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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Wow there is life after the Internet!

We are getting settled into the new house, a very busy time. Movers unloaded us one week ago. Most of our boxes are at least empty, still finding where things should go.

But it is true there is a life without the computer. I decided that for me I will just take my laptop to the library once a week for an hour or so and catch up, look up, and what ever.

It is good to be back in the Midwest. We really are small town people and hubby missed all his chat friends, (his chat room is the doughnut shop, the bank, or anywhere he meets up with folks he had known for years) I am glad for him. Living in a bigger city and not knowing anyone it really takes a long time to feel at home. We should have just stayed put 18 months ago!

Well gotta go and check out some blog sites I have missed out on.

Thought for the day: Its always darkest before I open my eyes.