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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh, the mountains!

If you click on the picture you can see a better view. These are the mountains that are just So. of where I live now. Mighty pretty huh? I can see a bit of them out my kitchen window. All is going well. Talked to hubby today back in Mo. and he says movers are scheduled to load his sister up in the morning. Then they will head out Sat. and get in here on Sun. Will be good to all be in one spot again. The landscapers are getting her back yard into shape with a rock border all around the inside of the fence, sprinkler system installed and they will lay the sod in a few days. Then they will start on our back yard. Getting tired of taking the dog across the street to some grass several times a day. Somehow dogs seem to prefer to poop on grass instead of dirt!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fri 13th

These pictures were taken when I crossed the great mountains on Fri the 13th by myself! Beautiful huh?

E-mail, almost there

Big accomplishment today, I got my e-mail to work on my new computer. The instructions were very helpful till it got the the last step, which they left off. But my new best friends, the computer guy and his wife got it going. I so wanted to do it myself! Now I have to find a copy of MS Office 03 to load (without having to pay thru the nose) My friend saved all my old outlook express info but it won't run with this Vista Lady. I will live without it and get used to the new program, but dang I loved that old Outlook and I had so many files stored on it. So if anyone wants my new e-mail you already have my yahoo address, just send me a message and I will give it to you. Oh, I don't like yahoo e-mail format either.

New PLAN: I will learn how to do a back up disc for all my hard drive info.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Home At Last, and on line too

Here I am, safe and sound. Also to be noted that I have a new computer and this is my first day back on line. First about the computer, my old one bit the dust. It was bad timing but I think it will work out great. I got some good advice from a really nice computer guy and went to Office Depot and got a new 17 in. laptop by Toshiba. He was able to download my hard drive and put it on this new computer. It has the Vista program and I am going to give it a go, so far it seems easy to use. What the heck I think I will get a wireless router later on. You can't say we aren't doing all we can to help the economy.

Now about my trip back alone. One whole day to get across Kansas, stayed all nite in Colby Ks. and kept getting weather reports about a snow/sleet mix moving into that area after midnight. Well needless to say I didn't sleep very well. Ended up getting up real early and by 4:20 AM I was on the road and the sleet was just starting. Of course, coming west, I was driving into it. I feel sure that if I had waited till 6 or 7 AM I would have been to chicken to head out and would have been stuck there for a couple of days. As a storm was coming over the mountains west of Denver for later that evening. Anyway to make a long story short. I managed to get on some black ice and slid off in the ditch. I was very lucky, as no one was around to run into me, and the ditch was wide and only 2 or 3 feet lower than the highway. After I sat and got my heart to slow down, I just turned the wheels and drove along the side of the highway till I was back up on it. I drove with my flashers on and stayed on the shoulder for at least 10 miles till I saw that traffic was moving along and the road was more clear. I finally drove out of it, but it took me 3 1/2 hrs to go 130 miles. Boy I was ready for breakfast and a break! But the rest of the day went well and I got home before dark.

So I got here on Fri the 13th, Hubby left out on the 18th and is now back in Mo. helping finish up packing his sister up (I think I got about 90% of it done the week I was there). The movers come next Fri and they will make the trip back here to HOME.

I think I will like it here. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. Ran into a gal at Office Depot who has a weekly "estate" sale locally. Think I will check it out. She takes stuff from all over the area and sells it on consignment. I know a sister-in-law who is moving way tooooooo much stuff that she won't have room for. Dang with all the stuff we got rid of I don't have room either, But I love my house and have just decided that there is still alot of stuff that may have to go. Sometimes less is better.

So thats my thought for the day:: Less is better

Friday, February 06, 2009

Oh, my! I'm not in Kansas anymore Toto!

What a month this has been. Not sure where to start except to say my computer blew up! Can't believe it. I have had a computer for years and this is the first one that a bug got into and blew it up for me. When I took it in they thought the hard drive was still intact. So I will get it rebuilt but it will be probably at least 3 weeks before I get back on line. Gee I hope I didn't loose all my "favorites"

Well where to start. We got moved to Co. 2 weeks ago today. Made the trip over the mountain OK. I spent a week there to start unpacking, and get a little organized. Then I took a bus, yes I said a bus, back to Mo. as we left our pickup here. I got in here last Sun. and am staying with my SIL and helping her get packed. She closes on the sale of here house here on Tue. Then closes on the house she bought in Co. just a block from us later in the week, then I am out of here to drive home if the weather is good for me to travel over the mountains. 2 day trip all by myself!! Then hubby will come back by bus about the 18th and stay with his sister and drive her to Co. after the movers load her out on the 27th.

So far things have been falling into place pretty well for us. Hard to believe really. For us to finally get the farm sold in Oct. Then to sell 2 houses and buy 2 within 2 months. I think someones hand was on us for sure.

Now just don't know why the darn computer had to shoot craps on me. Been on line trying to make sure that I have all my accounts switched to my yahoo act. Am going to try to transfer my Outlook Express info to Yahoo. Anyone know if that can be done??? I have alot of saved folders there that I believe will be lost when I close out that act. next week with my IP.

OK, I said goodbye to my little store today. Feel sort of sad as Teresa is running it now and she will be fine. Doesn't know much about books though, but she has half of the store for her antiques and collectibles and is advertising. In exchange for letting her use half of the store and I pay the utilities and all as I did before, she will ring up my sales, weekly give my sales for the week to my brother who will deposit them for me. I think it is a fair deal.

Well that's it for today and I won't be back for awhile again. Seems funny to not have access to a computer daily. I am using my brothers today while I am here in town.

Thought for the day: Every path has a few puddles.