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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Past behavior is a predictor of future behavior

Well something like that per: Dr. Phil.

I am a good example or I should say hubby and I are. Had a little talk Sun. about our behavior of tying ourselves down with critters and end up pouring any extra money into them or remodeling the house. I won't even go there about the house thing, that would be an entire blog. But for the critters, they do tie you down. It ends up feeling like everyone is out taking trips and having a good time and we don't. I know that is an excuse but somewhat true at the same time. There are short events that we could go to like a few hours or even all day. But the money thing is so true. By the time you buy feed, then there is always something like fixing fence, need to hire someone to put in a new cross fence between the horse pasture and the hay field. Then there is gates, worming, and then hoof trimming at 25$ each animal 2 to 4 times a year. Then what if they get sick. Right now Sam has a sore eye from the flys. The neighbor gal is wonderful with horses and came down and Sam let her put some fly repellent that comes in a cream on his face. He hates the spray stuff and won't stand still for it. So we learned something new. Hubby is off today to buy us some plus a face guard to put on him to keep the flys off.

But overall the 2 days at home was good. Went to lunch, took SIL, on sun. Then on Mon took big Sister to her radiation tx. Hubby did a wonderful small roast on the grill Mon evening.

Cloudy this morning so did my morning walk in town with Chopra in my ear. I am listening to his book: Life after Death. It is wonderful, I highly recommend it. I will have to listen to it alot of times to take it all in. I think he is my biggest hero of all times.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Walked my MAD off

Well I did walk my mad off, and now I am hot. Don't know which is worse, being mad or being hot and sweaty, I mean dripping down your back and running into your pants, so that when you sit down it feels like you have wet yourself.

Guess my mad was just an accumulation of stuff this morning, crummy way to start a Saturday. But didn't sleep much last nite. Blame that on the new dog Suzy. We (I) have started letting her stay in the house at nite. She has been doing real well on going out the front door and tinkling right away and gets alot of praise and allowed to come back in. Have had a couple accidents. But I think she is doing pretty good. Of course when I wake up in the middle of the night I take her out again because I don't trust her to go all nite yet. Last nite her ear was bothering her, so I did my doctoring with a little vinegar and alcohol in her ears, (It worked real well over a week ago). Well last nite it set her off and must have hurt. This was about 10pm. She rolled, flipped and rubbed her ears on the floor. Had to hold her to calm her down and tried warm water to rinse her ears out, and took her out side and sat with her while she rolled on the grass. Anyway it calmed down and she came in but I didn't sleep much at all, listening for her and getting up at 3 and 5. So I am mostly just tired this morning, and it seems like all the little things get to you. Like closing your finger in the drawer, can't make my walkman work,(yes some folks still use walkman's) prob dead batteries, after I looked for the carrying case for 10 min. Suzy putting dirty paws on my clean shorts. So was late getting out of the house, as I wanted to get in town to walk for 30 min. before it got to hot. Well that didn't work to good. Did get the nice long walk in, (without the soothing voice of Deepak that I had planned on) Ohhhhhhhh, doesn't sound so bad but it felt like it at the time.
Store has been slow this week. Everyone off having fun vacations, I am sure. Worrying about if I made a mistake keeping this dog. She is so sweet, but we really did not want another dog. So if the opportunity came along to find her a good home I would probably jump on it. Our old dog is having a hard time dealing with this young one.

Well I have whined enough for now. Think I am grouchy too because hubby has had to spend so much time helping his sister getting unpacked, but I knew it would be this way. I don't mind that part, but what I do mind is the fact that at his age, she is using up his time and wearing him out, and I can't help but resent her "using him up" Know what I mean. Dang it he is mine to "use up"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The new Suzy

Here is another picture of Suzy. We have decided that the front half is a mix of terrier and the back half has some beagle in it. Well maybe the nose if beagle too.
Got her spayed last Fri.and all her shots. Having trouble getting her to slow down. She went out last nite when we fed the donkeys and she got to running in the pasture and hiding in the taller grass and then run and flip herself over. I could almost hear her laughing. Now if we can just get her house broke. Only let her in for an hr or so at a time and of course she loves it. Have had a couple accidents. Its catching her so I can scold her is the problem. She is learning the no word pretty well. OK that is enough dog stuff, but she is cute isn't she?

Caught the big daddy coon last nite. Found that something was taking the lid off the plastic garbage can in the tack room that we have feed in for the horse and donkeys. So set the trap again and got him. Sorry to say he was not a catch and release like the Mom and 3 kids. Our neighbor has lost all their chickens in the last couple weeks. So he looked rather guilty and real mean. He was a little rough on the humane trap that we caught him in.

Bought 7 more pretty red hens this morning. Well actually they are pullets as they aren't quite old enough to lay eggs. So that will make us 18 hens not counting the 3 wild banties. Funny thing, now that we have Suzy outside, these 3 are staying away from the flower beds and deck. Yea, for Suzy. I notice they stay inside the chicken yard most of the time where they are safe.

Should think of a chicken joke but I think I used it already!!


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting SIL settled in

Movers came with all of SIL's "stuff" yesterday and got unloaded in good time. She has a cute little house in near by town about 10miles away. Wish it was closer as hubby has to go daily for awhile to help her with unpacking. But all the essentials are done. phone, cable, banking, a few groceries, beds made. She is amazing that she is getting around so well, supposed to be using a cane, but haven't seen her use it yet. Been after her to carry the cell phone in her pocket. She had lifeline while in Nv. after her hip fx. but not sure if she wants to hook it up. I am trying to talk her into wearing a fanny pack or use a pocket and get in the habit of putting the phone on her all day, and then charger at nite by her bedside. So will see.

Tomorrow is vet day for Suzy. Hope I am doing the right thing, I didn't want another dog, but will give her a try. Want to try bringing her to the store with me. Can put up a little kiddy gate to keep her in "my" space, She seems pretty smart. So she is getting spayed, shots, and wormed. When we lived here before about 10 or 12 years ago we took in a little beagle and did the same thing with her and then donated her to a group home in a near by town, so she had a great home. So will play that by ear.

Closing thought: Be what you is and not what you ain't, cause if you ain't what you is, you is what you ain't. Ponder that one for a bit.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When bugs give a party, they never ask the chickens!

Well hubby made it home safe and sound, and not a day to soon. He may have had to commit doggy murder! Traveling 3 days across country with an 82 year old sister with 2 VERY spoiled chiwawas!(its just easier to really spell it wrong!) He said it would take them up to 2 hrs. to get packed up, eat, and tend to the dogs. They be very fat little chiwawas too. SIL worried that they couldn't poop so they had to stop at every other rest stop to put their harnesses back on, (you know they don't like to wear them) and walk their little butts around. SOOOOOOOOOO glad I wasn't there. I am sure hubby deserves a metal for this.

But they are all safe after a near colision coming out of the big tunnel west of Denver. The moving van will be here tomorrow and unload all her stuff. I am sure it will take her till Jan to get stuff put away. But we will help as we can.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet Suzy

Is this a face you could not love?? She is a real charmer. Very quiet and submissive. Have started letting her come into the house to see how Molly will accept her. So far so good. She just bet not try to get into Molly's favorite chair. But she goes behind the recliner to the tub of stuffed "bunnys" ( all of Molly's animals are called bunnys) and gets them one at a time and takes them into the bedroom where it is dark and puts them on the rug. I call her name and she comes bounding back out then gets another one. So far she has learned her name and does pretty good with the word no. Except last nite when I went out to do the chores and she chased the barn chickens clear out into the pasture till she lost them. At least she is keeping them out of my flower beds in the mornings.

A little sharing of a paragraph in the new Dean Koontz book I am reading. The Good Guy: Under the night-light of the sentinel moon, ruffled hems of surf and a decorative stitching that fringed the incoming waves suggested billows of fancy bedding under which the sea turned restlessly in sleep.

He sure has a way with words huh?

Meet Suzie

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Do I Know You?

What do we really know about each other? I mean realy deep down in our hearts and souls? We work so hard to hide our true selves. We have this image that we want others to think is who we are, but it is so false. I was listening to a CD about humility and humilation. It just made me think, well guess that was the point, right. We have a fear of humilation that is deepseated, probably the underlying fear of all fears. Fear of loss, rejection, failure, all are really fears of humilation. But if we can develope our humility, we can loose those fears.
When you see the person who is all bluster and indignation, they are really afraid. So can we look at that person with different eyes and see the real person? It can make us see things so differently, help us lose our frustration and anger, help us to accept that person for who they really are.

If you think about our fear of failure as fear of humilation you can see it in everyday little things from how we fix our hair, what to wear, how much we weigh, what we do for work,and leisure. About everything we do carries a worry of being humilated. And what makes us this way? Is it our lack of trust in ourselves? Trust in some higher being? Wow, this could get really deep.

Guess I just felt like being a little philosophical today. (had to look that one up)

So just my thoughts today. Maybe I need more vacation time, you think?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Branson Vacation

If I did it right my video from Silver Dollar City, outside of Branson, should come up just after this post. Hope you enjoy it. The Swing is a new ride there. No way I would get on it, but as you can tell by all the screams the kids love it.

I had a nice relaxing time. I hit alot of garage sales on Fri as I drove down. A two hr drive turned into 4, but thats OK. On Sat my brother came down and we had dinner out and took in a show, then on Sun went to the IMAX theater and saw the movie they did special for IMAX about the La. area, before and after the hurricane. Was very educational. Didn't realize that it was mostly man caused that so much of the swamp area has dissapeared and that was the buffer for the ocean storms. Quite a good show and of course you get dizzy looking at this huge 12 story screen, you feel like you are flying over the swamps.

I will post pictures on my other blog site of the area, if you can't find it, just scan down a few posts as I put it there.

Was glad to get home, came back a day early since there was company coming in from out of state. Plus hubby was packing up to head out Sat to go back to Nv. to get his sister moved. He almost got caught Sun nite in Utah on the east side of that huge fire, but by Mon mornig they opened the highway he needed to get on and he make it thru OK without having to detour way south. IF all goes as planned, the movers will load out Fri and they will start back on Sat. Guess SIL is doing well after the fx. hip and is about ready to get rid of the cane.

Have a cute little stray dog that "showed" up Sat. Is it true if you bath a stray dog you have bonded for life??