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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Poopy Story!

Funny story for this week.

We have been having work done at the house we will be moving into in Nov. This fence Co. was there this week, and we have a nice wooden back yard fence now. A couple weeks ago we moved alot of wood chips from where the tree guys took out 2 trees and ground up the trunk down into the roots. We started a pile in the back yard where we want to have a garden. Well this week, hubby hauled 2 big tubs of horse (and donkey) manure from the barn and dumped it on the wood chips. Fri. morning he hauled 2 more tubs and noticed that the first 2 were missing. We thought DANG, who would steel our poop!!

Well we found out the fence guys needed more dirt to fill in around the tops of their concreted posts to make everything neat and flush and guess what they used?

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