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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Been Weaving

Finally got my weaving area set up. Hubby hung a lamp in the corner and I have music or TV or big window to glance out. This rug is from an old denim rag rug that I have had for years and the warp was worn out and it was coming unraveled. The gal that taught me to weave, told me I could clip it loose and re weave it. I really like it and will keep it for many years of wear. It is 48 in. long.
The second pic is of some denim that I have saved for many years. The most of it is from some old striped denim overalls that my dad wore and I have packed them around for close to 40 years. So this rug is a keeper too. Darn I have a hard time weaving something that I don't want to keep for ME.
Can click on pic to see a larger pic. Working on one now that is from some cotton cable knit sweaters that I wore for years and hated to get rid of. It is coming out nice and thick.
Thanks Betty for all your teaching. I am finally getting back to sewing rag balls and weaving in my spare time.
New project coming up that I will report on later next week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting dirty

After all it is the first day of spring and you have to get down and a little dirty!! Hubby went to Walmart to get a few bags of potting soil and came back with a pickup full of bags of Chicken manure and top soil. Great stuff. I have painted some huge potting tubs like you get from a green house, that trees come in. I painted them a stone red and now I have big pots to do my gardening in. They look great along the edge of the lawn sitting on the gravel. I plan to have tomatoes, onions, and several for flowers. Will post pictures as things progress. Got the bird feeding station up. We did hear birds singing in the trees a block away so hopefully they will find us. Hung up my first load of cloths on the umbrella clothesline that got set up 2 days ago. Got one rose bush planted. 2 more to go. The flower bed is full of small boulders so it takes time to dig them all out, then will add some of that good stuff he bought today. I brought several small pots of ground cover, cone flowers, yellow spiky plants, and a big tub of hibiscus with me when we moved. Making progress.

Since we can't fish might as well get dirty!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What do ya mean we can't go fishing for 6 mo!

Went to Walmart to see about our fishing license and what the crap! Have to be a residence for 6 mo. before you can get a simple fishing license. Doesn't matter that we own a home, have valid drivers license for this state and our vehicles are licensed for this state. That is so stupid. I would think they would be glad to make the money selling licenses for something so simple as to fish.

We were so bummed out we stopped by the Cold Slab Creamery and drowned our sorrows in big ice cream cones.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


OK this is one side of our back yard. Mostly rock! We have 500 Square feet of grass. Thats all. Should take about 10 min. to mow it. We will be putting in trees along the back and one side. We plan to do most of the front yard in rock and put in Purple Sage or Heather with a drip system. So we should be free to get the fishing poles out soon.

We actually got the garage arranged pretty good and have both vehicles inside now. Even got the old tennis ball hanging so I won't run into the freezer when I pull in.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please don't call me for a Tow

When we moved we got a new phone number. It is always interesting to find out who had the number before you got it. Apparently this number belonged to a Towing Company that is now out of business. It is mostly funny to get the calls except the other nite it was about 11 pm. Hubby jokes that we could have made alot of money if we had a truck!

At least this isn't as bad as the number we had when we lived in Nevada. It had belonged to someone who not only didn't speak English as a first language but was wanted by finance companies, collection agencies, and the law. It was hard to make people believe that the person they wanted did not live there. That went on for over a year.

Thought for the day: Smile, it uses fewer muscles that a frown. Besides its catching, try it.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Not a tornado!

Just a weird cloud formation last PM. Had to go out in the street and catch a picture. We had these little dry snow "balls" showers off and on yesterday. This morning the foothills were white till the sun hit them. Mountains got several inches.

Busy yet with unpacking SIL Tooooo much stuff for her cute little house. Already sold her sofa and hassock. She must have 15 lamps!! Oh well she is being a really good sport about it and is just glad to be here and not where the real tornado's are. I hear Kansas got hit again.

We should have our back lawn in tomorrow. Will be glad, we are already tired of looking at dirt. I have roses and some other plants to get in the ground that we moved with us. Putting up some peg board in the garage today, and bought a couple of cabinets to put over the toilets to use as medicine cabinets. Guess they don't put them in new houses anymore.

I have one more picture to add of the sunset last week that was so pretty.

Thought for the day: Look for all my little notes with "thought for the day" ideas. LOL