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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Another family crisis

Last nite, my brother in law, who has alzheimers, sort of wigged out. At least he got worse than usual. I think I have mentioned before he is 84 and wife is 82 and weighs about 95 #. He had a case of wondering all afternoon, then in the evening he locked one of their little dogs in the car in the garage and forgot about it. B. spent 20 min. frantically looking for her dog. Then later he grabed her by the wrists and she had trouble breaking away and had to threaten him with a cooking pot to the head if he didn't get away, right after that she went into the garage to get something,{it is attached to house and extra frig and freezer are there}. He immediately shut the door and locked it. Lucky there is a phone in the garage and she called my hubby to come over. They ended up calling the sherif dept. and they came out, {fire truck, ambulance, and a couple sherif cars} Anyway he was taken to the hosp for evaluation and we spent part of today out checking out nursing homes. Its time. She has done all she can, she has waited on this man for 62 years hand and foot. It will be hard on her to see him in a nursing home but she will be able to sleep in peace at nite. So that is the newest problem. Oh, the ER Dr. asked my hubby if he was out drumming up business, he was the same one that took care of me on Wed. nite.

I am feeling much better. Had a headach all day yesterday, not like me. But the sinus thing is worse now that I am back from trip to Mo. Cooler here now. Nice to have a fire going.

Don't forget to set your clocks back!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

8 hr in ER

What a nite,.... Wed nite at work about 10PM I started feeling dizzy so when it didn't go away I say down on a stool for a while, it seemed to get worse, so checked my blood sugar, and it was OK. I was orienting this new nurse and I told her I thought I better lay down. so I pushed myself {on the stool} out into the hall way and she put a guerney that was there into the conference room and I laid on it. Then I started feeling nauseated and started shaking. So they got the nurse from the infirmiry to come up{bless her heart}she was great. At first was going to call hubby and get me to the gate house to go home but it seemed worse and I was sure I would pass out so she decided to call the ambulance instead. So I got to ride on the golf cart on the guerney{that we use for the inmates} Thank god it was in the night, and no inmates around. Anyway went to ER. They did lab, EKG, and even a CTscan of my head. Of course they didn't find anything abnormal in all this. Gave me some phenergan by IV. Took a couple hrs for the shaking to stop and the dizziness. Kept me for observation till 6;30 in AM and I went home. Still not sure what caused it except it was a reaction of some kind. Sort of a vagal vasal syncopal episode. Sort of what people have when they see blood and pass out. May have been triggered by an indocin I took about 45 min. before this happened. Have taken one twice while in Mo. for this burning pain that I have been getting in a hip. I had planned to work an extra 4 hrs. that nite and hip was kicking up so I took one. Naughty nurse. DON"T take meds that are not prescribed for you. Indocin is an anti gout, anti inflamatory type med. Only problem with it is that it can cause nausea on an empty stomach and other problems if taken to often or for to long. Hubby takes it for a gouty ankle that flares up from time to time, and that is why I had it with us in Mo. Anyway I was pretty whiped out yesterday, Went to bed early and slept 11 hrs last nite. Feel OK today so will go to work. Oh, my medical officer, Pat that I talk about. came to the hospital at midnight and talked her way in to be with hubby and me. They asked her if she was family or friend, and she said"which one do I have to be to get in there?" Thats my Pat! She said she would have told them she was my sister if she had to. So she finally got to my hubby. He told me later that he knows why I like her so much. She is a pistle. Well enough for now. I really don't like to read about alot of ailments but wanted to share this little experience. Now I will see how my new insurance pays. Will follow up with my Dr. on Mon. Maybe find out what is going on with my hip and let him prescribe something for ME> Ha Ha. I really hate to take medicine. Now I know why.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Synchrinisity

I am happy to report that I am the owner of my store now. When we returned home from our 3 wk. stay in Mo. the warrenty deed was in our mail. Yea!! Also the new roof is being done this week. So I have a start.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to restock the empty refrig. and there was a lady in the parking lot. She had a dog in her car very similar to mine so being the friendly person I am, I spoke to her about her dog. She ended up getting the dog out of the car to meet me and we chatted for awhile. Found out she just opened a used book store just 15 mi. so of me about 6 mo ago and had very positive things to say about it. She gave me her card and invited me to come look around and seemed very willing to share her experience with me. Now how is that for syncrinisity? To meet a total stranger and find something in common. I seem to be finding this happening alot in my life lately or I am just more in tune to it. I think we should all pay attention to these things. Its really cool.

More about my store, while in Mo. I got some insurance set up. Mostly to just cover me for liability in case some little theif broke in and cut his foot on the glass. Anyway the ins. agent told me that he knows of several small book stores in the general area, and they seem to be doing very well. In talking to a few local folks in this little town, I got very positive feelings about it also. So I am excited and have taught a couple family members how to make a good deal on buying good nearly new books at yard sales for me. ha ha. Only the good deals. I went to one while there and offered 10$ for a whole tub of books and when I got home had 93 books. At least I won't have to haul them like the boxes I have packed up here. Next trip back will plan to start tearing out windows to get ready to reside the building next summer. Only going to have windows on the front and will replace the ones there with new standard vynal windows and I want to put shutter on each side of them. Also want to look into an awning over the door. Brother is putting in a new front door for me this fall yet. Then we can start on the inside stuff. Still have plenty of time to get it all done. Just a pay as I go deal so when I start I will only have my utilities and insurance to pay out. Well enough for now.

Oh, one last thing. I believe in the power of positive thinking, so could everyone please send some love and positive thinking along to my daughter, If you are a regular reader of this family of bloggers you will know who I mean. Things are getting real tough for her right now and she needs all the love and support out there to get thru. Thanks so much. dc

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Honey, I'm Home!!!

Good to be home, safe and sound. Had a great trip home, perfect weather, cool and cloudy the first day then the second day coming thru Colorado was gorgeous!! The quaken aspen have mostly finished with their show, but the cotton woods along the rivers were wonderful. Took alot of pictures, will post them later. Then today, day 3 was very nice, high of 70 and clear.Drove the lonliest road in Nv. and have pictures to prove it. Will show them later.
I miss our little farm so much, this seems like a pseudo life here now. when we walk into our farm house door we are HOME. But it will all come in good time, Gosh I have so much to talk about, trying to catch up reading everyones blogs for the past 3 weeks, I guess I won't comment on them but know that I have read each one and enjoyed them every one. So with the time change for me, I will be alittle confused for a few days. my clock says almost 8 pm but in Mo. it is almost 10pm and bed time. Have to go back to work tomorrow. Ugg. Well bye for tonite. Have alot of ideas for future blogs and a book review. Yes, I read in Mo. only 2 tv channels from the rabbit ears, and I think most of the shows stink anyway. dc