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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can Do

Don't let someone tell you that you can't do something just because you are a female. I had 2 electronic items sitting that I thought were shot. Yesterday, I decided what the heck, they are going to get trashed anyway so I sat down and guess what. Both are fixed and work fine!
One was a VCR that we have packed around for several years with a movie stuck in it. Ended up buying a combo VCR/DVD unit that I like. Well I got the trusty screwdriver and opened the case up and got the mangled movie "Dances With Wolves" out and plugged it in, popped in an old movie I didn't care about and it worked just fine.
Second one was my printer/copier that I had for several years and a few months ago I put in a new ink cartridge (first time that I had one refilled by Walgreens for me) Thought I would save about 20$. Well I couldn't get it to stop printing test pages, then give me an error and do it again, over and over. Silly me, I just unplugged it and went out and got a nice new little HP printer/copier that is real cool, and it takes your camera chip and you can view your pictures on it or download to computer, only costs about 129$. Well I had an extra color cartridge for the old unit and decided what the heck I would change it too, and guess what. It printed the page to test and accepted it just fine. I didn't know that the color ink was out too, when I put in the new black one. I was blaming it on the black and figured it just was fowled up. So now I have an extra printer. Think I will take the new one home and put my old one back in the store for now.

I guess the moral of my long story is that sometimes we throw things out to quick and it sure can't hurt to tear in and try to fix them. (Just unplug them first)

Had tried to plan a little get away with hubby this last weekend, (Sun and Mon for me) And he blew it by saying he had to much to do, so I said well heck I guess I will show you and just stay home and clean house all day. Boy did I show him. Even shampooed some area rugs, filed 4 months of receipts, moved some furniture around. I was glad to come to work today!

Finally got our hay field cut (first cutting) at the farm. We had to cancel out with the neighbor who was getting it free but has had all summer to get it baled and haven't done it. You know sometimes enough is enough, you give and give and get kicked in the teeth, but that is a long story as it ties in with the gal that lived at the farm (she is friends with the neighbor) for 6 weeks and left us a mess with a break in and theft plus all the cleaning, mowing, and weeding we had to do to catch back up. Oh, did I mention that she cleaned out all my "stuff" from the house, you know towels, silver wear, cups, glasses, and such. I know it sounds petty when you think you are helping someone out, but I am so glad she is gone, oh, even left a garage can half full of beer cans. Anyway another older neighbor is baling it and we get firewood from him in exchange and the field will be clean. Maybe I will get a picture soon.

Boy I have really rambled on, Thought for the day: When somebody does you wrong, be actively angry with them. (from a little Be-Good-To-Yourself Therapy book.)

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