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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Windows 10 and Epidurals

 My picture from my archives is from Colorado with the yucca blooming taken a few years ago.

I am finally getting used to my new computer, another HP with Windows 10.  Most of the features are great and easy to get around.  Some not so easy.  I don't have auto correct on my word pad that I have always used to write my column and other things. And when I go into my pictures I can't move them around like the old system..  Can move them into folders OK.  I have a friend who is very good on computer and she is coming to help me learn more and to get my Web site set up.  I bought a site and ended up getting charged for the hosting crap that I didn't understand so called them and got those charges canceled.  Now friend says I can get a free site at Google and transfer the name over to it.  So more on all that later.

Now for old folks complaints!  Just what I been waiting to write.  Went to a pain doctor last week as a referral from my primary Dr.  I have had chronic sciatic pain in rt leg for several years but last few months has gotten so much worse.  Had a MRI over a year ago and the ortho Dr. just blew me off cause he couldn't find anything to operate on.  I hadn't considered a pain dr.  He showed me what he saw on my MRI with my last lumbar vertebrae being widened out on rt side.  So on yesterday I had and epidural steroid injection.  OH MY  it smarted for about 30 long seconds.  Then its been really fine.  Didn't expect much to happen for a few days, but I slept all night with no pain.  Have tried to take it easy a little so don't sit to long at a time and even did 3/4 mile on treadmill at a slow rate.  Some aching but no sharp pain and especially one below knee.  So its helped so far.  Don't much like the idea of having to do this every few months.  So will just see how it goes.

Well I just sort of broke my own rule of not dwelling on health issues.  If I am not careful I will be recording my bowel movements on here.  Oh poop, did I say that. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pass the tuna please

OK awhile back I did a rant on the tuna that we buy, nice white albacore, thinking we are buying better quality tuna.  Then I started noticing that it had a funky smell and tasted to "fishy".  Then I looked at the ingredients and was shocked that it had other stuff in there that didn't seem to belong in a can of tuna. 

Well I sent hubby to store to look for the wild, line caught tuna and to read the label. Only ingredient is tuna!  WooHoo!  Found it and only $4 a small can!!  Gulp, couldn't believe it, over two to three times as much as a can of what I had been buying.  Finally opened a can the other day.  Made tuna salad for 4 sandwiches and it was wonderful.  Just nice tuna without a bunch of vegetable oil or water and other stuff.  Here is the can.  Came from Walmart.  It may be more expensive but I am worth it!

This is not intended to be an advertisement for this company and I forgot to mention it comes from Canada.

Monday, January 04, 2016

thought I was lost

I am surprised to find myself here.  I have been trying to log in with my laptop to this site so I could write a post and couldnt get in. So this will be short today as I am using my little tablet. I did treat myself to a new computerdand it is having all my data transfered. I am looking forward to using Windows 10. So I will be back soon.