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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


This was a photo I took going thru a tunnel in Colorado a few years ago.
Since my last post I did have surgery on my left thumb, so I type this with the old hunt and peck with
one hand.  I was rough the first 24 hours as I am a puker from the meds they load you up with during recovery or its the anesthesia, I hope next hand I can talk them into doing things differently  I have managed pretty well with just Tylenol but getting restless to DO more than read  Hubby is telling me I need to get thru a full recovery with this hand before I do the other one  Hate to admit it but think he is right  It will be much harder doing things without use of rt hand if the left isn't fully healed  The procedure is called mini tightrope CMC surgery.  removal of small bone at base of thumb then putting a permanent "pin" thru thumb bone and first finger bone, all in back of hand.  Reason for all this is erosion of all the cartilage in this joint that is used repeatedly daily for all grasping and pinching  You know the whole purpose of having an apposing thumb.

Guess this is enough update for now  Till next time


Saturday, February 09, 2019

If wishes were horses

Sooooo, you know the saying "If wishes were horses, we would all take a ride"  Well I wish I could set aside a bit of time at least once a week to catch up on my blog.  Its been about two years and I actually have a lot of time in on this blog.  I think it goes back almost 15 years.  When I have looked back at some of my old posts I see some of the pictures that I posted are gone, but I think they are some that were borrowed off the internet and their life ended so to speak.

So today I want to see if this site will let me copy a couple important things on here for just a start.
In less than two years I have lost both of my children and ironically both of them were the age of 50 when they passed.  Do I grieve?  Yes I do but I have grieved for many years before they died.  Now I hope they have found peace and I believe we will meet in another life.
The first item here is a thing I wrote and put on my FB site,  A little story of Two Little Girls:
Two little girls meet on the first day of kindergarten. Both are scared to be on the bus for the first time. Dark haired Betty asked the blonde Cindy, "can I sit with you?" This was the start of the girls being best friends for the next 3 years. Then Cindy and her family moved far away. Both girls chose different paths in life, then the circle came back to find Betty being the ICU nurse, caring for Cindy for 3 nites during her last struggle with her liver disease. Rest in peace Cindy with your big brother until we all are together again. I know you have just stepped thru the doorway and will always be here in my heart.
I miss Mathew's big bear hugs and his corny sense of humor.  He was a good man.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Leavin on the next train

This sort of is how I have  felt about this year.  But I realize you can't run from your problems.  Just have to face them head on if you can, or duck and dodge like I tend to do much of the time.
After much searching and trying to take advice of doctors, two epidurals,  and my own trying to cure myself with exercises, massage therapy, and two chiropractors, I finally went to an orthopedic and found out I had a badly torn cartilage on back side of my knee and along the outer side.  Everyone was treating me for Sciatica. So in Aug. I had surg and now am going to the Y three times to exercise in the pool and I feel I am doing great!!
Then on the other home front, elderly sister in law is slowly circling the drain so to speak and driving us nuts.  It is so hard to die.  We like to think we will just lay down and that will be it.  No we lose all dignity and get weak and totally dependent on others.  So far we are keeping her in her apt in a lower level of our home.  We have shared this house for over 6 years now.  It has pretty much worked out, but now we can't both be gone at once, and we have a baby monitor and life line, safety rails everywhere, so have done all we can on the safety department.  OK  enough on that,  now:::
Now where are my car keys?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Windows 10 and Epidurals

 My picture from my archives is from Colorado with the yucca blooming taken a few years ago.

I am finally getting used to my new computer, another HP with Windows 10.  Most of the features are great and easy to get around.  Some not so easy.  I don't have auto correct on my word pad that I have always used to write my column and other things. And when I go into my pictures I can't move them around like the old system..  Can move them into folders OK.  I have a friend who is very good on computer and she is coming to help me learn more and to get my Web site set up.  I bought a site and ended up getting charged for the hosting crap that I didn't understand so called them and got those charges canceled.  Now friend says I can get a free site at Google and transfer the name over to it.  So more on all that later.

Now for old folks complaints!  Just what I been waiting to write.  Went to a pain doctor last week as a referral from my primary Dr.  I have had chronic sciatic pain in rt leg for several years but last few months has gotten so much worse.  Had a MRI over a year ago and the ortho Dr. just blew me off cause he couldn't find anything to operate on.  I hadn't considered a pain dr.  He showed me what he saw on my MRI with my last lumbar vertebrae being widened out on rt side.  So on yesterday I had and epidural steroid injection.  OH MY  it smarted for about 30 long seconds.  Then its been really fine.  Didn't expect much to happen for a few days, but I slept all night with no pain.  Have tried to take it easy a little so don't sit to long at a time and even did 3/4 mile on treadmill at a slow rate.  Some aching but no sharp pain and especially one below knee.  So its helped so far.  Don't much like the idea of having to do this every few months.  So will just see how it goes.

Well I just sort of broke my own rule of not dwelling on health issues.  If I am not careful I will be recording my bowel movements on here.  Oh poop, did I say that. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pass the tuna please

OK awhile back I did a rant on the tuna that we buy, nice white albacore, thinking we are buying better quality tuna.  Then I started noticing that it had a funky smell and tasted to "fishy".  Then I looked at the ingredients and was shocked that it had other stuff in there that didn't seem to belong in a can of tuna. 

Well I sent hubby to store to look for the wild, line caught tuna and to read the label. Only ingredient is tuna!  WooHoo!  Found it and only $4 a small can!!  Gulp, couldn't believe it, over two to three times as much as a can of what I had been buying.  Finally opened a can the other day.  Made tuna salad for 4 sandwiches and it was wonderful.  Just nice tuna without a bunch of vegetable oil or water and other stuff.  Here is the can.  Came from Walmart.  It may be more expensive but I am worth it!

This is not intended to be an advertisement for this company and I forgot to mention it comes from Canada.

Monday, January 04, 2016

thought I was lost

I am surprised to find myself here.  I have been trying to log in with my laptop to this site so I could write a post and couldnt get in. So this will be short today as I am using my little tablet. I did treat myself to a new computerdand it is having all my data transfered. I am looking forward to using Windows 10. So I will be back soon.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tuna Rant!

I made some tuna salad for lunch today.  I have been noticing that our tuna seems to have a more "fishy" smell and taste lately, so I did some label reading.  We have sort of prided ourselves on buying quality white albacore tuna..My husband seems to think the oil pack is best for some reason and really has to hunt for it and will buy 10 cans at a time when he finds it.  Wrong thing to do.  Find out that the oil sort of counters the natural good oil of the tuna and when you drain it you drain away the good oil too.  When I read the ingredients I was a little shocked.  Here it is.
White Tuna, soybean oil, water, vegetable broth, salt, pyrophosphate.  Contains fish (tuna), soy>   OMG

Just when you think you are doing something healthy.  All the additives is to add volume for weight so you get less tuna.  Also most brands cook the tuna first so they can de-bone it easier then when they put it in the can it gets cooked again.  We probably get very little nutritional value from our "heart healthy" tuna.   I found most of this info by looking for it on Google.  They suggest you look for tuna that is line and hook caught and the ingredients simply says Tuna.  So I guess I will start reading the labels a little better.

Next rant will be about fabric softener! Perhaps I should do that now as it sort of ties in with the tuna.
While doing laundry today (yes I wash cloths on Sunday and even hang them on my clothesline) I noticed that there was a dark ring around the washing machine tub right at the water level line.  So I ran some hot water in the tub and got my trusty comet out to scrub it.  Well it wouldn't touch it.  So I rubbed it with my finger and found it to be sort of sticky and oily at the same time.  Ended up using fingernail polish remover on a little scrubby and it came right off.  So I got to thinking how when I put Downey into the washer it is hard to rinse the little cup out.  Bingo, my Ah, Ha, moment.  It was residue in my washer from using Downey.  So I Googled this too and found out what the ingredients in fabric softener are and was amazed.  Someday we are going to wake up and realize how we are poisoning our bodies and country with the chemicals that are so widely used in everything.  And there is a substance in there that binds with the fabric to make it soft, then all the perfume is to cover the smell of the first thing.  Uggg    An alternative is a little white vinegar in the rinse water.  Think I will give that a try.  Found some other natural things that might be worth a try.

I sound like the comedy character Earl Pitts.  If you haven't heard him on the radio, Google his name and watch a you tube video of him    He always cracks me up and most of the time his ranting is actually right on.  He always ends with the words, "Wake up Uhmerika"

So all I have to say is Wake Up  Uhmerika"!

Monday, September 07, 2015

To much STUFF!

If you ever heard George Carlin's rant about our "stuff" you will know where I am coming from.  Perhaps its just getting older that we start wondering about all the "stuff" we have.  Just look around!  We start off with very little, maybe a few hand me downs from family to get started.  Then we spend years buying things to make us comfortable or happy.  Then family keeps giving us their stuff or they die and leave a whole box car load of crap.  Stuff has sentimental value for us too.  I can look up right now and see three framed counted cross stitch pictures that my older sister did years ago.  She is dead now so of course I can't get rid of them, sentimental huh? 

But sometimes doesn't it get heavy on the back and soul?  How many dishes, pots, and pans do we really need.  If you are like me you end up using the same two or three 99% of the time.  And look in the closet.  The items closest to the front are the ones I wear the most, so that means over half in there haven't been worn in a loooooong time. 

I have been watching this series on TV called Tiny Homes.  It really has my attention.  I look around at my furniture and realize I could get rid of most of it and not really care.  Do I think I could live in a tiny home.  Your bet! Alone!!!!!  LOL  Not with anyone but I could do it if and when I find myself alone. 

Can you imagine the freedom you would feel to walk in and just have one comfy chair to sit in.  Walk over to the kitchen area and open cabinet to see just enough dishes to last a couple meals, not a whole china cabinet full, plus 3 cabinets full.  Again we use the same few over and over from habit or its really all we need.

Maybe that's what it boils down to  "What we need"  Of course I would have to keep my shop to keep all my weaving and sewing "stuff"  but that would be OK, wouldn't it??

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The lost art of blogging

What has happened to our favorite bloggers?  Me included.  I find I haven't posted on here since March for crying out loud!  Maybe with FB now and we can't blow our nose without announcing it to everyone, we just don't take time to sit down and write anything thoughtful or meaningful.  Then life sometimes gets in the way and there is so much going on that its hard to make sense of it all. 

I have been cleaning out "stuff" from my computer today and must have had 30 blog sites that I saved.  Deleted most and when I clicked on some to wonder why I saved them, found they hadn't posted anything in 2 years or the site was closed down. 

So I now vow to start blogging again, even though it is most likely just for me, and that is OK.

I have a second blog linked to this one about my book store.  Mostly I have posted my newspaper column on it and now am a slacker on that.  Sorry big brother, you are the only one who said they liked to read it.  I am planning to pretty much close my book store out after 9 1/2 years.  Have been selling down and tearing out shelf units since last Nov.  Gradually moving most of my weaving in here and plan to have a private weaving studio here.  Not sure about maintaining  my business license.  So checking with smarter folks to help me decide what to do with that.

So on this cheery note from yours truely here is a picture for my own entertainment if nothing else.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anyone there? "NO"

Hope I can type without laughing out loud!  Just got a phone call from one of those automated deals.  He starts off with Hi, I am Jason and since you recently stayed in one of our resorts (NOT) you qualify for 4 free nites at Orlando Florida and all you have to do is rent a car from (some company).  Now may I ask you a few questions to see if you qualify?  I say "NO"  Thanks, first are you over 21?  I say "NO"  Thanks do you have a Credit card in good standing?  I say "NO".  Well it looks like you don't quallify for our offer, thank you, have a good day.  Laughing out loud by now!

I get these calls almost weekly, and used to just hang up, now I stay on to see if they have an opt out option.  Some do, but don't know if it does any good.  Some when its an actual person on the phone I ask them to take my name off their list, and they rudely just hang up before I get the word "list" out of my mouth.  Well I know its a crappy job for you but don't be rude,  I wasn't.

Any way, most of the time if the call is from some area code I don't recognize I just click it to voicemail.  Figure if its a real person that actually needs to talk to me they will leave a message.  Never happens.

We did have a time share for about 15 years and it was nothing but a money pit.  Actually had to pay them money for "recording" fees when we signed it back to them.  No way you can sell this crap, couldn't even give it away.  Oh well live and learn,  it is a big relief to be rid of it.

Will end with a quote from Will Rogers:  Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Old Friends

Held a weaving workshop yesterday and as women do we got to talking.  The topic of friends came up and we all decided that in the process of moving about the country as I have you end up with few "good" friends.  We meet many people who become friends but our "old" friends are the ones that we share a history and life experiences with.  You just can't get that with new friends.  We can tell each other stories about our past and family, but there is nothing like that girlfriend that you shared a bed with at sleep overs, rode the school bus with, and went thru first boyfriend experiences with.  We were young and free to speculate about the world and think about what we would do when we "grew up"  Then the years slip away and you may not see each other for years at a time but eventually you are able to reconnect and instantly the years melt away and you just click like you did many years.  You understand each other even though by now you may have differences if political or religious matters.  What REALLY matters is that you are still friends after all these years.  You can still talk about the silly things that you went thru and also the heartaches and blessings you have had.  So here's to Old Friends and I hope there are many in your life as I feel blessed to have a few and if they stumble upon this I hope they see themselves and know that their presence in my life has probably helped make me who I am today and maybe in some small way I contributed to you also.  I found the lyrics to a song that Dolly Parden and Kenney Rogers did called You Can't Make Old Friends and copied part of them here.

What will I do when you are gone?

Who's gonna tell me the truth?

Who's gonna finish the stories I start,

The way you always do?

When somebody knocks at the door,

Someone new walks in.

I will smile and shake their hands,

but you can't make old friends.

You and me, will be together again.

Cause we both know, we will still be old friends.

You can't make old friends

Not the way we have always been.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Always looking for something!

Was recently looking at some blog sites that I have not visited in quite a while and found a common thread.  That others have had the same lack of time or desire to blog after years of posting their thoughts and lives.  I wonder if part of it is the social media that we all dabble with now.  We are just flooded with so much "stuff".  
Have been wanting to write another blog titled "I Am"  I did that several years ago and enjoyed putting some thought into deciding what kind of things make us who we are today.  We have so many things that influence who we become and I have decided that no matter how old we are we are still a work in progress. 
One thing I highly recommend is to not wait for that right "moment" when you think your life will be just right and you can experience something you have been waiting for like happiness, wholeness, or self satisfaction.  Ain't gonna happen!  There is no right moment when it will all fall into place.  At least that is what I think. 

Have you ever put something in a safe place then can't remember where that safe place is?  It is so frustrating.  I have been looking for my old cell phone for several weeks now.  I try very hard to put a picture in my mind of where and when I saw it last.  I tried a little of this visualization once when I wanted to find something and it actually worked.  Well not this time.  Very frustrating.  Now I can't help myself, I keep looking!

I wonder if its my computer or if others have trouble with this blogger site?  I have difficulty navigating when I am typing.  Can only go forward or back space.  Can not move the cursor.  Now I can only load pictures that I have on my phone,  It won't let me pull them from my computer files.  Feel the computer has a block on it for some reason.  Well this little laptop is over 7 years old so is almost a dinosaur. 
Added a picture of my loom with a rug in progress.  I have made 25 rugs this winter.  Think I will be ready for Farmers Market this year. 

OK I feel I am back in the saddle so maybe I can get some thoughts on here again.  I have read some very good books lately.  My column for book reviews can be found on my other site that is linked to this one.  Till next time: Blessed are the cracked, for the let the light in!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is nuts

Wow can't believe it has been so darn long since I posted anything on here.  So will try to catch up a little and post a few pictures.  Last fall I decided to tear out some book cases here in my little book store and expand my limited space to include a weaving studio.  So with books surrounding my weaving space I have accomplished just that.  I have one floor loom and two table top looms set up and have been teaching weaving classes.  I really enjoy the one on one instructions.  Two at most.  I provide everything and will do 4 hour weaving class or all day to instruct how to set up the loom and prepare fabric, then weave.  They get to take home what ever they wove.  Its been alot of fun.  Here are some pictures.

Well after about 5 tries, I can't upload my pictures today, so maybe another time. 

Also wanted to mention that over Thanksgiving I made a trip back up to Iowa and bought a nice floor loom from my friend.  I just love it and will post some pictures of it too one of these days.

I guess one of my reasons for not posting much this past year is that sometimes when there is so much you would like to say, you end up at a loss for words at all.  I try not to be one of these people who have to document every scratch or sniffle for all to have to read about.  But have had a close family member with a life altering disease and it does make you put things into perspective.  But I am also learning that I have to take care of myself or I won't be there to take care of others.  And it isn't all physical care that I am talking about.  Maybe the mental care is more important so here I sit between a rock and a hard place.  I am private enough that out of respect to family I will not discuss it here, but just want to say that I have a heavy heart much of the time, so find it hard to spend my time blogging.  Perhaps if I really had an anonymous  blog that no one I knew read I might do that and it would be good for me.  Oh, well enough for today.  Maybe I can make this site load pictures next time.  

Can't believe this blog is 10 years old!!  That may be a record.  So its just nuts that I don't take a minute and keep this up more often

Thought for the day":  Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My latest "saved from the scrap heap" project

My sister came by a few weeks ago and was headed to the thrift store with some things she was clearing out.  In the middle was this old "retro" stool.  She bought it at a garage sale last year but didn't do anything with it.  Was missing one of the rubber feet. The vinyl seat had been mended with red plastic tape and the crome legs were spotty with rust.  But the plastic back was so neat and just needed a good cleaning.  So here is the before:
Next was the scrubbing and painting:

I then recovered the old seat and put it all back together!

Total cost for paint and new rubber feet was about 8$  Have it sitting at the end of an isle of books and have had one customer use it, plus I had my sister sit on it the other day on my little back steps at the store while I cut her hair.  LOL  we had several folks go by the alley and throw off their caps and asked to be next.  Can't get away with anything in this little town!

Thought for the day:Where ever you go, there you are