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Friday, August 31, 2007

Women are Evil by Nature

A woman went up to the bar in a quiet rural pub...
She gestured alluringly to the bartender who approached her immediately.
She seductively signaled that he should bring his face closer to hers.
As he did, she gently caressed his full beard.
"Are you the manager?" she asked, softly stroking his face with both hands.
"Actually, no," he replied.
"Can you get him for me? I need to speak to him," she said, running her
hands beyond his beard and into his hair.
"I'm afraid I can't," breathed the bartender. "Is there anything I can do?"
"Yes. I need for you to give him a message," she continued, running her
forefinger across the bartender's lip and slyly popping a couple of her fingers into his mouth and allowing him to suck them gently.
"What should I tell him?" the bartender managed to say.
"Tell him," she whispered,
"There's no toilet paper, hand soap, or paper towels in the ladies room.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I AM P*##ED!!!!

Got picked up yesterday by our friendly little city cop lady. All smiles and sweetness, she informs me I am driving my farm pickup on expired tags. WHAT?? How can that be, I never got a notice of renewal from the state. She very sweetly says."Oh, that is just a courtisy, they are not required to send out notices" You have to be kidding, in all these years, I have always gotten renewal notices no matter where I lived.

So since they have been expired since APRIL!!, she had to do her duty and give me a ticket. $72.50 friggin dollars. Plus she informed me I would probably have to pay a penelty when I get the new tags!

Now I thought of something last nite at home. How come the city police drives by my truck every day behind my store, (police station is about a block up the alley) and they never noticed till now. I think they noticed and she was sitting out waiting to nail me when I was on the street heading home. She followed me a few blocks before pulling me over.

All my years of driving I get 2 tickets in the same year. The other was a speed trap a few months ago. OHHHH, I hate it!

OK I am done, but I refuse to pay my ticket till the last day!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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R.I.P. Guinea Gumbo!!

Sorry to say we have put out a wanted poster on Suzy. Sat. she managed to get our lone guinea cornered and killed him. Actually we had taken a poster I made up on her to the vet that morning, in hopes of finding her a home. We now have the poster up at a couple vets.

We really aren't mad at her. She was a street girl and probably used to eating road kill or killing something to eat. Also she has enough of some little hunter, terrier in her and she just can't help it.

We have her house broke now so she will make someone a nice pet. As long as they don't have any chickens (or guineas) running loose.

I will attach a picture of Guinea Gumbo. Oh, did I mention how he got that name? Well....... last year we bought 3 guineas from a guy and kept them penned up for several days so they would learn where home was. Well the first day we let them out they took off for the timber and we never saw them till 3 days later and this one showed up. So I was determined to keep him shut up with the chickens at night so a hoot owl wouldn't get him. (Owls love guinea) So all was going well for a week or so and one night he just was not going into the chicken house, after I had run him around the house for the 5th time. I threw down my stick and yelled at him. "OK, you just stay out here and you will end up being Guinea gumbo!! The guy we bought him from had told us how he like anything made into gumbo, including Guinea.

So he has been an independant soul and roosts where ever he wants, sometimes even in the chicken house!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

"If you can't be a lifter, don't be a leaner"

Wow, it's Sat. again already. Busy week. Been listing alot on e-bay and having pretty good luck so far. Been sorting out alot of duplicate books and older stuff that hasn't sold very well. I take pictures, crop them and then they are ready as I list things. Been ordering CD's and books for folks, and charge a small fee for doing that.

Have a follow up apt with Dr. Mon after the tests I had. I mentioned in last post that after cutting the caffeine the PVC's had about stopped. NOT> Took about a week but they came back, so I started the beta blocker that he gave me some samples of, Can't see that it is doing any good. yet. But the good news is that I have stayed off of caffeine. I have 1 cup of decaf coffee in the morning and a cup of hot tea later in the morning, And have about given up my Pepsi. Only had 2 all week. So that is still a little caffeine but not like I was consuming. Oh, and my ice tea is decaff and only a glass once in awhile instead of a pitcher a day!

Anyone read Dr. Gott in the paper? I decided to try his no sugar, no flour diet for awhile. Have lost 4 lbs in the last 10 days. Part I think from not drinking so much tea, pepsi, and coffee. Even though I didn't use sugar I have read that it hinders wt. loss. So maybe there is something to that. Will see. Anyway its sort of like eating Adkins, which I have done in the past, but now I have my fruits which I love. Not really hard to stick to. Just have to make up your mind to start it and get'her done!!

Getting more rain. 1 1/2 in last nite. Yard and pasture is greening up again. Yeah!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ground is like a thirsty sponge

Finally a break in the heat wave. Cooled off only 89 degrees right now at noon. Got a nice little shower last evening and a small one this morning. Supposed to get more rain as it builds up down in Texas. Poor Texas, they have sure had the bad weather.

Been a rather busy week, seems while it was hot folks stayed home and cleaned house. Have had quite a few books brought in. Some were freebie's. Hey I like that. Even if I have to sort out what I can't use. I have a couple boxes to drop at the Salvation Army Monday.

Funny thing happened to me on the way to running up huge bills for cardiac testing! I had to stop the caffeine for 24 hrs prior to the tests last Monday. So I have been a good girl and stayed off it. I know I was drinking to much coffee (even though it was half decaf) and ice tea. So wouldn't you know the PVC's have about stopped!!
Should have tried this to start with, but a couple years ago I stopped for a couple mo. with the caffeine and it didn't make any difference in running the PVC's So I am just hanging in there, still feel a little head achy and tired from the lack of caffeine but I can deal with it. Just keeping busy.

Going to try to go to an auction Sunday. Got a flyer that they are selling alot of collectibles and books. Will at least go look. I am getting so crammed in here now not sure I sould bid on any, but want to see what they are. I really need more western.

Hey anyone out there want to sell(cheap) western paperbacks. I will pay shipping for sure. But not Louis L'Amore. Got lots of him. I really am looking for William W. Johnstone and Terry Johnson. Been buying a few lots of books on e-bay. Got stocked up with Anne Rice books!! Sort of got carried away. Been listing some and was blown away by bids on 25 old Barbara Cartland romance from the 70, sold for 31.00$plus 6 $ for shipping. Can you believe that?? Just never know.

Well now that I have tried to solicit what readers I have I better get out of here.

PS. this was written Sat. but for some reason it would not post onto my blog site, so will try again today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stewed tomatoes on the vine!

Still in the middle of this heat wave. What can I say. At least I can be in the store and keep cool. I think I mentioned that we got the hay put up. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor gals. They rock, let me tell you, nothing like good neighbors. Ila from up the hill from us and the Sherry from across the road from Ila. They came down with a big trailer and a couple young nephews and they loaded a big wagon load right out in that heat. That was last Thurs, and I had a Dr. apt in the afternoon then stayed in town for an Avon mtg. Hubby helped them stack it in the barn in the evening, then they came back and loaded one more and he made them take it home with them for helping us. We got all the hay we need, so thats only fair. Boy the barn smells so good with fresh hay! The hay field is all turning brown now with this heat, and have started feeding a couple flakes of hay in the evening because the little pasture is nipped so short. supposed to cool down this weekend and 40% chance for rain. Sure hope it does.

Monday I went in for the tests that the Dr. ordered last Thurs. Took 5 hrs. Had lab, a nuculear stress test, cardiac echo cardiogram, and a halter monitor to wear 24 hrs.
Was glad to be rid of that, the sticky patches caused burn spots that look pretty nasty. Having all the tests because those pesky PVC's came back the last 6 mo. and seem worse at time. And I have been doing some reading that they might not be so beneign as they have always thought. My primary Dr. felt I should have a better work up done than I did 2 years ago when I had the halter monitor and the Dr. in Nv. just tried to reasure me that they would not hurt me and to relax and not worry. FINE, but the thumping around is not in his chest, its in MINE>
If all is fine with my heart, which I feel it will be, then I have 2 options, actually 3, one being to do nothing, two to try taking a beta-blocker,(ugh, drugs) or three they can run a little wire thing up into the heart and zap the little spot that is triggering the PVC's with a radio wave thing and that gets rid of the problem.
Right now I am off of caffeine. Tried that last time with no helpful results. But this time they do seem less. So not to wild to take the Rx. samples that I was given. Have a follow up apt the 27th. So will play it by ear. One good thing that I saw, was that I had no PVC's while the stress test was going on with my heart rate up to 140. So that is good. I did have some just after it while I was in the recovery phase.

Well enough about my health. All else is fine. Just dang hot here in the midwest.And I think the tomatoes really have stewed on the vine, at least the tiny cherry ones that are right in the hot sun. And when we gather eggs they are so warm!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

HOT in the midwest!

I know I am not alone with this miserable heat. I do remember last winter when it was so cold and we had all the ice that I said that we would be wishing for some of that cold come July and Aug. So here we are. Ready for fall. NOW!

Finally got the hay cut again. It had about all dried up before he cut it. Believe me the drunks that cut our hay this year won't be invited back next year. So hard to find anyone to bale small bales on small acres. Hope he gets it baled today.

Had an interesting day yesterday at the store. Since its been so hot business in the afternoon has been really slow, so I expected that, but had a steady little flow all day. Had a hitch hiker stop in. Made me a little nervous, but had another customer in the store. His story was that he lived in Springfield and the VA hosp had given him a bus ticket to Ar. for a medical apt. but failed to tell him it was only one way that they paid. So he didn't have money to pay for bus fare and was catching rides all day to get home. It was stinking hot, so he stopped in to cool off. He was clean, had a clean tote bag, so I believed him. Even gave him a soda out of my frig. He stayed about an hr. Another customer came in, unloading alot of books on me from his garage sale, (I get quite a bit of that) About 20 really nice books free was great. But I took this huge set of encyclopedias, very nice and clean. I told him I would try to sell them or give them away. So they are stacked by my desk with a sign, "Make an Offer". Anyway the hiker left, hope he got a ride home.

Sat I went to a customers home to pick up books he wanted to get rid of. I have learned to not believe folks when they say they are "nice" books. Well ended up with a pickup load, no kidding, of old books. He was going to burn them, they were left from an auction he did. So I hauled them all home and have been sorting and wiping down all these books. The majority are harlequin romance. I scoff too. Buttttttt, hold the boat. I checked e-bay and was amazed to see that large lots of them do sell pretty good. So am working some up to list in lots of like 25 or 30.
I did get about 1 box of nice books that I am sure will sell. The other thing I do is fix up boxes of 40 and call them my "grab box" and sell for 5$. I sold quit a few of them last summer, after I threw alot in the dumpster because I thought no one would want the dang things. Go figure, huh?

Well gotta run. The boss, (Oh, thats ME) says I have to close up shop this afternoon for an apt. in the big city. So taking the rest of the afternoon to run errands and attend an Avon mtg. this evening.

Friday, August 03, 2007

She's a good girl when she is asleep

OK, so we are't as heartless as I sounded on last post. At least I posted about how we were going to have to find a home for Suzy. Well she has weezeled her way into our hearts so we are going to allow her to finish growing up and blending in with us. Ha!! Who am I kidding, we will will be the ones adjusting to HER>
She is doing real well on the housebreaking. Understands to tinkle when we take her out. As for the other business, she prefers to head out to the pasture as soon as she eats, so that's not a problem. Stays outside most of the day. Biggest problem is poor old Molly, not knowing what to do with this kid. Sort of wants to play with her but not sure how, she pokes her with her nose and sort of snaps at her ears. Lucky Suzy is very submissive to all this, but you can see she would like to play.
Got her stitches out today, all healed up, and has gained 1/2 pound since we got her.
OK enough about her.

The other critter that we are concerned about is the old Momma donkey, Jenny. Had the vet out this morning and was afraid he would have to put her down. She is pretty old and has bad feet and for the last 3 days can't put wt on one front foot. Have been carrying feed and water to her. But the vet thinks she was foundered years ago and will get these infections in the hoof from time to time and it goes up into the leg. Gave us antibiotics to give her and gave her a pain shot. So we will see. He seemed pretty sure this would help, and she would be back on her feet (all 4 of them) soon.

Hot, Hot, Hot. Boy can't believe how hot it feels and we haven't hit 100 yet this year. But the humidity is so high it makes 95 seem like 105. I feel sorry for folks who have to work out in this.

Well hope all has a good weekend. Remember this: The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.


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