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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How can I find time to read?

Well its not easy, but seems I am in the mode to read stuff about the 11th century. I had reported on reading The Other Boleyn Girl. Now I am into another book from that era. It is The Pillars of The Earth, by Ken Follett. I have had so many customers tell me it was the best book they ever read. Sooo I am into it now. The next one that I have read a few pages of that looks good is one of Oprah's book club books, Daughter of Fortune, by Isabel Allende. It has a setting in Chile in 1849.

Seems as you get older you just can't find time to do everything you want to do. The days seem to go by so fast. Guess we need to make the best of each day and fill it with everything we can.

Thought for the day: Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end the faster it goes!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We've Gone to the Birds!

Beautiful weekend, lots of yard work, and sore muscles! We are developing quite a bird sanctuary in our back yard. We have 4 different kinds of woodpeckers. The most gorgeous one is in this picture. It is the Red Headed Woodpecker. We have seen at least 2 of them. This view is from his back, he came up to the little pan that we put birdseed in, on the porch railing.
The other pic is of the Red Head on the ground with some doves.

Then we spotted hummingbirds so got a feeder out for them. Well these Orioles showed up. As near as we can count there are 5 males and one female. They were trying to hang onto the hummingbird feeder to drink, so we found our oriole feeder and put it out. Then we thought that there were so many of them and they were hanging around, we put some jelly out in a bowel on the railing of our little porch on the utility building. Then we put a bowel with some oranges pieces out. Well they just hop from one to the other and slurp up the jelly. Not sure but think the strawberry is winning out over the grape! I will get some pictures of them soon. Have to sit out in a chair quietly and wait for them.

Plus there are lots of blue jays, robins, gold finch, and then in the evening the doves and cowbirds come in. We may have to take out a loan to buy bird feed. This is almost as bad as all the quail we fed when we lived in Nevada. There was a flock of over 100 that swarmed the back yard every day to get their share from us.

Thought for the day: Put yourself first. You can't be anything for anybody else unless you take care of yourself.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rugs for Sale!!

OK I am ready to sell some rugs.

Got 3 more in. of rain last nite, lots of lightning. Scared dog had to sleep huddled next to my legs. Sort of hard to sleep with a big dog quaking and shaking. We got 4 in just a few days ago. sure making the grass grow. And the trees are leafing out so nice. Glad when they get fully leafed out, Then the neighbors can't see me sitting on the back porch in my nighty.

Any one wants to buy a rug, leave me your e-mail address. I will prob list some on e-bay in my e-store. Want to get restrung this week and make a batch of table runners and placemats.

Thought for the day: When governments fear the people there is liberty, when people fear the government there is tyranny: Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Now where was I?

Been busy and seems the busier you are the less you can think of to write. Now that doesn't make much sense. So lets see. I have joined the YMCA. That was a good thing. Did the pool exercise Mon. They sure have a nice pool. Was going today to use the weights but it was such a beautiful morning I just headed into town where my store is and did my walk thing. My sister calls me a street walker!! But there are alot of hills and it really does make a good walk and if I take different streets I get to be barked at by different dogs! The weather is warming up though and they gym will be alot nicer to workout in, as it gets pretty hot to be walking after 9 AM.

Been weaving rugs, Got a cute green plastic tub to put them in for selling.

Spent my "weekend" off working on our garden space, will take a pic later. It is Railroad ties stacked 2 high. We had alot of ground up tree stumps rotting down all winter and then hubby hauled a couple pickup loads of this great soil from a recycle place. It is part potting soil, manure, and top soil. Only costs 10$ for a big front end loader scoop. I think we got 3 scoops in all and will make great garden soil. Then got my wave petunias planted. Sun did a book sale in the driveway to get rid of some excess books, then hauled the rest, about 20 boxes, to a guy for this little auction that he does weekly. I don't care what I get, just want to be rid of them. They are the left overs from the 3,000 books I bought last fall from the flea market booth that was going out of business.

A week ago went down to Ar. to see my daughter and grand daughters. Was a good trip. The twins will be 15 later this mo. and the oldest (19 year old) one is going to be a mama this summer. Soooooooo I guess that will make me the youngest great grandmother in history!! Can't believe it. Gee, I can't believe my daughter will be a grandma! Well on that note, I best get busy here and do something productive.

Food for Thought:
"You don't need organized religion to connect with the universe. Often a church is the only place you can go to find peace and quiet... But it shouldn't be confused with connecting with one's spirit." -- Alice Walker

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meet my Baby!

Well there it sits on it's new throne. Ain't she perty? I am all ready to start. I will try to add another picture of the favorite rug that I made. If you click on the picture you can get a bigger one to see better.

Oh, I need to correct something that I posted earlier. I did not go to Ia. to learn to loom! I learned to weave! I guess thats like saying I am going to car, when I mean drive. Laugh is on me.

I had a great vacation. I highly recommend including learning something new on your vacation. Makes it so much more memorable. Of course all the midnight chats and gallons of coffee that I was "forced" to drink only added to the frivolity. I took alot of pictures of the little town of Bentonsport. Found out that there are about 50 residents there now. Not sure how many during its hay day back in the late 1800's. It was a thriving river town with a mill and many industries. Most of the homes left are the old 2 story brick homes built at that time. Will add some of those next time. Lots of history there including a little of my own. As I lived for a short time in one of the little buildings on main street when I was about 8 years old. It was always called Dolly's House, ( I think Dolly was a naughty lady) Anyway it was just one room down stairs and one upstairs. It was moved a few years ago and is now a little shop that is open in the summer. The old bridge was converted to a walking bridge a number of years ago, I great part due to the efforts of my friends there. They saved it from being torn down to put the new bridge in. Now the new bridge is down stream a little and makes the entrance into town seem strange. I have walked across that old bridge many many times. It was a one way bridge, which meant that if you drove up the approach and another car was coming you had to back up to let them cross first. See later on when I was about 14, I lived in a house on the other side of the river. We are talking about the Des Moines River.

Thought for the day: Be willing to learn from your friends and family.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Whats it worth?

Total 943 miles driven.

Gas for trip $137.75.

Store closed 1 week. Lost Revenue ###$.

Price of used loom ###$.

Time spent with old friend and learning new skills, PRICELESS!!