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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is nuts

Wow can't believe it has been so darn long since I posted anything on here.  So will try to catch up a little and post a few pictures.  Last fall I decided to tear out some book cases here in my little book store and expand my limited space to include a weaving studio.  So with books surrounding my weaving space I have accomplished just that.  I have one floor loom and two table top looms set up and have been teaching weaving classes.  I really enjoy the one on one instructions.  Two at most.  I provide everything and will do 4 hour weaving class or all day to instruct how to set up the loom and prepare fabric, then weave.  They get to take home what ever they wove.  Its been alot of fun.  Here are some pictures.

Well after about 5 tries, I can't upload my pictures today, so maybe another time. 

Also wanted to mention that over Thanksgiving I made a trip back up to Iowa and bought a nice floor loom from my friend.  I just love it and will post some pictures of it too one of these days.

I guess one of my reasons for not posting much this past year is that sometimes when there is so much you would like to say, you end up at a loss for words at all.  I try not to be one of these people who have to document every scratch or sniffle for all to have to read about.  But have had a close family member with a life altering disease and it does make you put things into perspective.  But I am also learning that I have to take care of myself or I won't be there to take care of others.  And it isn't all physical care that I am talking about.  Maybe the mental care is more important so here I sit between a rock and a hard place.  I am private enough that out of respect to family I will not discuss it here, but just want to say that I have a heavy heart much of the time, so find it hard to spend my time blogging.  Perhaps if I really had an anonymous  blog that no one I knew read I might do that and it would be good for me.  Oh, well enough for today.  Maybe I can make this site load pictures next time.  

Can't believe this blog is 10 years old!!  That may be a record.  So its just nuts that I don't take a minute and keep this up more often

Thought for the day":  Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light!