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Saturday, June 28, 2014

My latest "saved from the scrap heap" project

My sister came by a few weeks ago and was headed to the thrift store with some things she was clearing out.  In the middle was this old "retro" stool.  She bought it at a garage sale last year but didn't do anything with it.  Was missing one of the rubber feet. The vinyl seat had been mended with red plastic tape and the crome legs were spotty with rust.  But the plastic back was so neat and just needed a good cleaning.  So here is the before:
Next was the scrubbing and painting:

I then recovered the old seat and put it all back together!

Total cost for paint and new rubber feet was about 8$  Have it sitting at the end of an isle of books and have had one customer use it, plus I had my sister sit on it the other day on my little back steps at the store while I cut her hair.  LOL  we had several folks go by the alley and throw off their caps and asked to be next.  Can't get away with anything in this little town!

Thought for the day:Where ever you go, there you are

Friday, June 13, 2014

Just call me "the recycle queen"

When I look at somethin that has been discarded I tend to see a new use for it.  Usually it involves tools and paint.  Here is a "table" that I found being thrown out after someone had their garage sale this spring.  Originally it hung from the ceiling of a kitchen in an older house.  Hard to believe.  But imagine just lifting it straight up and attaching it to the ceiling over a big island.  It had florecent lights in it and pot hooks.
Here is a before pic:
I had to buy the piece of plywoodthat was put on it to make the top.  It was sanded along with the whole unit, then the painting started:

As you can see I moved it into my book store to work on it.  In the next photo you can see the final work.  It makes a good display table in my store and a place to stack my hand woven rugs that are for sale.

I ended up tacking tennis balls that were cut in half on those lower corners to keep someone from whacking their legs.  Have to admit I was the first victim!  You can see my upside down stool also that I think I mentioned before.  Put wheels on it and shelves on the rungs, painted it pink and there you have a display cart.