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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feeling numb

Been trying all week to think about what to write. My words mean very little in the wake of all the loss of lives and property in Joplin. Joplin is our "go to city" All our shopping and Dr. apts. are there. Plus our favorite restaurants. We have kept a phone book out and when we think of a business we look up to verify what street it was on. Many are all gone. Others so damaged they won't be open for a long time. The stories I hear and read in the paper just makes you wince. Then I get angry when I hear of the people who go up just to "LOOK" Stay away! Let the crews do their jobs. And if you are able to volunteer then do so, or donate something. We don't have to go up for about 3 weeks for a Dr. apt. and that will be soon enough for me. Of course the Dr. office is no longer there so will have to find out where he has relocated. But any inconvenience I experience will be less than a drop in the ocean! copy and past this site if you want to read an account of the ER Doctor at St Johns hospital that was on duty when it hit.

Thought for the day: Hug your love ones every chance you get.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sister's dream

Got in a little walk this morning with my sister, and she told me about her vivid dream. So while I can remember it I just have to put it down here as it was pretty funny. It amazing how we incorporate our personal life into our dreams with world events.

In the dream she said her husband announced to her that Michelle Bachmann had died suddenly and since she (my sister) looked exactly like her (no she doesn't, lol) she should step into her place and run for president. My sister insisted that she had to finish her quilt before she could do anything else. See she is working on a handmade quilt for her grand daughter's wedding this fall. But her husband insisted that it would be awesome as she could preside as president and quilt at the same time. Then he quoted a sign that she has hanging in her sewing room that says: Just One More Row. Then he said, well are you going to run for president or quilt?? Then she woke up.

I think he watches too much Fox and she quilts too much. LOL

Thought for the day: "We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way thru Congress" --- Will Rogers

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Funny phone call

I just got a call from someone asking to speak to the person who handles the ATT&T account. I told her I don't have ATT&T. She asked who we have and I said that we have a monopoly, and she about cracked up on the phone and thanked me and said Bye.

See we have one of those small town phone companies that actually do have a monopoly on us as we don't have a choice. Guess they were pretty darn smart years ago to run all their own lines and such.

Thought for the day: I have to walk early in the morning, before my brain figures out what I'm doing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another sign of spring

In my morning walks around town, I have been passing this little pasture. For several weeks there was a little (and I mean little) stallion that was pacing the fence, I could see into the front of this little barn and could see another small horse in there. I figured she was ready to have her baby. Well yesterday when I walked by, the stallion was penned up and lo and behold there were 3 mares in the pasture with 2 of the cuties little colts. Don't know if they are small Shetlands or miniature horses. Looks like they might come up to my waist on the shoulder. Aren't the cute little critters? Makes me miss our little farm, well at least for a few minutes. We enjoyed all our critters but it was alot of work and expense. big sigh!

Thought for today: Good questions outrank easy answers. Now think that one over a bit.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My number 2 pet peeve: Lack of Pride

After that silly post a couple days ago about the "crack" it got me to thinking. ( I know I have to be careful of that activity) But what ever happened to our pride? Do people just wake up and decide they will wear pants that show their crack to the world. Or did we just sort of slide into this pattern of "who cares"? I know when I worked in the prison I felt the pants riding on God knows what, was mostly a way for them to show disrespect, but I digress.

We live in a country of excess. And what do we do with our excess? Why we throw it out the window as we drive down the road, of course! How silly of me to think that we should have some pride in our self and our environment. As I was taking my walk this morning I met up with a sweet older couple that I see alot. They park by the little city park every morning and she takes off walking a few blocks while her husband walks slowly with his bucket and a pair of those pick up tong things. They are well up in their 80's but they set such a wonderful example of the small things we can and should do to keep our space free of all the trash. I told her the other day that she is my inspiration. She was just beaming!

I know people aren't going to stop throwing out their drink cups and pop cans, but maybe "we" can set examples for them by being sensitive enough to take a min. to pick up when we can. So I will start carrying a plastic bag in my back pocket and at least pick up the cans as I walk. (we used to do that when we fished around a lake and pick up fishing line to keep the critters from getting hung up in it)

I just noticed that the picture I chose to illustrate a trash can really isn't want I wanted, but I can't figure out how to delete it. It sort of shows a homeless man and I don't mean to say that a homeless person would have to pride. So forgive me if you think I meant that.

OK that is Pet Peeve no. 2, now when I can remember what no. 1 is I will write about it later.

Thought for the day:We don't receive wisdom: we must discover it for ourselves.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I don't think Walmart has enough spackle to fill this crack!

This was sent to me in an e-mail with alot of similar "ugly" pictures of people shopping at Walmart. You know Sat. I went to Walmart in the evening. Let me tell you that is a bad time to shop. But I did notice some pretty gross people. I am pretty forgiving, and understand that alot of folks don't have much money, but give me a break, stuff like this picture is not an accident. I did catch myself staring at a guy as I was leaving the check out stand. He was rather large and (excuse me) ugly. He had his head shaved except for this circle on top that was about the size of a cereal bowl and the hair was about 2 inches long and sort of curled nicely under at the edges. Ugh! I am sure the Honey he had at his side thought he was a darling.

Thought for the day: Guess its true, there IS someone for everyone. Just have to look or maybe just go to Walmart.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Happy Mr. Wren

Hope this will play OK, it is my first try at posting a video. The wrens were back this morning and adding to their furniture. Just wanted to share their happy song!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Spring is here, birds are doing their thing!

I just hung the Gourd bird house 2 days ago. About died laughing last pm watching Mr. Wren try to carry twigs into the small opening. I thought he had it when he got on the railing and kept working on the twig, it was about 10 in. long. He finally had ahold of the end so I thought he had it as he hopped up and kept trying to thread it into the hole, but then he dropped it. Next twig was much smaller and fit. This morning early we heard alot of chitter/chatter going on and I stood again at the window and here is what I heard:

Pop: Well Honey, what do you think of the new house I found?

Mom: Well it looks pretty good Tweet Thing, but it is awful close to that big house.

Pop: Oh, Fluffy Stuff, they won't bother us, but what about that strange red house with the tiny guys slurping up that juicy stuff.

Mom: I don't think they will be bad if they don't fight to much, I hear they are known for that, Sweetums.

Pop: Did you notice how we have our own perch on top to sit and watch over our estate, Sugar Beek?

Mom: Oh yes, and how nice it will be to have the babies swinging when the wind blows, (I think she was blushing)

Pop: Jumping up and down, so excited, he dropped the twig he was holding.