the hip socket. Alot of pain, she is 83 and a tiny 90 lb. person. Paramedics had to give her 2 shots of morphine before they could move her. They did surg. later in the day top put a rod in the bone and a plate and screw to secure the fracture. At 83 she has never been hospitalized, or had any surgery before. But she made it thru OK. Plan is to have her in rehab in the next couple days. That is expected to take 2 weeks to get her up and going with a walker. She hates to fly but right now we are thinking that will be the best way to get her back here. Hubby will drive and manage her 2 little dogs. Oh, and they are spoiled rotten dogs too. He can manage better with just the dogs and not her with a walker for 4 days driving. So I am hubbyless for 2 to 3 weeks more. Her biggest worry was for me, having to manage without hubby. Well that and her dogs. Ha Ha. My biggest concern is for my poor hubby having to deal with all this by himself. But he will manage and they will get her moved soon.

Moral of this lesson, Don't take life to serious, things can happen in the blink of an eye that can mess up YOUR plans.

Had a nice 1/2 inch rain last p.m. that came down in about 15 minutes. Afraid the grass is getting ahead of me. Will have to start mowing a little at a time each day between rains. dc

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about

I know Rosie is very controversial but I do have to agree with her today. She said that the guy who shot all the kids at the college should not be getting all this air time even showing his home videos of himself. Isn't this just what he wanted? So now we are playing into his fantasy and giving him his fame he sought. So Sad. This is a crazy world we live in now isn't it. Now if someone ticks you off on the highway or store you are afraid to speak up. Even when they are young. I have had minor run ins with teen agers and you let them intimidate you, and just back off when you really want to get in their face. Well again it is so sad when the world can offer so much joy and happiness. Maybe in 100 years we will look back and see what a troubled time this was. Lets hope we are still here in 100 years. I plan to be, how about you??

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Aky Braky Toe!!

Oh, my toe hurts. While doing chores last nite the donkeys crowded me and I thought I had pushed Momma, Jenny over far enough to get past her and all she did was shift her feet and one came down on my little toe thru tennis shoes. OUCH. I am sure the neighbors up the hill heard me moan. It burned like fire. I am pretty sure it is broken. Mostly only hurts when I flex it like walking. So here I go trying to get out and do chores and walking with these tiny steps so I don't flex the toes on the right foot. Ohhhhhhhhh I hate to be laid up, to much stuff to do!! Oh, yea while I am complaining have a big bruise on my leg just below the knee where I hit it on the trailer hitch. OK I have complained enough for today. Got stuff to do!

One nice thing about egotists: they don't talk about other people.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My 10$ sewing table.

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Why do I have to come to work to rest??

My weekend is Sun and Mon. Sun. I spent most of the day at my SIL's house helping get it ready for her to get moved back into later this mo. I vacumed so the carpet cleaners can come next week, mopped the BR and kitchen. Have a carpenter coming in to re-caulk the floor tiles, and re-do the dryer vent. Some yo-yo had vented it into the garage. The painting is all done. Not exactly happy with his work, if I had the time, I could have done every bit as good a job. I paid him a little extra to have his kids rake the yard and bag up the leaves, granted there was alot but the job is not finished so just said to heck with it. When you want something done it is usually best to just do it yourself. So will finish up that job after work today.
On Mon. went to Ar. to visit with daughter, and went "shopping". Ended up back in Mo and went to the local college that was having a book sale and got some more nice nearly new ones there.
On Sun. I stopped at a garage sale and got a cute little sewing table with a chair in nice shape. wooden too. for 10$ Gave the chair to my grand daughter and brought the table into the store. Lets see I also took a dresser and coffee table and end table to the daughter and brought home a kitchen cabinet to repair for her.
It needs alot of TLC. She was about to throw it out, I said let me fix it. so did some work on it last nite, glues some strips around the bottom, tightened up alot of screws. Sanded the drawers and so far have 3 coats of bright yellow pain on them. It will be useable and clean when I am done. So now I have her cabinet held hostage till she comes up next week to pick it up! There is a method to my madness.

Hubby still in Nv. All is well at the farm. Over 2 inches of rain last week, hope the freezing at night is over. I brought home several free dogwood trees from the fish hatchery Sat. Would like to see the trees and shrubs that got leaves frozen off have a chance to leaf out again. Maybe I can stay home next weekend and do some things for myself that I have planned. Sort of spring cleaning projects!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Big Sis

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So I have to be a little crazy on this one. My big sister is having a birthday today so want to acknowledge her as it is a biggy! Oops. Should I have given that away? Well I dug around and found this picture of her to post. It is when she was young, innocent, and sexy, Well 1 out of 3 ain't bad. Do I see boobs there? Happy Birthday big sister, Glad you are in my life! Oh, I promise no more relatives have birthdays any time soon. Well ther is my son in May. :) :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Easter Bunny

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My weekend

The picture is of an Easter Bunny that came across the highway to greet me Sat. at the store. He never said a word. Don't bunnies Talk??

What a busy weekend. Did some things Sun afternoon to get the house ready that Hubby's sister will be moving into at the end of the Mo. Took a twin bed over so she will have a place to sleep while waiting on the movers. The painter is about finished up at the house and had extra paint that we took back to the store. Then we went home and started mowing and raking. The freeze this last week did quit a bit of damage to tender leaves.
On Mon. finished mowing and got the horse and donkeys hooves trimmed up. Wish I had taken a video of Flossy getting her hooves done. Last fall they just sat on her to do it as she was pretty small yet. Those little hooves really grow out fast on those babies. But this time she needed a little man handling. The guy had to put a nose cinch on her. Hated to see it but it calmed her down and he got the job done as we could not hold her. He made a loop out of the lead rope and slipped it thru the halter and over her nose so when she pulled she squeezed her nose and had trouble breathing. Sounds cruel but it is effective. Sampson the horse was worried about her as she is his "baby" and he kept coming up close to see if she was OK.
The horse and the adult donkeys are real easy to do and stand still just fine. So I guess I better get busy with a little more training with Miss Flossy. He suggested I start tying her to the post with the lead rope and let her stand for an hour or 2, to learn what being tied means. I have a short video of her eating spaghetti that I will have to post one of these days.

Took Hubby to the airport real early this morning. Like 3AM. He had an early flight to Nv. and we are over 2 hrs from the airport. So he will be in Nv. helping get his sis packed up and drive her back.

Yippy so that means I am footloose now!! Ha, I have several work projects to get started on, so will keep busy, nothing like last time he left town, unless the carpenter gets time to start my kitchen counter top. hmmmmmmmm....:) :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Brother

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Happy Birthday Big Brother

Today is my big brothers birthday. He lives very far away. Thanks to cell phones and computers we are better at keeping in touch the last few years. Of course our lives have slowed down alot to and that makes a difference. If I can find a certain picture of this brother taken many years ago I will post it. If you click on the picture you can see what a baby he was when he joined the Navy!! Was that back in '02? So Happy Birthday, wish you were here so I could spank you!! :) :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yesterday we were resting on the deck after some very hard work, sipping some ice tea, and a mocking bird was in a tree just a few feet away and singing his head off. I tried to do a little video of him and have downloaded it just below. Sorry you can't see the bird in the tree. We do enjoy them when they come to nest in our yard. After the babies are grown they all seem to fly away and are gone till the next spring. We enjoy the songs.

We cleared alot of tree limbs off the hay field that fell over from the timber. What wonderful work, makes you feel alive to get out and sweat a little. Hubby got his first tick of the season, Ouch. I hate those little suckers!

Mockingbird in the mulberry tree