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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where did my tax refund go??

Lowes got alot of my income tax refund yesterday!! New bath tub, some purty tile for the walls, and accessories to go with the new wall, corner shelves and towel rod to be worked in with the tile and new faucet fixtures and a new hand held shower. Got a pretty tile that is sort of sand colored with little darker flecks and swirls, and the grout is a sand colored. (figured the soap scum wouldn't show up as bad)
When we get that all done will start on a new vanity and sink, not sure if we will continue the same tile for the counter or get a pre-made top. THEN after all that I hope to move on to the kitchen and do the counter with a new sink and faucets.
So there is my project list for this spring. I hope my carpenter will be speedier than when he did the breezeway. But he did an awesome job connecting the house to the garage with this big roof. Hubby says we should put a cross on top and hold services under there!!

Bro. came out yesterday and cut a nice hole in the closet floor and framed in a good access for working under the house. The previous access was this small opening from the outside that would only let a fairly small man to get thru there. You notice I said "man" I'm not going under there!!

Bro. and I are conspiring to do our own renovation while hubby is away in March. You know when the cat is away the mice will play. Going to move all the bedroom stuff out. So I can tear off all the wall paper and rip up the old carpet. Will have to put down new plywood flooring then I want to look at the new carpet squares for a do it yourself project. Anyone had any experience with them? Looks cool. Not the old peel and stick that they used to sell. Then I can take the old closet "shag" carpet out and continue the new stuff thru there. Oh, and hubby really doesn't care. He likes to let me do pretty much what I want with the house, just don't move his stuff around in the garage to much!!! Last time he was gone I sort of cleaned the garage and he claims he can't find stuff. Well just because you aren't tripping over it doesn't mean its not there somewhere.

Spring is on the way. I am ready to get out and dig in the dirt!!

Two fish swam into a concrete wall. The one turns to the other and says "Dam!"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aquarius, yes, thats me!!

AquariusJanuary 20 - February 18
There is no question about it, dear Aquarius, you have been working hard these last few weeks. As an approaching deadline looms, you may find yourself waking up at night, running numbers through your head and mentally rewriting project proposals. It's exhausting, to be sure, but know that the end result will make all this aggravation worthwhile.

Well since I just had my taxes done this week, I think this fits very well. Looks like I might be able to go ahead with remodeling my bathroom!!

Have a great weekend. Dark and stormy here today.

Friday, February 23, 2007

SOLD, to the lady in the front row!

I just made my first E-Bay sale!! I listed it one week ago and the auction closed yesterday afternoon. I had put a min. bid of $1.00 on it, and on the second day I got a bid to cover my min. I thought "hey this is OK" No more bids till about 2 min. before my time closed and I got 6 bids and sold it for $3.28 plus the $3.12 for shipping and handling. Of course E-Bay will take a small cut of that but I was excited. Now I see my act. has been paid so will get the book wrapped up and kiss it good-by.

Well gotta run. Have a couple books I want to get listed today!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is the Book Lady reading?

I finished 2 books yesterday. Woman on the Edge of Time was very interesting. Didn't end very clear so was a little disappointed in it. Then I finished A Dean Koontz book, The Face of Fear. A good read, not like his other books I have read, It was more like a real mystery with the bad guys chasing the good guys and you know who wins in the end, right? Still reading a Sara Davidson romance, Cowboy. It is my treadmill read for now. A silly romance that isn't bad.
Getting ready to start a Nicholas Evans book. I am sure I won't be disappointed as he is such a great writer. This one is The Divide. I still want to read The Horse Whisperer, I was told that the movie ended much different than the book, so have to read it and see. I caught the tail end of the movie on TV the other night. Oh, that Redford!!

My sister is trying to get me into quilting, I think I would like it and have done a little of it in the past. I could set up a table here in the store and sew between customers, but then how would I read all these books? But I would feel more productive if I did something other than read. So I am thinking I will give it a go. I have been collecting denim pieces for along time as I think I would like a quilt of denim with the seams on the outside all frayed. I saw one in Park City Utah one time that was just awesome. They had stitched pieces of jeans onto some of the blocks, like a belt loop, or pocket.

The weather is teasing us with a little warm up. So glad, as I am anxious to get out in the flower beds and sunshine. But keep the wood box full as it will get cold again I am sure.

Oh, one more thing, I sell my first book on e-bay today. I was surprised I got a bid on it right away. I am getting my feet wet in this areana. Have been ordering books for folks who don't want to do it themselves and I charge a small fee for handling that. It has been working pretty well. I think I have ordered 7 books in the last couple weeks. It is fun to help them find what they want if I don't have it. So I have been taking pictures of books this week so I can post a couple more on e-bay. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I need a favor!!

I need a favor!!

My neighbor has a puppy he's giving away (FREE!).
It's a Dachshund, it's house broken, and it's great with kids.

He's giving it away because his wife says the dog 'stares' at her when she is undressing ,

and that gives her the 'Heebie Jeebies'. I think she is just weird !

If you're interested, or know someone who is, let me know.

Here's a picture of the dog.

Please see the nice doggie below.
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Friday, February 16, 2007

My Prison Experience

A fellow blogger asked me to do a post about my experience in prison. Gotcha!!
Actually I am an RN and worked at a mens prison in Nv. for 7 years. It was definately the highlight of my 33 years of nursing. I worked OB most of the time, during the first10 to 15 years. I had my first experience with inmates while I worked at a Nv. hosp back about 1985. At that time the local prison had female inmates and when they would have a pregnant inmate they would deliver at our facility. Yes they did shackle them to the labor bed and the delivery table and an officer was placed outside the door. I remember thinking this was rather barbaric, where were they going when they were trying to push a baby out! But having worked on the "other side of the fence" so to speak, no literally, I can see the necessity. There has to be standards. I know now that inmates are classified with numbers that indicate their risk for violence, or an excape risk. This no. will indicate the level of security required. But to my knowledge when they are off the prison yard there is still a pretty high level for all.
Years later when I worked at the prison we did not have women there, but there was a period of time that we housed about 50 or so at one unit, temporarily. Well ended up being over a year. Since I was the "yard nurse". It fell to me to make rounds daily to that unit and answer complaints, do nursing assessments, and order treatment and care that I was allowed. Mostly all they wanted was laxatives and hormones. When they complained about pimples, I had to blow them off. Their presence took up about 2 hrs. of my time daily out of 8 hrs. that had already been very busy, doing sick call to the lock down units of a couple hundred men and the work camp that joined the main prison. I was so glad to see them all transfered elsewhere. Oh, I forgot after I did it for about 6 mo. they assigned a nurse to handle just the women, 8 hrs a day!! Well I didn't begrudge her the job. Women are the worse, whiney complaining critters.
I got to use my OB experience once with a gal who claimed to have her water break and no labor, so since I had experience they sent her to the clinic for me to see and examine. No one else there, even the dr. didn't know how to examine a laboring patient. Well she was really in labor with ruptured membranes and gross leakage, so it was a no brainer. BUT, See this is how one could plan an excape if not monitored, claim water broke, no labor, but would need to be sent to hosp, and maybe have a boyfriend waiting in the hall to wisk her off to a car and gone. So these are reasons that there has to be security measures.

Some of the women were in for crimes of violence, but a huge number of them were for drug related offenses, 1. theft to support habit 2. selling drugs 3. buying drugs 4. prostitution to earn money. Even in a state with legal prostitution, you can't just work on your own. Alot of the time the women are there because of bad boyfriends or husbands. The guys are the drug dealers and the women get sucked in and when arrests are made they go down with the guys. Did you know that if a member of your family is dealing illigal drugs out of your home, you stand to be arrested and jailed even if you didn't actually buy or sell. I am pretty sure I am right about that. Someone correct me if not.

Well long story, but that is my experience with women inmates. Now I will have to do another post or 2 about the men. They are a long story, or many stories. I rather enjoyed taking care of them, and never felt threatened,{well there was that one guy} I had something they wanted, medical care, which means medication!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting

Happy Valentines Day to all,

I enjoyed my day off Monday, even though it was cold and rainy all day. At least we could be thankful that the rain was not freezing to ice. I headed out early and went to Ar. to spend the day with my favorite daughter and go book hunting. Both ventures were very successful! We had a good time even though she was coming straight off of working 12 hrs. Don't know how she does it. Guess at her age I was doing the same kind of thing. Glad I don't do that any more.
I came home with about 100 books to add to the store, so that was good.

Business is good some days and not so good others, but guess that's the way it goes. I still keep busy. Have opened an act. with Amazon and with E-Bay. Have several books listed on Amazon now and will get my feet wet with the other this week. I watched a set of 103 Louis L'Amour hardback leatherette books sell for over 400$ And another set of 109 books for over 500$. I have over 80 of them, I thought I would get them listed as soon as I am sure I know what I am doing. I don't usually deal in hardback books, but bought these up on a good deal from a young man wanting to unload them. And I have started ordering books from Amazon for customers and adding a couple dollars fee on for the service. Shoot I even got a box of candy bars and put on the counter to sell. Oh, and I got one of the real estate plastic boxes for flyers and put out by the front door and made up new flyers to keep in it.

Well best get back to the tax stuff. Wish me luck. dc

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just a reminder of summer:My Moon flowers

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Bang head, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Do you ever feel that life is just alot of repetition? Last nite as I got into bed, as I had the dog move off the bed onto her own doggy bed, then snuggled down to put my feet in the nice warm spot that she left, I thought to myself that these little rituals repeat themselves over and over. It just seemed like I just did that same act a few minutes ago. Maybe its getting older that makes you aware of this. I don't remember thinking about this when I was young. Maybe our lives settle into to much routine as we get older. Guess that's it.

Maybe that is why my hubby always get excited and starts planning weeks ahead of time when he is planning a hunting trip or just a trip like the one coming up next month, to drive back to Nv. to help his sister get ready to move. Again!. Yes, if I hadn't mentioned it she is moving back here again. I sure hope it will work out for her this time as we just can't keep doing this. I am almost ashamed to say that it has been nice to have her so far away since last July. She does take up alot of my hubby's time and energy. But he has developed alot of patience with her the last couple years, that I sort of admire.

Well those are my thoughts for this Sat. See here it is Sat already, didn't we just do this already??

Friday, February 09, 2007

Listen Up

You only need two tools: WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whats in your Car?

After this incident with the female astronaut, I got to thinking, Whats in Your Car or Trunk?
If, God forbid you got arrested, what do you haul around in your vehicle that could look incriminating? You know innocent things like duct tape and a rope would look pretty bad. I do carry a small hunting knife in my console, along with some old aspirin, pill bottle full of quarters, plus who know what all else. You know you are never innocent till proven guilty anymore. Well at least I don't carry any pampers.

Donkey update, Our old girl with the sore feet is doing better. Still hurts me to watch her walk. But she goes out into the pasture every day, and the ground is softer now. The farrier came and checked her out and trimmed a little on the hooves, but thinks she just had sore "frogs". That is the part just under the front of the hoof that takes alot of pressure right up into the foot and leg bones. So we are just waiting and will see if she will heal up on her own. They were funny to watch them when it was so sunny in the afternoon, all four of them, the horse and 3 donkeys all flaked out in the pasture like they had all been shot, soaking up the sunshine. All were laying close to each other. We are thinking of selling the horse. He is just to expensive to feed to have him for just a pet. It was an emotional spur of the moment thing to buy him. He is such a sweetheart. I should try to post the video of him rooting hubby's pocket for horse treats.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Me about 23 years old

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

By Golly I believe I have it! Man I am a slow learner, but this picture was taken on day 2 or 3 days of freezing sleet in Jan. There was a short break between storms. So glad it is all melted and gone. My critters say thanks too. Caught them all in the pasture yesterday and it looked like they had all been shot. Everyone was laying out flat soaking up the sunshine.

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Reba, Reba

Anyone watch Reba's sitcom? I never saw it when it ran originally, but have gotten hooked on watching all the re-runs now and hate to miss it. I think she is great and sort of my role model. Wish I had her wit and sarcasm. Well maybe I do, but it never comes out when I want it, you know how you always think of the right thing to say about 2 in the morning?? For the most part, I find TV pretty worthless. I could live with out the 100+ channels. Heck you can't find anything to watch most of the time. I end up hitting the discovery channels to see whats on. Some times I think people carry on about alot of the shows just to be part of the crowd.

Well I can now post my pictures thru photobucket, just have to figure out how to have them be a part of my post and not separate like this last pic. of Flossy.
Oh, Flossy is learning to Hee Haw, I have heard her twice now. Her mommy has really sore feet from walking on all the ice and frozen snow, and I caught Flossy trying to coax her to come out in the field with her Sun. We were out trimming big tree limbs in their small pasture next to the house. What a mess. We will be all spring getting all the limbs hauled to where we can burn them. I wish my back would hold up and let me just stay out there all day. I love it. I am a great brush stacker!

Well the sun is shining today and it is nice and warm, like around 60 or more. I like that!!

Donkey love

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

Well, what is the book store lady reading today. At home I am reading a James Michener book. Journey: it is about the Gold fever of 1897 in Canada at the Klondike gold fields. Its about 4 English aristocrats and their journey across Canada to reach the gold fields. True to Michener's style it is a very vivid novel.

At the store I am reading a very different book. Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy, it caught my eye because it involves visitors from the future, 2137. The main character is a hispanic, very poor woman who has had the worse that life can heap on her and while in a mental institution she is mentally transported to this future world. She is actually very sane but caught up in this whole system of the mentally insane. Very interesting read.

Keep smiling and keep warm. dc

Friday, February 02, 2007

OK, I do believe I have it!

I deleted the huge picture and figured out how to make it the right size, Yea, for me. Cold, cold, cold today. But sun is shining and I survived the big birthday, so life is good.

Been working hard on eating better, so that is my goal for my life now. I am avoiding all processed stuff and white stuff. Eating whole grains, fruits and veggies. Breakfast is a small bowel of Old fashioned oats,(looks like horse oats) with 2 tlb ground flax and 6 olmonds, ground also, with soy milk and equal. That has become my staple to start the day. I should add some fruit yet I believe. Will try adding some frozen blueberries or strawberries. I am trying to eat every 3 to 4 hours. so I make either a protein shake and put in my thermal cup, or scramble 3 egg whites with 2 yolk, and that is my snack for late morning, then a salad with tuna or left over meat about 1pm. Then veggie, salad, and grilled meat for supper. I throw in a yogurt somewhere in afternoon or evening. Been drinking lots more water and less coffee, and cut the ice tea, Have at least one cup of green tea. So it looks like I am eating all the time, I don't get hungry. And I feel good about it. Hubby informed me we are eating out tonite, so I will just have the chicken salad, and a cup of yogurt when I get home with a hot cup of green tea. Also been faithful on the treadmill every morning, or at least 5 times a week.

So that is my anti-aging battle plan. At this stage I am more worried about my health. I have tried other eating plans over the years to try to lose a few pounds but this feels right to me and a better way to eat. It is not called a diet. Just a better way to eat healthy. I took alot of my plan from Bob Green's book. He is the diet guy on Oprah. It is just being more sensible on choices.

Well have a great weekend and keep warm where ever you are. dc
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I just loaded a picture to photobucket and transfered it here. My it is so big. But it transfered. Got to figure out how to make it smaller huh? So bear with me.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


For My Loving Wife

"True love is found not in words, but in feelings"

I want to take this chance
on your birthday to thank you
for all the happiness
you bring to my life...
for the contentment I feel
simply having you near me...
for your kindness
and thoughtfulness
that never let me forget
that you love me...
and for the unending love
and support you give me
that fill my life with meaning
and are a constant reminder
of how lucky I am to have you
every day of the year.

Happy Birthday

Now Just how sweet is this? I can always count on a beautiful card from my hubby. He comes from the generation of men that find it hard to express how they feel sometimes, so his cards always express how he feels in his heart even though he may not say alot of things out loud. We always know when we are loved. :)