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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just Breath

Do you ever feel like things are happening so fast you can't catch your breath? That is sort of how I feel lately. As you know we are getting ready for me to retire from nursing and start a little business as a semi retirement till I actually get *old*. Last week we got several large pieces of furniture moved out to store at SIL's extra garage. So everything is upside down with packing stuff that is not needed, have to do some touch up painting, rearrange furniture, and clean house before next Tue. when we list our home for sale. Yikes, we are really doing this. Like we never moved before. Lets see in past 23 years of marriage, we have moved 8 times. Now this will make 9. Hubby is in Mo. setting up a deal on a home for his sister, as she is alone now and will be moving too, to be near us, but in town so she can maintain her independence for as long as she can. Sooooooooo maybe by spring we can have both homes sold and get out of Dodge, as they say.

As for my back, PT continues 2 times a week, think things are better. I actually drove about 50 miles today and no pain in the back of my rt leg. So something is helping. I just have to learn better skills in lifting and bending. Like moving is going to make that easy. hoot.\!!
Found a place today out of the way, like 15 miles from home, a thrift store, to buy good quality books for the store. Got 3 grocery bags crammed full for 10$. Must be close to 100 books. I had a time constrant and lack of bags or would have gotten more. So will be back there later in week and stock up some more. The gal at the book store calls me her apprentice, and she is helping me learn authors that I need to watch for, as there are some types of books that I don't read but are quite popular. Before I leave I will tell her about the thrift store I found.
Well it is about midnight and best get to bed. I have the cusdody of the dog this time, so she is alittle confused, not used to being left alone this much.

I notice everyone seems to have taken a little breather from posting with the holiday. I hope everyone has enjoyed their families and all the little kiddies had a great time. I foresee my next Christmas being very different that this year, for sure!!


Sindy said...

Man... to think I thought my life was chaotic, (well it really is) BUT Wow.. Major Stuff... I Love it.. This is going to be the most incredible 'Phase' of your life...AND it's just beginning!!!!!

I'm thrilled for you..(and for me too!!) Love you Toots. =}

Meg said...

8 times!! Hell, I've moved that many times in the last three years. ROFL!!!

I hope all your plans work out to meet your dreams and I'm so envious of the used book store. That has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I expect to see some posts from you in the Sunday Book club blog now. :)