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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Poopy Story!

Funny story for this week.

We have been having work done at the house we will be moving into in Nov. This fence Co. was there this week, and we have a nice wooden back yard fence now. A couple weeks ago we moved alot of wood chips from where the tree guys took out 2 trees and ground up the trunk down into the roots. We started a pile in the back yard where we want to have a garden. Well this week, hubby hauled 2 big tubs of horse (and donkey) manure from the barn and dumped it on the wood chips. Fri. morning he hauled 2 more tubs and noticed that the first 2 were missing. We thought DANG, who would steel our poop!!

Well we found out the fence guys needed more dirt to fill in around the tops of their concreted posts to make everything neat and flush and guess what they used?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Aquarius, yea, thats me!

AQUARIUS - The Sweetheart ( Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Optimistic and honest. Sweet personality. Very independent.
Inventive and intelligent. Friendly and loyal. Can seem unemotional.
Can be a bit rebellious. Very stubborn, but original and unique.
Attractive on the inside and out. Eccentric personality

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Picture Below

Below you can see the cutiest little guy ever was!! I was pulling weeds in the flower bed Mon. and looked over at the cocks comb and saw this little green thing nestled down in the convoluted folds of the bloom. Couldn't help but run get the camera. I love little frogs. Sometimes the little tree frogs are on the windows at nite. And the toads get out at night under the yard light in the driveway. We have one we call "red" because he is a rust red colored. He sure took a mauling while we had Suzy living with us. As she would go out looking for him and rake him around with her paw. I rescued him several nites by putting him up in the flowerbed out of her reach. Pups' gotta have fun.

Isn't he cute??

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Here cum De Judge!

Well I had my day in court! I guess you can call it court, in a little town like this its very different than courtrooms that you see on TV with the judge in his robes. But I digress.

The good news I got my ticket thrown out! Hey for me. I think I mentioned before about getting picked up last mo. in my little farm pickup that I drive to the store. I park it behind my store which is about 2 blocks from the police station, and they drive up and down the alley many times a day. My tags expired in March but I hadn't received a notice and plain and simple I had expired tags. But what irked me was the fact that they had to have seen the expired tags sometime in the last 4 mo. and the fact that I felt the officer was waiting on the corner for me to pull out then followed me out to the edge of town to pull me over. Oh, and I told all this to the judge, and all he wanted to know was did I get the license renewed, and he had the officer there call the no. in to verify since I wasn't driving it at the time. So end of case. Saved my 72.50$ I am a criminal no more!

Busy time for everyone now for some reason. We have tons of reasons to be busy, with buying the new house and getting some renovations done before moving in, and finishing up a couple problems at the farm before we can get it listed.

Doing the garage thing today and tomorrow, at the sister-in law's house, which is conveniently right next door to our new house! So we cleaned out a bunch of stuff for sale and I helped set up this morning then came back to open the store a little late. But things were selling very well. I know we will do it again next spring when they have the citywide sales going on.

Guess I am helping pay for a Caribbean cruise for my carpenter and his wife. They got some kind of deal on a special price to go on a cruise. He will leave us for a week with my kitchen floor half done. But at least the huge hole is closed up and he went to pick up the red oak hardwood that he is going to put down this coming week. But still has to take out the rest of the cabinets to do that. so he has alot of work yet. Taking pictures as we go.
Had the central heat and air unit checked out and it is ok even though it is old, but the duct work needs some work as all the elbows have big gaps that lets the air blow under the house. So will have to get that done soon.

The guy that I went to City Hall about a couple weeks ago that has all the junk behind my store, has made an effort to clean up. Moved alot of the junk up next his building and moved the truck over about 2 feet. Thanks, but its still on the Dentists property, but I hear he is moving it out soon. (Big Sigh) Right!

Last weekend I bought out a flea market booth of books for an outrageously low price, she almost gave them to me so she wouldn't have to move them. It was a job too. Ended up with somewhere between 3,500 to 4,000 books. So the 3rd bedroom at the new house is full of books at the present.

So thats it for this week. Ohhhhhhh, I about forgot, I opened and E-Store on E-bay for my book sales. Have been doing pretty well with regular e-bay so wanted to expand and hope this will work. Should be more money in my pocket instead of E-bay's. So will see, maybe one day I can take all this stuff home and just work from home, heck I have almost as many books there as here in the store! hmmmmmm but I would miss my customers and this homey atmosphere i got going here.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When I awake "Poof" its all gone!

That's how I felt the other morning when I woke up. But there was a lingering memory of my dreaming. There was this strong feeling that I wasn't dreaming, but that it was the "real" world. Maybe what we see as real is actually the dream world. Anyway I felt this strong "Interconnectedness" Is that a word? And these words were real vivid so I wrote them down right away when I got out of bed because I knew I would forget them.

Spin and Weave
Ebb and Flow

What does that mean? Did I read those words somewhere? It was sort of spooky, but if you think about the words they actually could mean something about life. It just feels like something I should remember for some reason. So there you have it.