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Friday, June 13, 2014

Just call me "the recycle queen"

When I look at somethin that has been discarded I tend to see a new use for it.  Usually it involves tools and paint.  Here is a "table" that I found being thrown out after someone had their garage sale this spring.  Originally it hung from the ceiling of a kitchen in an older house.  Hard to believe.  But imagine just lifting it straight up and attaching it to the ceiling over a big island.  It had florecent lights in it and pot hooks.
Here is a before pic:
I had to buy the piece of plywoodthat was put on it to make the top.  It was sanded along with the whole unit, then the painting started:

As you can see I moved it into my book store to work on it.  In the next photo you can see the final work.  It makes a good display table in my store and a place to stack my hand woven rugs that are for sale.

I ended up tacking tennis balls that were cut in half on those lower corners to keep someone from whacking their legs.  Have to admit I was the first victim!  You can see my upside down stool also that I think I mentioned before.  Put wheels on it and shelves on the rungs, painted it pink and there you have a display cart.