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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its Winter Time

Don'tcha just love this little guy? Sometimes I feel like that. His fur would be nice right now too. Makes me think of when the kids were little and on occasion fell asleep in the high chair.
Got down to 4 below last nite. SIL had one water line in bathroom freeze up. These houses are built on concrete slabs with lines run in the concrete. How does that work if the line freezes?? It is a little unusual for us to be quite that cold here.
No plans for Christmas, sending only a few cards, I have about quit sending cards, May do a Christmas letter to everyone and send out thru the good old internet. Hey I would rather have a newsy letter than a card with just a name on it. But that's just me. Bah Hum Bug.
We decided to sell our little "farm" truck. Decided it was silly to have 3 vehicles.
Someone was supposed to come look at it yesterday but didn't show up.
Going to do a time study on myself the next 3 working days. Want to be able to show the boss just what I do and see if we need to do some adjustments. The hours she has me working just don't seem to let me do the administrative stuff I need to do. Maybe we can compromise.
Thought for the day: Familiarity breeds contempt----and children----Mark Twain

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