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Sunday, July 31, 2005

book store

OOPS, guess I forgot to mention that I already had a building in mind for the bookstore. And before I forget I think I have decided on the name, Meg you sort of put the thought in my head when you suggested Red Again. I felt that was to vague, concidering the area I will be in. So I am going with Read Again Books. I like the feel of that and you can pronounce it either way.
So about the building, it has old history, was the main bar in town for many years, has been used for other buisnesses {is that spelled right?} after the bar moved to another location. My sister and her husband bought the newer bar a few years ago and I guess this older building went with it. It has been used for storage and at present a Mission is using it to store some furniture and cloths in . It is located right on the highway thru town and very close to the main street. I have a brother who will help me with some renovations, nothing real major.It has a small kitchen and 2 bathrooms.May get rid on one to better utilize the room. So I have plenty of time to work on it as I won't be able to actually open it for 2 to 3 years. But can work on it when I am back there.Sort of a pay as I go, so when I open I won't have any expence except utilities and taxes. Want to make it bright and cheery, maybe put planter boxes along the front. Have to take out some of the windows, too many, as I need wall space not windows. Will put on new siding next year and maybe paint it a pretty shade of yellow. The new roofing will get done this year and it will be brown to match the building next door on one side. The building on the other side that faces the main street is a big rock building, was maybe a general store at one time, and is now an antique shop. Main street has a bank, small resturant, meuseum,fire dept,city hall and a couple other little shops and a vidio store. Small town. Has one no stoplights. Must have 30 churches though...
So I am talking small town. The little farm that we bought back last fall is just 3 miles out of town. I am really excited about this plan. It will be my semi-retirement. Now if I got the picture loaded, OK, you have to use your imagination to see it with new roof, yellow siding, flowerboxes full of geraniums, and only one set of windows, Prob. on the right. OK I have put my vision out there. They say don't share your dreams with anyone not supportive and I have found that to be true, so I am taking a chance. Hope you will see the potential that I see. Thanks for listening dc

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday morning

Sitting in my farorite frayed cut off jeans, with paint spots on them, thin green tee shirt, says Martinque 79 on it, {never been there}, listening to O Brother where Art Thou, esp. like Alison Krauss singing "Down to the River to Pray" Had to get up early and go to work for 2 hrs. Came back and had coffee and paper on porch with hubby then went to bed a couple hrs. So feel like I just got, Well guess I did. ha ha Mailed offer out to sis for the building for my book store. So that is a very positive thing. I will post a picture of it later.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Funny sayings

A little saying popped into my head today that I had not thought of for years. Have you ever heard this. When someone says "what for" with a southern slang sounds like "what fur" Then you reply "cat fur, cat fur to make kitten britches" I guess my mother used to say that when I was a kid when she would tell us to do something and we would whine "what fur?". Does anyone else have some silly family saying? Would like to hear them. Sometimes its good to think of these old silly things.

Monday, July 25, 2005

So excited

I met a gal at the workshop I went to on Sat. and in talking with her I shared that I was going to open a used bookstore in a couple years. She has been sorting out books to get rid of and offered me a deal at 30$ to come get them,ALL. We went today and picked up 15 boxes of books plus 2 boxes containing 90 audio tapes of good books. I can't believe it. Another gal at work who lost her husb this summer said she has alot of books she wants to give me. Her husb was an avid reader and she doesn't know what to do with them.I know I will have to do come culling when you get them like this, but what the heck. Well bring them on. I will have my 6,000 books to start the store before I am ready. Lucky we have an extra room we don't use. Hey I am open to name suggestions. I am leaning toward Twice Loved Books. What do you think. I want it short but to tell people that they are used books. So thats my story for today. What a deal huh?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bird Houses

The one on the right is my creation. Notice the piece of a license plate that says "The Silver State"

Baby's breath

Plant is huge this year and tiny blooms are just starting to open. This is the plant that is used in vases with roses alot.

Cone Flower

Sat. fun

Went to another ladies tool party this AM. Learned how to lay tile. And not the peel and stick kind either. What fun. I loved it and plan to use my new found skills on our Mo. house and put up a new back splash over the kitchen sink. We did a 2X3 board with different shapes and colors of tile, from her scrap pile. We all got to cut alot of pieces, so we could get a hands on with the tile cutter. We were using the simple manual cutter and it was pretty easy. Then laid the tile, waited for it to dry then did the grout and wash. We were pretty impressed with the results. I am mad that I didn't take the camera. Darn.I think I will find an old coffee table and give it a try with small tiles. Next time we are going to learn how to replace window screens. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these or find out if there is a representative in your area, do go. It is fun. Try going to
Went out in the heat this afternoon to Costco and loaded up on fruit and vegies. Seems we eat a ton of salad, at least I do. twice a day, Got large cont. of blueberries, and watermellon. The mellons have been pretty good, this year. Our poor peach tree is about dragging to the ground even with our props. Got to get the net over it before any start to ripen so the birds don't ruin them.
AC got his lab back today, and we were thrilled his cholesterol is down 51 points!! been taking red rice yeast capsuls for 3 mo. Guess it did make a difference. He is at 185 now. Very exceptable. I hover just over 200 but my good chol. the HDL is very high so I am pleased with that. Well bye for now. Hope all is having a good weekend. dc

Friday, July 22, 2005


This sort of goes along with my serindipity feelings about things.
the word means:coincidental events that happen simultaneously. Then you wonder how these little things can be related. I have had two this week. Tue. I mentioned to AC that "well tomorrow is hump day" He laughed and said not many people said that anymore. Haven't heard it in along time. Well in Wed paper was a joke Frank and Ernest, if anyone reads the jokes. And they were feeding camels in a zoo and Frank says, "It's wed. again, time to wash the camels", and Ernest say. "I hate "hump"day".
Then today I posted the silly picture of the guy with the multi tasking. And then I was reading "Views From the Back Row" and he mentioned he was having to multi task that day. Coincidence? Hmmm. I wonder what kind of multi tasking? ha ha

Does anyone else see these little synchronicities in their lives, if so it might be fun to jot them down and keep track. I think it happens all the time and we ignore it. Take care and try to keep cool Love dc

old man

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The heat is making everyone Crazy!

Yesterday, a secretary to the Warden at work was murdered by her boyfriend, Apparently he has been stalking her for a few weeks, and she had a restraining order on him. He was a correctional officer for 20 years and was fired about 5 years ago. He busted into her home about 7 in the morning and shot about 30 rounds into the house and her, then killed himself. The stinking coward!! She was a 40 year old mother of 2 little girls. What a crying shame.
Also this week a good friend at work got bared from coming on the prison property for inappropriate behavior with an inmate, It has been going on for along time, nothing real concrete just to much interest in his health and care, I mean on a daily basis. He also clerks for her AAA class that she teaches for the inmates. She is 60 and a very good nurse, Just makes me sick that she could not see that she was being compromised. How do you go home and explain that to your husband. She hasn't been fired yet but investigation is on. We are always so short staffed, we can't afford to loose another nurse.
Well maybe it will cool off and people will get back to normal, what ever that is. dc


Sunday, July 17, 2005

My big cactus

If you want to know about it check out my other blog site. dc

Hurricane Emily

Hum, who do I know with that name? Ever think you would have a hurricane named after you. Had the whole week end off, but sooooo hot, over 100 with that hot wind blowing, can't get out and do much. Went to the gym early and a little shopping and then home. Did an elk roast today in the crock pot. Let it cook all day with a package of french onion soup mix dumped on top. Came out real tender and very tasty. Meg I told you I was a simple cook. Meat, salad and vegetable. Thats it. Occ. bread and less occ. dessert. Poor AC. He is wasting away, since he has been going to the gym with me he is down to a 31 in. waist from 33.
Some of you may not know we are dealing with his sister's husband who has alzheimers. He is 82, a retired Airforce Col. who flew planes for a living. Over the last couple years we have watched him loose most of himself. His wife Betty, has been the typical military wife, but has always allowed him to run everything. Well guess who has had to learn how to run things? She leans heavily on AC, which makes it hard on him, as he has to manage two yards, plus all the daily problems with things, and taking them to appointments. Up till recently he even had been vacuming her house weekly. She has now started getting private help in to stay so she can get out to hair apt. and occ to shop. And a bath aid to help with those chores. But she is dealing with alot, loosing her husband an inch at a time, He pees in the waste basket, runs into things, and occ gets ugly with her, thinking she is stealing his money. Well I didn't know this was where this was going when I started to write. We are more worried about Betty than her husb. As the 24 hr caregive and she is 80 and works all day, she is burning herself out. But she is one that will have "But she kept a clean house" on her head stone.
We got our little boat registered and the trailer licensed recently, but no desire to take it out till it cools some. Most of the lakes very close are just out in the open desert so would be pretty hot. I have a little umbrella I can attach to the seat when we go. Well it is almost 7pm and still 100 degrees. bye for now. dc

Thursday, July 14, 2005


My new shoes. cool huh?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New dream

I think this is the place I can share a new dream.
As you know I plan to retire from the state in a little over 3 years and move back to the midwest. Already have a home there waiting.
Also remember I believe in serindipity right?
A couple mo. ago I sauntered across the street from my gym to a used book store, the guy was just opening up and as I walked in with him, I looked around and made the comment "Boy this is what I would like to do when I retire" He said "where do you want it?" He has several franchise stores in the west. Well anyway we got to talking and I have been back to talk some more. I think that is what I want to do when I leave here. I have all these ideas going around in my head now. I don't want a franchise, no sense in paying him for my hard work. But we did work it out that for a price he would teach me everything I need to know to open and run the store and provide me with 6000 books to start up. So I will know this fall when I see the building that is available to be to buy and see how much it will take to fix it up and make a nice clean used book store. Meg or anyone who goes to used book stores give me some feedback on how they operate. He uses the system here where you buy a book at 1/2 of the cover price, then if you trade a book in you only pay 1/4th. He uses the computer to track the extra books for credit that people bring in. He only deals in paper backs.So you always have inventory coming in. In fact he donates the hard back books to the library all the time. Uses the excess paper backs to set up the next franchise But I am thinking there should be a good system to do hard backs too. so there you are my new dream. Would love some feedback. Thanks DC

Monday, July 11, 2005

Same cloud

Same cloud later in the evening.

Nv. clouds

wanted to share these clouds taken from my front porch Sun. We get alot of strange cloud formations here in this valley. Many times they are smooth flying saucer shapes and when the sun shines on them, they are different colors from pink to gray and blue. I love to look at the clouds. dc

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yes, you can OD on estrogen!!

Just a report on my ongoing hormone problems. I had written a couple mo. ago about ongoing problems with hot flashes and lack of sleep. Went to a different gyn dr. this time a female. She put me on bio-identical estrogen with the same dose I was on orally. These were patches she wanted to to use. Thought that I was not obsorbing the oral. I had also had the troublesome problem of PVC's that the cardiologist had assured me we not a problem. Yea, try to convince a nurse that every 3rd beat of her heart that sounds like a fish flopping is normal... Anyway the gyn dr. thought I was sleep deprived and to see how things went. Well in 24 hr. no more hot flashes, sleeping like a baby and within a week I suddenly noticed that the PVC"s were nearly gone. What a wonderful doctor!!! But..... a couple weeks later I noticed that I was having some side effects. Like my breasts were very sore, like nipple erectile dysfunction, that hurts. Also I was very cranky, not my cheery self, I just wanted to murder anyone who crossed me, And I was watching my diet at this time and should have lost a few pounds, but no... my rings were to tight and the scale was not going to budge, BUT< the worse was my hair was falling out. Not just shedding, really raining down my back when I combed it. Well I got an apt. with the dr. a week earlier than was orig scheduled. I told her the good news, no flashes, sleep good, PVC's gone, Bad news was the side effects I mentioned.
She laughed and said No they were the good news too. Just ment she was right and I needed the med dermally, but that it was way to much. duh, I kinda thought so. So I started cutting the patch in half, hey that saves alot of money right. Also added progesterone cream twice a day. After a week or so and no hot flashes, I cut them in half again. Have this tiny patch about the size of your thumb nail now, and so far so good. I feel so much better. Glad I didn't kill anyone, still sleeping well, and the hair fall out is much less. Hope it all grows back in. So I hope I have found the solution. I am a firm believer that you have to go after the answers yourself. Your body knows what it needs if we can just listen to it and figure it out. At a later time I will tell the story about my trip to Mayo Clinic back about 15 years ago.. dc

Monday, July 04, 2005


Hey did you forget your draft on the interview questions I sent last week? Must be the grandma thing kicking in!!!! Oh and BTW I found all the lost files today for my Outlook express. I was copying something to e-mail to someone and a screen popped up that asked if I wanted OutLook Express to be my e-mail thingy, I clicked yes and there is all was. I was so thankful. I deleted Incredimail last nite and the outlook express that came up was like a brand new set up so I had thought it was still lost. Live and Learn. I have another story to tell but think I will put it on the other site, then try to paste it here. ha ha. dc

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Half was successful with copy/paste. LOL

You scored as Cat.

what wild animal suits you
created with

Super Size Me

Has anyone seen the movie documentary by this name? I saw part of it a few mo. ago but tonite it was on so I watched the whole thing. If you haven't seen it, you need to. This guy that was very healthy went on a strict McDonalds diet for 30 days. He about wasted his liver. Went from normal labs to very elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Also developed inflamation of liver, some kidney values were off. Oh, did I mention he gained 28 pounds!! He had headaches, mood swings, decrease sex drive and in general felt lousy, but did feel better when he ate more, at least for a short time. My God it is amazing how we except eating fast food as a normal OK thing to do. Of course it is all big corporate business and all about money isn't it? And we get fatter and sicker every year. Statistics say that in a few more years one out of two children will become diabetic in their lifetime. I think this is just mind boggling.!!!

Well enough on this subject, what do you think? Oh, I just noticed that the new blogger format has spell check... yea. Now if I can remember to use it. Sorry if this is a downer subject for celebrating the 4th. But you can bet I won't be going to Mc Donalds!! dc

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy 4th of July

Yucca blooming, flag waving, clear blue skys. What a beautiful day. Give thanks that we live here in the USA.

re: Sunday Book Club

A couple thoughts, since I was picked to choose the first book, How about we have people leave some comments here on this site for me. First maybe look thru and give me names and authors of books read in the last couple mo. Would be fun to just see what commonalities we have. Bet there will be many. Second maybe to start with I will pick one that maybe we have all read and we can have a discussion on it. Then we can pick one book a mo. to read and chat about. Maybe take turns recommending books then taking a vote or something to pick it. But feel free to post opinions of any book that has been good, bad, funny, stimulating or what ever. Any other ideas please feel free to jump in. Will be fun to see how this site goes. I will list my books under the comments also. dc

Friday, July 01, 2005

My hummingbird moth

Isn't he beautiful. Finally caught one asleep on the side of the garage under the security light. They are to fast to catch a very good look at them at the flowers. I am sure some will think he is creepy, but I think it is a thing of beauty. dc

I need help

Someone really smart on computers please help me. I had Outlook Express for my e-mails and had all my little folders that I transfered letters and pictures from family and friends to keep. Oops, I had not transfered for awhile to a secure disc. First mistake. Anyway I wanted to play around with Incredimail again, as it is fun to decorate e-mails with all the silly stuff. It opened up with a clean slate and I set up folders, thinking my other stuff was still in Outlook Express. Silly ME. I went to OE this morning and nothing, nada, nix. Empty!!! Where did it go? Is it still in my computer somewhere and if so can I retrieve it and put it in Incredimail? Guess that is the risk of keeping stuff to long in folders and not backing up. Live and learn. If anyone can offer any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks. dc HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!