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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Angel

Ok I need to quit with the silly joke stuff or no one will read my blog!  Besides I think I have 15 peeps so far!
Today I want to chat about that Angel on your shoulder!  You know what I mean, that little voice that tells you something if you will just listen to it.  Sometimes it feels like intuition but I feel it is something more.  I had a friend in the store yesterday and we were chatting away and the conversation came around to this subject and I was telling my thoughts on it.  I like to think of it as my "higher self" since were were made in God's imagine why wouldn't we have these kinds of insight or power if we would just listen for it.  Anyway  I have to digress to something so that this all ties together.
About 3 months ago I was driving along and something nudged me to think about a house. It was probably 20 years ago when I first noticed this house.  I could see this house in my minds eye, see how it set off the highway in a little low area, and had willow trees growing around it.  I remembered seeing the house being built and the trees small.  It was one of those add on jobs, as you could tell that rooms were built a little at a time and it has strange turrets and a second story was added.  Well for some reason it really bugged me that I couldn't remember where the heck this house was located.  I could see it but not where it was.  So I tried real hard to think of all the little towns I had driven thru in my area, and I had taken that trip to Iowa last fall and wondered if it was up there.  So had to let it rest as I couldn't remember.
Well yesterday after my conversation with this friend, I was driving home and for the first time in several weeks that house popped into my mind and again I wondered where it was, and about a mile down the highway, I looked over to the left and there it was!!!  Only about 3 miles from my home.  It sat there in the willow trees, but sadly it has burned down!!! This was a shock as I just don't remember seeing a burned home along there so now I have to see if I can find out how long ago it burned down.
Cross my heart this is all true, and I do believe my little Angel on my shoulder wanted me to think about this and look over and put it all to rest, well at least till I find out how long ago it burned down.  Wonder if a neighbor would think I was nuts if I stopped one day? Think I will stop in the AM and take a picture to post.
So there you have it,  I am just a little weird huh?  Anyone else got an Angel on their shoulder?

PS.  Here is a picture of the site that I took this morning. If you click on the picture you can see the stone wall.  It is curved and has a sort of medieval look to it. Just wanted to share it along with my story.


Coffeypot said...

Never stop with the funny stuff. A dab now and then is healthy. I know what you mean about something bugging you like that. During my first year of high school the class went to a weekend camp at a church retreat. Years late I happened by that retreat and nothing seemed to have changed. Then I forgot were it was. It has bugged me for years. Then I asked some of my high school friends on FB and the told me where it was. I can sleep at night now and can cut back on the drugs. I am happy.

Coffeypot said...

Never stop with the funny. We need it. I know what you mean about remembering stuff like that. In my first year of high school we went to a camp at a church compound somewhere. Years late I happened upon that camp, but could not for the life of me remember where it was later in life. Then I asked a couple of high school friends on FB and they told me where it was. I can sleep at night now and can cut back on the drugs.

Anonymous said...

Things that make you say,.. Hmmmm.