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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The little girl with the Radiant Orchid bed

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They call it being innovative now

I was painting the inside of the back door of the store this morning and had a little flash back. You see I was painting this pretty lavender. Radiant Orchid to be exact. When my daughter was about 4 we had moved into a trailer that had 3 bedrooms. But they were very small bedrooms. So son and daughter each had a room that was only big enough for a single bed. There were dressers and closet built in. Well being creative that I am (clears throat), I went to a used,.... well heck it was a junk yard to be sure. I bought this old fashioned baby bed, all metal. The old gentleman on the farm where we were living helped me to lower the springs down to the lowest setting and get rid of the rails. Walla, a small single bed. I painted the bed Radiant Orchid, and did the dresser drawers in same color with a splash of pink if I remember correctly. She slept in this "baby bed" till she was to long for it, but it gave her a couple extra feet of floor space to play. Sons room got a similar treatment with a shade of green, but he was older and had a single bed.
Lets see the alarm clock story will have to be a later time.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Is anyone there?

I know the blog is just for me to blather on and on with my own thoughts to entertain myself, but since I get no comments from anyone any more I can't help but wonder if any one is out there. Gee if I thought no one was reading this I might just tell some really juicy stuff.

Getting our babies home this weekend so will be posting alot of donkey pictures I am sure. Business has been better this week, so glad of that. Have taken in alot of books on trade this week also.

Oh, and gas is down to 1.96$ now. Wow.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

TV, whats on?

After working evening shift for a couple years, I sort of got out of the habit of watching TV. Still don't like to just sit and watch it. But we got hooked on Dancing With The Stars and haven't missed any. And I started out with the first nite of a little Fri. nite sitcom. Men In Trees. It is a hoot and I don't want to miss any shows now. If you haven't watched it, I recommend it. City girl goes to Alaska. So thats my thought for today.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gas is 1.99$

Well aren't we just all happy now about the lower price of gas? Remember when it hit 2.00$ and we were outraged?? To be honest I didn't think it would come back down to this. Is this just the lull to tease us? Could it be connected to the elections? You think?

Business seems slow, but talked to another store owner in town and they said that everyone in town was feeling a slow time. So at least I felt better to know that maybe it wasn't just me. Think it will pick up with fall and then winter. Just hang in there is all I can do.

Capenter came back after 2 weeks vacation and is ready to finish up work on the farm. Yea, now maybe we can get going on the bathroom soon. He is so slow we are worried about how long we might be without a bathtub!! Slow but good.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Elvis lives at Branson

I will attach a picture of the new downtown area of Branson, called The Landing. Lots of new shops right on the lake with an ongoing water show set to music. No autos allowed, have to walk from a large parking lot at each end or catch a ride on a special open bus that drives up and down to help folks get about. Elvis was giving a free show. This was the skinney one! Had a great voice.

Had a great weekend in Branson. Enjoyed the show at Dixie Stampede. All the horses and flags and buffalo made for a great show just a few feet from our seat. Was a very nice get away. Won some free show tickets so will be going back in Oct for just a one nite. About 1 1/2 hr away so thats not bad. Bye for now.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

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Branson Get Away!!!

Headed out today for Branson. Looking forward for a weekend get-a-way. Be back Mon afternoon. Going to be staying at our timeshare in Branson and have tickets for Dolly Pardons Dixieland Stampede. Will be fun to just relax. Want to spend Sun browsing around downtown Branson. I saw in the paper where they had build a huge addition the last couple years, called The Landing. They have the biggest Bass Pro Shop there on the lake and lots of new shops and resturants and a light/water show. so am taking walking shoes and a couple bucks, just in case. Got bro. lined up to stay at our place for a couple nites to house sit and take care of the pooch. Sort of payback for the dog sitting I did for him last month. Still working on getting the computer back up to snuff. Can't find the disc for the printer so was in the process of downloading the program from HP and saw it was going to take to long to download to do it today, so canceled that for now. Will try again Tue, when I am back to work.
Did I say work? ha ha, I hardly feel like it is work, I just love having my own store and visiting with people. I really didn't think I would like that part that much. I am really not the gossipy kind. Hubby is more the one who know everyone and their kin and what they ate for dinner.

We were scrambling to get hay loaded Thurs pm. as the baler had trouble with his equip. and took forever to get the hay baled. Then it was trying to start raining. We got 2 loads into the barn with our little pickup and was waiting for the guy who was taking 1/2 of the hay to show up with a couple strong boys and a flatbed trailer. All of a sudden the neighbor gal and her friend were in the field picking up hay! What great neighbors we have. She has volunteered to go down and haul our horse and donkeys home for us next Sun. Well off to fun city. Everyone have a good weekend. dc

Thursday, September 21, 2006

MEET FLOSSY!!!!!!!!!

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My Malfunction!!

Well I got initiated big time, at least I think so. About 3 weeks ago I got a virus in my computer for the first time. With help from a "friend" we downloaded an anti-virus program and it seems OK. but there were functions I could not do, like post pictures on my blog and couldn't get a screen saver to go up and a couple other little things. So we tried to do a restore that would not destroy everything in my computer and it would not do it. So I down loaded everything I could think of to make back up info and we did the major restore. Well now it is like I have this new computer straight from the factory without any of my programs or info on it. Gradually I am getting things added to it. Need to do an update from Microsoft to get me back up to the stuff I had on it. I will be more careful in my surfing and now I have the anti virus on board. You know you don't think you need something till something happens. Well I am partially blonde. Will try to send some pictures tomorrow but need to load my camera software yet. Got pictures of my new baby, Flossy to show everyone who cares. She is adorable!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love at first site

Wow, what a weekend. Did the Fall Festival Sat. I think it was very successful. I gave out 95 1$ coupons plus I know I talked to some folks that didn't take a coupon for what ever reason. Even sold a few books, but that wasn't the main reason for being there. Had some family stop by and check things out. Husb did the cake walk and brought home a delicious cho. cake with cho. frosting that was like fudge. Yummy. Had a beautiful day for the event. oh, and I won a small vinyl window for 2$ that I put in the silent auction. Then Sun it rained cats and dogs. We got over 4 1/2 inches. Had the KC sis and her hubby come out for breakfast on their way back home. Helped hubby put up shelves in garage.

On Mon. went to LOOK at some burros that we saw advertized in the paper, about 1 hr. away. Well we fell in love. Of course we bought them. 2 Jennies, one named Jenny who has a 3 week old baby girl that we named Flossy, then the other one is also a daughter of Jenny, a 12 year old {who just happens to [maybe] be carrying a foal} we changed her name from Molly to Milly, as we have a dog named Molly and would be to confusing, esp for the dog as she is very tuned into her name. So we are so excited. While we were there hubby made good friends with one of the horses they had to sell. a 5 year old quarter horse, he is just a doll. Very gentle and he really liked my hubby. Well you guessed it, we now have a horse too. Well we won't have to mow the small pasture next to the house anymore. Having the hay field bailed again as soon as this next rain goes thru, so will be saving all of this cutting. Well got to go finish scraping donkey poo off my shoes!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Is Fall very far away?

I saw my first hedge apple on the road near my home this morning. There is a stretch of road that the trees over hang the road and meet in the middle. Sort of like driving under a canopy. But always hope that the big green hedge apples do not fall when you drive by. Also the walnuts fall pretty thick thru there, so that means the red squirrels are busy.

I like to go out early in the morning and just survey the kingdom. I saw the cutest thing yesterday morning. There was a fairly heavy fog in the valley and heavy dew on everything. This pretty little goldfinch was sipping dew off of the curved leaves of the little peach tree. He was standing on the top branch and he would reach down and scoop up the dew from each leaf around him.

Wish I could remember when you are supposed to stop feeding the humming birds. Anyone know? I know you need to stop or they will stay here to long and then not make it all the way to So. America or where ever it is they go. Someone told me recently that humming birds hitch rides on the geese that go south. I had never heard that and am not sure whether or not to believe it or not. Miss gullable here!!

Has anyone had to run the restore on their computer? Having trouble with my computer, Think I got a virus hit while I was blog surfing a couple weeks ago, Had someone help walk me thru installing an anti spy program and seemed to stop alot of the immediate problems, but still can't post pictures to my blog and can't get my desktop to put picture back up. I am trying to backup all my info onto discs, but having trouble figuring out how to download all the e-mail files I have created. Hate to take the chance of just loosing everything.

Had a wonderful surprise yesterday. My door opened with the little bell ringing to announce a customer. Standing there was a very good friend of mine from Nv. Actually she has been living in Arizona then Ca. the last 15 years, so I have only seen her on short visits when she would come to Nv. to see her son. She had been my boss at one time and my college instructor later on. What a treat!! They had been in Ia. for her husb. class reunion and are retired and traveling so planned this little town in their route.

Tomorrow I am closing the store for a day. Going to take the show on the road. There is a fall festival at a near by little town. So am setting up a booth and hand out coupons and info on the store. I might sell a few books but main goal is just to put my face and name out there so folks will know I am here. Well got to go work on my poster and start boxing up the books I want to take with me. Have a good weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WOW! 2.19$

Maybe they will start paying us to use up all the stored gas they have!!Gas hasn't been that low here for over a year. We are very glad, of course we don't have any travel plans and only live 3 miles from the store.

Do have a little weekend get away planned for the weekend of the 23rd. Going to spend a couple nites at our time share in Branson and take in a show. Got tickets to Dolly Pardon's Dixieland Stampede, for Sat nite and then will spend Sun. checking out the huge new development that we haven't seen yet. It is called The Landing. A huge Bass Pro Shop on the lake plus a lot of shops and resturants built up in the area with a light and water show in the evening. So will take walking shoes and plan to just relax and have a good time. Bro. will stay at the house for us those nites to keep the dog company. Thats his payback for me dog sitting with his dog while he was gone for a week. Only thing my dog isn't so cooperative. If he just goes out to let her out, she gets in her chair and just ignores him till he leaves. We hope that with him staying all nite and cooking dinner there she will relax and cooperate. Other wise I told her it will be the kennel for her next time. And I mean that, I really do, yes I really do.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

odds and ends

Wow, gas is down to 2.23$ in our fair little town. Remember when it went over 2.00$ and we had a fit. The highest it got here was 2.98$ I believe.

Trash on the roadway! Makes me so mad when I drive along and see all the cups and cans throwed out on the roads. Do people think the world is their trash can? I just want to get in someones face and make them take a mile section of the road and clean it up. We have a guy who makes his living or suppliments it by riding around on a bike with a trash sack and picks up cans along the roads. Good for him. I am tempted to tell him to check behind my store and I will start putting my cans in a box for him.

My carpenter is on vacation this week. Work has been slow on the breezeway, as he only works part of the day and some days has to take his mom to the Dr. I am excited about how it is shaping up. We tore down the old BBQ storage area and power washed the wall and deck. Love that new little electric power washer. We picked up the new ceiling fan and light for him to install next over the deck. Have decided to get a patio door for him to install where a dining room window looks out onto the deck. That will be so nice to have the extra door..

Getting my face out to the public. Planning to set up a table next Sat at the Fall Festival being held at a little neighboring town. I made up some dollor coupons to give out. Will set up a table with books and pamplets and a BIG sign to advertize the store. Looking forward to doing this. Business has been slow this past week. But the week before was my best week so far, so you just can't tell. I get to pay my first sales tax the end of this month.

Well thats it for my thoughts. Having trouble with my computer, it won't let me transfer pictures to my blog site to post. Darn I like to attach pictures and have several I want to share.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I seem to like to quote things that I read that seem to have a deep meaning to them. I am reading a book now by James Patterson. Not all of his books are mysterys. This one is called: Sam's Letters to Jennifer. A really good read. Anyway there is this quote in there.

"For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin--real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life."

Isn't this the real truth? We always are looking ahead to something else/more, and real life is the everyday stuff. So guess we need to slow down and smell the roses, don't take everything so serious. Another quote I like is "don't sweat the small stuff, everything is small stuff" Just my thoughts for today.