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Saturday, February 02, 2013

A new year for me

Yesterday was my birthday and as I usually do on my birthday I try to recommit to better myself.  Usually it is to eat healthier and exercise.  So today was my second day on the treadmill, only a mile and my legs feel like mush.  More veggies and no bread for me.  And definitely no sweet treats.  Hubby's sister lives below us and still loves to bake for him.  Sometimes hard to not eat some of those cookies and cakes. (did I ever mention that I am a Carb-oholic?)  The weeks I stayed home with him while he was recovering I ate lunch with him which was usually a sandwich, chips, cookies and hot tea.  Glad to be back to the store where I eat my chef salad every day.

Here are a couple of my latest bags that I made.
For some reason my computer is super slow loading these pictures today.