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Saturday, October 27, 2012

My kind of brew

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yes, I talked him down!

Hubby had this all set up Sunday to go up and cut that lower limb off.  Yes he did and he is scheduled to have his right knee replaced in about 2 weeks.  I managed to talk him out of it.  No. 1 it kills his knees to climb ladders.  No. 2  it just plain wasn't safe,  and No. 3  there was no good reason to take the limb down.!  At least not to my way of thinking.  But he has been in this mode for a couple weeks.  Sort of getting his ducks all in a row.  Getting the lawn mowers all cleaned, the vehicles all checked out with oil changes and new batteries in 2 of them.  I think he goes around looking for anything that might need repaired before winter.  Poor guy, I don't really blame him, cause he has been thru this with his other knee about 18 months ago so he knows what he is facing.  He has some limitations with the knee replacement that was done.  Like he can't kneel down on a hard surface on it.  So if he ends up with the same with this one it makes it hard to do alot of the things he likes to do. 
Oh, and he would banish me from the kingdom if he knew I told this on him so shhhhhhhhhhh!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Living History Loop

Last Saturday I was honored to participate in the Prairie Jubilee event at Prairie State Park about 30 miles north of Joplin Mo.  I realized that when we think of state parks we think of mountains, rivers, water falls, trees, and such.  But the Prairie State park is a reminder of what a huge chunk of the US looked like many years ago.  It turned out to be such a beautiful day. The park puts this event on every other year.  Each presenter was given a tent station and this mowed lane that run thru the prairie above the visitor center. This is me at my station.
The sign on this second photo said Walmart of the Prairie.  The guy was showing how the buffalo was so vital to the native Americans and how they used every part of the buffalo.
A little boy had just heard this guys speech and when he got to my weaving table he watched me a few minutes then said "which part of the buffalo are you using"

There were several covered wagons that were driven  to the park and allowed to set up camp.  So I got my picture taken by one of the wagons.  I was milking this costume for all it was worth!