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Friday, March 13, 2015

Old Friends

Held a weaving workshop yesterday and as women do we got to talking.  The topic of friends came up and we all decided that in the process of moving about the country as I have you end up with few "good" friends.  We meet many people who become friends but our "old" friends are the ones that we share a history and life experiences with.  You just can't get that with new friends.  We can tell each other stories about our past and family, but there is nothing like that girlfriend that you shared a bed with at sleep overs, rode the school bus with, and went thru first boyfriend experiences with.  We were young and free to speculate about the world and think about what we would do when we "grew up"  Then the years slip away and you may not see each other for years at a time but eventually you are able to reconnect and instantly the years melt away and you just click like you did many years.  You understand each other even though by now you may have differences if political or religious matters.  What REALLY matters is that you are still friends after all these years.  You can still talk about the silly things that you went thru and also the heartaches and blessings you have had.  So here's to Old Friends and I hope there are many in your life as I feel blessed to have a few and if they stumble upon this I hope they see themselves and know that their presence in my life has probably helped make me who I am today and maybe in some small way I contributed to you also.  I found the lyrics to a song that Dolly Parden and Kenney Rogers did called You Can't Make Old Friends and copied part of them here.

What will I do when you are gone?

Who's gonna tell me the truth?

Who's gonna finish the stories I start,

The way you always do?

When somebody knocks at the door,

Someone new walks in.

I will smile and shake their hands,

but you can't make old friends.

You and me, will be together again.

Cause we both know, we will still be old friends.

You can't make old friends

Not the way we have always been.


Coffeypot said...

I have no close friends like that. Many I know well, but no close friends. The kids I played with them most are gone now, but we were not friends after high school. I wish very much that I had one, but that is not in the stars. The closest I have are my Navy pas I see once a year. Everyone else is on FB or Blog.

dc said...

Well Coffeyypot! So glad to see you still peep at me! I think your Navy buds certainly quality as close friends, I am sure you share experiences that are unique. Hey you know how to catch an
Easter Bunny???? Unique up on him!

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