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Monday, September 06, 2010

Back on line

A view from a corner of my book store. Love my little store!! Had 2 nice write ups in the local papers and got a call to do a stint on a talk radio station the end of the mo. Whoopy I am a star!

Broke down and got Internet service at the store. So 3 days a week I can play as long as I want on line again. I have my old e-mail address back from when I was on line here before. Seems funny. Got to do some work on the computer so I can find stuff again. Feel a little rusty. Happy Labor Day to all. Has cooled down some now, got alot of rain last week, well almost a flood. Over 6 inches in one day then another 1/2 inch the next day. Everything was getting crispy. Well short and sweet here. Be back soon.

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