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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who you gonna call? ChipBuster!

We have been over run with these cute little critters.  Of course it wouldn't be that my husband and his sister love to put out bird seed.  They aren't happy enough to just put it in bird feeders! No!!!!!!!!!!!
They dribble it along the retaining wall, a trail along SIL's sidewalk, and a nice pile of corn along her driveway for the deer.  We have an acre of timber along her side of the house.  Deer do come out and drink from the bird bath pretty regularly.  So along with the chipmonks we were seeing mice and I warned them that next would be black snakes.  I mean one critter follows the food chain right?  Now the funny thing is that my husband thought the answer was to put concrete in all their holes.  Duh!  They just go make another hole!  So I bought this cute little humane trap,  it is about 12 inches long, with a trip door on both ends. I put birdseed in it! 
So far I have caught 1 sparrow (released it) 3 young rats and one small vole (they went to rodent heaven)  then I have caught 4 fat chipmonks that got relocated about a mile away in a nice grassy area near a recycle center.  Thought they would meet up and start their colony there.  I believe we have a couple more then I will concentrate on seeing if I can catch any mice out by the tool shed.  Thats where hubby keeps all the rodent goodies!  You know bags of birdseed and corn. 
Sometimes I think I am the only one that has any sense left, but gotta love them, their hearts are in the right place, they have just lost their minds.

Thought for the day: The thing that I lost and miss the most is my mind (read that somewhere recently)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I WANT THIS DOG!  This is a must see if you love dogs.  Such training and the dog looks like she just loves every minute of it!!

Have we lost our senses?

While at the gym this morning I saw a gal with her bra straps showing because  she had a top on with criss cross straps.  The thought went thru my head as it has many times the last few years.  Where is our sense of what is decent to wear in public?  I mean the thongs that show above the low cut pants, the bra that shows, and the PJ's worn to Walmart or the mall.  Anyway when I logged in today to the computer I got this link from someone, so will share it. My little bit serendipity here.  Now I haven't seen many of these folks at our Walmart so not sure where these pictures where taken.  What is the weirdest thing you have seen at Walmart?

Friday, June 15, 2012


I just had an interesting "person" in my shop.  "He" goes by the name Anna and is in early 60's.  Somehow in our conversation it came out of him that he is a transgender.  Was married for 30 some years and has at least one son that he mentioned.  From here on I guess I should say her.  She has written the manuscript for a book if she could find a way to publish it.  She mentioned how hard it was growing up with parents that didn't understand and she didn't understand herself why she felt like she did.  Her father would beat her and tell her she was a boy and better start acting like one.  So as a young man he married to prove the was a man.  When he finally "came out" just a few years ago, she decided that they should divorce.  Her wife said she always thought that maybe "he" just didn't love her and in truth she/he did but not in the right way.
The big dilemma is that this person has had so many things happen that just leaves her practically homeless.  I sent her to someone I thought might help at least in the short term and she has some things in the works to get back on some medical care.  She has been on hormone therapy for several years.
This is the second time she has been in the shop and I sort of felt this about her the first time I met her.
I loaned her a book that I read this past winter called "Middle Sex"  Which was the name of the town in New York where the story took place but also it was about a girl who was born with sex organs of both male and female. The male part being very small.  At about 14 her family was going to have her surgically altered to be a girl but she felt she was a boy and always had.  Anyway it was a good book, written in his words of what it was like growing up and then running away to find his own way as a man.
So I just wanted to write about this person.  I can't imagine what it must be like to be trapped in a body that is not who you perceive yourself to be.  What a tragedy,  she told me many times these folks end in suicide because they are so misunderstood. Then on top of all that to be in poor health, and living day by day.

There but by the grace of God go I.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Blog cheating?

I think I been cheating on this blog site.  Been posting too much onto my other blog as I mostly been writing about my weaving.  So I will post one picture here of the latest project.
This is my floor loom that I got this spring and have set it up with my second warping.  Made 3 rugs on the first go around.  This one is set up pretty wide, 28 inches.  I am using denim to weave with.

Just joined the YMCA  today again.  Looking forward to going back and doing a little strength training and maybe do the pool class.  I always feel better when I exercise a little and right now my treadmill is all "tied up"  Really!  Been draping extra warp (string) from my weaving and there is no room to lower it to use for right now.

Not much to grouse about today,  just wanted to get a post done.  Oh, Goody!  Gas is down to 3.12 today.  Like an hour after I filled up at 3.14.  But hey  it sure beats the 3.69 we were paying last month.  Sneaky don't you think?  Get it so high that we think 3$ gas is a bargain!

So guess I did have a little grousing in me after all!