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Friday, July 28, 2006

Like finding a bait shop in Harlem!

Thats what a young man told me yesterday when he went thru my collection of old classic books. He ended up buying about 10 of them. Who knew? This is just turning out to be tooooo much fun. Had a very good day yesterday and a very slow day on Wed. This morning had a gal waiting on the doorstep for me to open. So maybe it will be a good day. Heck everyday is a good day!! Did anyone see the story on Good Morning America this week about the Indigo Children. I found it facinating and went to the net to check out and found a great site that has lots of links for even more info. Check out this It mentions a book called The Indigo Children by Lee Carroll that was directed by his channeler named Kryon. Looks like some real interesting stuff. Well you can see where I spend my time when things are slow? Looks like I may have a very interesting weekend, having a visitor to spend the weekend that I haven't seen in 10 years. Everyone have a good one too. dc

Friday, July 21, 2006

Business is booming, well maybe

It is 10:00 Fri AM and have 2 customers already!! Coffee is brewing, Ray Lynch playing mellow music on the computer, life is good. Only had one customer all day yesterday, First couple days open had several lookers and made a couple sales each day. Not worried, still trying to alpha everything. Working on the science fiction now. Did the westerns yesterday, seem to be alot of western readers here, I didn't think I needed to alpha them till the very first guy that came in looking for one special author made me realize that everything has to be in alpha order. Keeping busy at home with hubby out of town. Lawn needs mowing, to cool off this weekend so that will be good. We have 5 little banty chickens now, about half grown, the rooster just started crowing last week. Have to compete with them for the tomatoes, but guess they can eat a few. They sure run around picking up bugs, Saw a pair of groundhogs in the pasture next to the house so the shotgun is sitting handy. Don't want them up in the yard, They dig such huge holes where ever they decide to. Sorry to all the groundhog lovers, The world will have to do without a few if they are on our place. Well got to go read the local paper, should take about 5 min. My article should come out next Tue. Will copy and post it here. dc

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Open for business

Well I am ready, I already drug in the first customer who saw me putting up my open sign and he was at the garage next door, so he came in and checked out my policy plan, was friendly and left. So its OK, I didn't expect to have them lined up today. Took some pictures, as you can see the shelves have some bare spots so in a few days I will go back to the books I culled out and stored and bring some more in. Actually I like it not so crowded and it gives me room to put up books that I take in. So will have to wait and see how it goes. Wish me luck, Addict, I may take a nap on the floor after awhile.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Opening the 17th, for sure, for sure!

I really mean it this time. And I will be ready, still getting the books alpha, by author now. And have some of the old wooden floor left to scrub and wax. It is the orig. bar floor, was able to save about half of the flooring. Got the blinds and curtains and adding a couple plants and pictures. Sort of like nesting. Hubby will leave Tue to deliver his sis back to Nv. What a time to be traveling across the deserts. Guess I never mentioned we got a new vehicle just before we moved. It is a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Bright blue with white top. Really cool looking. We get lots of comments by folks when we travel. Some even ask to sit in it. So he is driving it and they are sending her car by a car carrier, which is being picked up today. She has an 89 Crown Victoria that has less than 30,000 miles on it and still looks new. Well got to get to this floor. Hot here. Love the air conditioner. dc

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Thought I would throw in a picture of that chinmey area when we were tearing up.

My new life in books,

Here is a peak of what things are looking like. Don't you love my shopping cart. Went to Dollar General Store and asked if I could buy one of their old carts out back and I got it for 5$ A little spray paint and it works wonderful. I am using bird houses for my decorations. Will put a bird nest in the chinmey hole. The curtains have birdhouses on them. Still need to put up the miniblinds and curtains. Can't you see I am wired for this!!! An just so thrilled to have the opportunity to do this, and to think this will be my JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


So OK you can't organize 10,000 books in a couple days. Who knew?
Actually there have been some serious stuff going on with this family, both sisters with major health issues and now a greatnephew is critically ill, so you know things sort of came into perspective for me today and I said to myself, "self, what are you knocking yourself out for?"
So it may take a few days longer. My bro and his girlfriend were just here and bless their hearts hauled all the "extra" books over to store in my sisters house. There was a whole pickup load. NOW I can see some progress and can start to get organized. I was feeling so swamped. I have thrown several hundred books in the dumpster and have a few boxes in the corner that will most likely end up the same way. Not going to store anymore. My gut feeling is that after I am open awhile and take in books for resale I will never open one of those boxes and they will go to the dump too. Hate to throw out books, but 25 John Gresham's The Firm is just to much!! And tons of the old romance novel, you know the kind, with the guy half dressed and muscles bulging and a damsel with her bosom hanging out and hair to her waist looking wistfully at him, half of them have Lust as part of the title. But I want bright newer books and when the shelves are full and I have room I will pull out some of them. Will be interesting to see what kind of books folks here read. Probably all the Lust for Life type, ha ha
Well headed home early, only about 6 pm. Oh, while I am writing a novel here I will add that hubby is headed back to Nv. in one week. His sis did not like Mo. and refuses to stay here and has bought another house in Nv. again to be back where she is familiar with things. Shelfish us, we thought she would be happy to just live near us. Hubby is the only family she has and she is 82, just can't see what this is going to do to my hubby, This is his only sister and only family left to him. So now he will have to make trips back and forth to check on her and over see her going to an assisted living one day when she can't live alone. Oh, don't get me started. On one hand I am so mad and on the other I can understand her. Well we all make choices in life and have to live with them. So thats my story for now. dc

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Open July 11

Ever try to put 10,000 books in alphabetic order???? Help. But plan to open Tue. So will sleep here if I have to. Still haven't practiced with the cash register. Better do that by Mo. Have a gal at city hall who said she would help me. Well back to pricing and stacking. Will add pictures later of my cute counter, bro. helped me build and my small blue shopping cart I bought from Dollar General and painted, for $5.!!
Here is the newest picture with the flower box. Wish me luck..