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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is it just ME?

I just tried to upload one of my own pictures and it just doesn't work. The one from the last post that uploaded OK was a picture I imported from the net and had it stored with my pictures. Now if loaded, why won't my pictures load? I even opened a new blog on Wordpress and it wouldn't let me import my files from the New Blogger. So that didn't work. I do have another blog site in My Spaces and I can post pictures on it. But not sure I want to keep up 2 blog sites. And I really like this one and have been posting for a LONG time. Darn. Well I will stop complaining. Yea, like that will happen right?

Had a good weekend, hubby took me out for a great sea food lunch Sun for my birthday, which isn't till later this week. Went shopping and ended up buying a new cook stove, with alot of neat bells and whistles. On Mon. we hauled more hay for our 4 legged friends, (that I can't post pictures of) Hubby trying to get me stocked up on stuff as he will be taking a trip in about 4 to 6 weeks. Seems his older sister is moving back to Mo. again. If you read me much you know that when we moved here last year, we moved her also. She is a widow and it was just to soon after her husband died for her to make that big of a move, She was here only a couple months and hubby moved her back to Nevada. Now that she has been alone since last Aug, she realizes we are her only family and she knows she needs to be closer to us. So her house here hasn't sold yet and she will move back into it for now. Probably look at moving her at least one more time if she finds a senior park somewhere that she would like that is close and takes care of the lawn and is just for seniors. Sort of a gated community. You know thats where us baby boomers need to be investing our money. Building these senior communities. When we get to be 80 we aren't going to want to live in neighborhoods with kids running around. Besides no yard work will give us freedom to travel and chase the young guys.

Well thats my thoughts for today. Stay warm. :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Ever wake up from a dream and it seem so real for about 10 minutes at least?? Like dreaming is another parallel life that just might just be as real as the one we just think is real.

I woke up dreaming I was in this big class room, like a nursing seminar {I have attended many of those} But I walked thru a doorway into a sort of lobby and there was a counter and a couple "nurses", one that I knew at last job, Mary, and they were doing something illegal, like loading booze or something like that out of a trailer onto this counter. And I was there to sort of watch for the guard that had left the area. But I saw her{the guard} coming back and I just sort of acted innocent like I didn't know what was going on. So the others got caught and their license suspended and they thought maybe I was involved but I played that I really was just in the wrong place at the wrong time so I got off. But I woke up feeling very guilty because I really was sort of the lookout, but I got off the hook. Wonder what that was all about?? I am sure the guard was from my last job working in corrections, and this Mary was one of the worst nursed I ever worked around. And I just got my license activated for this state, even though I said I wasn't going to do that and never go back to work for anyone again. But I have it "just in case"

But I find dreams interesting and they are very vivid to me, often waking me up to lay awake and try to go back into the dream to fix things or at least make it end better.

Well so much for today. Store closed Sun and Mon. See ya back here same station on Tue.
I just tried to upload a picture and I checked for the smaller size and it looks like it uploaded. Whoopy!!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Right now, as you read this, 17 Million people are having SEX!!!

And look at you -
You're on the bloody computer!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

All in good time

This is a test picture I copied from the web and downloaded here, It shows that the problem with my loading pictures from my computer must be with my computer. Thank you "my techy" for your help so far. Now I need to call the internet tech support and see if they can help me figure out what is blocking me from uploading from my computer files.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The sun is shining and it is to be in the 40's today. Yippy!! We are so ready for some sunshine.
Most of the ice got melted off Sat. then we had a cold rain for awhile Sun. But lucked out and no more ice. We did end up loosing power Fri. Am and was back on by Sat afternoon. So that was minor to some folks who are still with out power since the 7th of Jan. Sister finally got power on Sat nite and able to move out of the shelter. But she ended up sick and spent a couple days in the hosp. She is back home now but they have colds now. Stopped by briefly this morning with a pot of Turkey soup and farm eggs. It will take them awhile to get recovered.

It is good to be back at the store and business as usual. Spent Sun. in a cleaning frenzy. So glad to get all the buckets of water out of the house.

Thinking of switching my blog over to Wordpress. I am tired of dealing with this blog site since there seems to be a problem with posting pictures. Wish I knew if others that use Blogger have this problem and if they were able to fix it. Anyone??

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Please no more sleet and snow!!

It is Sat. morning. We lost power at the farm yesterday morning and it is still out. We have been so lucky since there are so many folks that have been without power for a whole week now. With the sunshine yesterday and the melting we got, we were able to catch some water from the downspouts and fill the horse tank. That will help us hold the rest we have in reserve for flushing the toilet. We came in town today and showered at bro's house. And we have a generator that is finally coming into good use. So we can run it every few hours and keep the refrig and freezer cold. We have propane for cooking and a wood stove for heat, so we are in good shape. The weekend looks stinking so we will see what we get now. I feel so sorry for the folks that have been out for a week. Big sister stopped by the store today, they are still staying at the shelter and she went over to bro's house to shower too. She says they are warm and being well fed. I sent a couple boxes of books over to help them have some to share around. That must be so boring to sit in a shelter, but the company is nice for alot of folks.

Well this blog site won't let me post pictures. I have alot of good ones I have been taking. Darn Blogger. I am seriously thinking of changing. Can I do that and transfer all my posts with me?? Anyone know. I have had this site for so long I just hate to just close it and start another one. Sort of my baby you know?

Well hope everyone is staying warm and safe. Think I will go sit by the heat and read a book till the snow starts to fly then I am out of here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Missouri looks like a war zone!

When I closed the store Fri. it was sleeting and I figured I wouldn't be back to town for a few days. Well here it is Thurs and I am back at the store and am open for business, even though I will be surprised if anyone comes in. We had sleet in 3 waves, Fri nite, Sat, and Sun. I took pictures on Sat. before the worse damage at the farm, so will have to take a few more pictures. We live about 3 miles out of town and were so LUCKY that we did not lose power. I can't believe it. Our county and the surrounding counties to the so. of us have all been out of power, most at least 4 days. Some are back on line now but still alot of folks without power.
We have kept buckets of water ahead in case we lost power as we would not be able to pump water from the well if power failed. I now know it takes 4, 5 gal. buckets of water for 1 horse and 3 donkeys a day!! But we have a wood stove and stayed snug and warm. Others in the family have not been so lucky. Bro. in town was out of power for 4 days but he did have a heat from a ventless gas heater so he was able to stay warm and had city water. He has an older couple who lives next door that had no heat and he is on O2 and not well, so they sort of moved in with him and slept on his recliners for 3 nites. Also a neice, husb and 2 girls spent a couple nites there. During all this time the roads were awful and the sleet kept coming daily so we had to stay put. Sister and husband in town 10 miles away had to go to a shelter, which was good for them as they are warm and being fed well. We have National Guard in the area, helping cut trees from the streets and roads. The highways are clear but all back roads and streets are ice covered. And I mean ICE, I was cutting footsteps in the ice to make it safer for us to get from back door to the pasture and it is about 2 inches thick. To walk across the pasture to the barn is like walking on a frozen pond. Lucky the critters can stay in the barn most of the time.

Our trees are decimated. Thank God we had a tree trimmer out this fall and he trimmed several trees and topped 2 big ones. But everything else has been topped now and they look bad. Sat. nite we stood out in front of the garage and just listened to the timber fall. We have about 10 acres of timber and we could hear a tree top falling every few seconds. Of course not just ours but all around us, as the sound traveled. Sounded like a war zone might sound. Last evening there was still some falling. The ice is still there as it has been cold and now we are to get a snow fall this weekend. I just hope some of the ice gets melted off before that. We are to get temps in the high 30's the next couple days. So that is all the news, all weather. I am at the store and had to clean the little refrig where the little freezer defrosted, but that was minor. I had heat here as I have a little gas heater for heat.

I will try to load a picture, it will just show a small amount of what we have as it was taken before the last day of sleet. WELL SO MUCH FOR THIS STUPID UPDATE OF BLOGGER. I TRIED TWICE AND CANNOT UPLOAD PICTURES AGAIN. WHAT IS WITH THIS.??
I loaded a picture the other day. Now I can't. GRRRRRRRRRR.....

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Going to give this picture posting another chance. So here goes.

OH, MY GOD. It really uploaded a picture!! I can't believe it. This is a pic of our driveway last summer when all was green.

Well now I am excited. I have sure missed posting pictures. A post just isn't the same without a picture to go with it. Thank you Blogger for fixing this thingy. dc

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Just finished a good book recently and now it is a movie. How cool is that? I really enjoyed the book. It was a futuristic book about what the world would be like if no more babies were born. The setting is when the last children are 25 and the world moral is really bad. It has a great ending. Now I have to see the movie. The Children of Men.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

OK maybe Dell is not so bad

Got the replacement tower from Dell for the malfunctioning New computer that was ordered for little brother. Got it hooked up and on line and seems to be running OK. Yea!!

Gotta grip about a dumb neighbor. Across the road from us is a guy who is single at the moment, but that has nothing to do with this dumbness, well on second thought maybe it does.
Anyway he is in construction and has 5 acres that he tries to raise goats on. They are no trouble to us, sort of fun to watch the babies. Well in his infinite wisdom Mr. Neighbor got a cute Pyrenees pup, I say pup, but he is already big. Anyway he brings the dog home and just puts it out in the pasture with the goats, like it is supposed to bond with the goats and know what its purpose is. It is my understanding that you do raise these pups with the herd of goats or sheep, and they bond with the herd and will stay in the pasture to protect them as they feel they are their family. But I think you do this in a barn to start with. Well this poor pup doesn't know all that yet. I woke up at midnight hearing him howling, then this morning watched him go under the fence and head up the road. I didn't care if it was 7 AM on a Sat. Mr. Neighbor got a phone call to go fetch his pup before he got run over. Duh!! I just found this web site about these dogs. Really interesting.

Borrowed From Chopra

The divine plan is life itself. It includes all creatures in their proper place. The proper place for humans is first, in eternity and second, here on earth. Death, like the pause between two breaths, is how you cross from one home to the other

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Love, Your Mama

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I sure miss being able to post pictures here. Have tried several things and nothing seems to help. So will wait awhile and see if the problem resolves. Tomorrow is a birthday for someone special to my heart. So if you want to click on Cindy at the right and wish her a happy birthday that would be cool.
I got to bring in the new year with 3 teenage grand daughters. That was fun. Man those girls can snore!!! They are city girls raised in the country, so gathering eggs and petting the horse and donkeys was a treat to them. We made homemade turkey noodle soup and cornbread for supper Sun. then on Mon AM made sausage and eggs, {hand picked by the girls} and crepes,{I think I am spelling that wrong, but you know those little thin pancakes} with homemade peach jam. Then we made a big pot of chili with elk hamburger. They were game to try anything. Ha Ha, guess they trusts their grandma to not poison them. We came into the store so they could gather up some more books to "borrow" and use the computer. The oldest one is getting ready to graduate from high school this spring and making college plans. Boy seems like yesterday she was still in diapers. How did I get to have grand daughters this old?
Had a good day with the store yesterday so now that holidays are over maybe things will pick up and I won't have to go out and get a REAL job. I SO don't want to do that. I love my little store, it is my home away from home. I am excited everyday to come into "work". I am trying to get that word out of my vocabulary because it is not work. At least I don't think so.
I hope this will be a great year for everyone, I have very good feelings about it. Well I think I need to make a little coffee. Cheers!!