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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breakfast on the deck

We love our new little grill.  Had pork chops on it last nite, then this morning we woke up with no electricity.  The power company was out in our back yard at 6 AM.  Seems there was a break in the underground wiring that they put in 10 years ago.  They were able to pull in a new line from about 5 houses down.   In the mean time, hubby was so happy to fire up that generator so I could make coffee.  We cooked oatmeal on the BBQ grill, did I mention that I love this little red beauty?  Then he fired up the generator again so I could make toast.  So we ate on the deck and watched the crew work on the power.  By 9 AM we had electricity again.  It was 85 degrees by then.

It is going to be 102 here today, So if you have a cat, give it a shave like this one and it will feel so much cooler, guaranteed!