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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Where have I been?

Guess there are several reasons why I haven't blogged much lately.  One being that my blogger dashboard here is giving me fits.  Won't let me in to type unless I change my alignment of type then won't let me back in to correct.  Weird.  Maybe it will fix itself like my YouTube volume thing did. 
Also I didn't bring my computer to my store with me this last month and I have been more productive in my sewing and weaving.
Guess I want to tell my thoughts a little about all this electronic stuff that we are so addicted to.  I just finished reading a book by Jeffery Deavers, called The Broken Window.  It is about a huge data collection company that has a bad guy working for them.  He goes into alot of details that really should be scaring the pants off of us. Did you know that you leave an electronic trail everytime you use any piece of electronics? Not to mention your credit and debit cards and all the automated E-Z passes for your car and hundreds of other things.  Unless you buy something with cash someone can collect the data of such things as what you buy and when.  Did you ever wonder why alot of stores want your zip code even when you pay cash???  Data collected us fed into huge computers and then sorted to be sold to companies that do marketing to target certain demographics to sell their products. 
Another HUGE pet peave of mine is all the prescription medicines that are marketed to us on TV?  But I digress and that is another topic for future use.
So am I nuts to think we are being Watched??  Do you do FaceBook?  Wonder how that copany is making so much money??  I think alot of it is in this very same tracking us and selling our information to companies to market us.  You know all that crap that we see on FB that "reminds" us to be sure to share with our friends,  of course some of them are so darn "cute" we cant resist. (I have been guilty myself)  or the receipt looks just to dang good to not share.  Why do you think that language is in there to "share it so you will have it on your site to save"  Duh!!!!  We are dribbling cookies everywhere we go on the computer.  Thats probably why my poor little 6 year old laptop is having a hard time getting around.
So I don't know for a fact how much of this blather is really true or if I am just being paranoid but it is food for thought.  We are being lead down a trail that is taking away our individual rights and liberities and that is probably another post.

So aren't you glad I am back??

I will leave this with a picture of my little Random flower garden that I planted last spring to cover up roots of a tree that we had to take down due to our May snow storm damage.  I have plans to plant some more stuff in the spring and see where it goes.


Coffeypot said...

I don't think you are being paranoid about the electronic trails at all. But I think it might be too late to worry about it now as we have been using the net to pay bills, buy stuff and watch porn. They have our information already, and unless we go completely underground and start over, they have us.

RETA said...

Lovely garden!!!!!