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Monday, September 07, 2015

To much STUFF!

If you ever heard George Carlin's rant about our "stuff" you will know where I am coming from.  Perhaps its just getting older that we start wondering about all the "stuff" we have.  Just look around!  We start off with very little, maybe a few hand me downs from family to get started.  Then we spend years buying things to make us comfortable or happy.  Then family keeps giving us their stuff or they die and leave a whole box car load of crap.  Stuff has sentimental value for us too.  I can look up right now and see three framed counted cross stitch pictures that my older sister did years ago.  She is dead now so of course I can't get rid of them, sentimental huh? 

But sometimes doesn't it get heavy on the back and soul?  How many dishes, pots, and pans do we really need.  If you are like me you end up using the same two or three 99% of the time.  And look in the closet.  The items closest to the front are the ones I wear the most, so that means over half in there haven't been worn in a loooooong time. 

I have been watching this series on TV called Tiny Homes.  It really has my attention.  I look around at my furniture and realize I could get rid of most of it and not really care.  Do I think I could live in a tiny home.  Your bet! Alone!!!!!  LOL  Not with anyone but I could do it if and when I find myself alone. 

Can you imagine the freedom you would feel to walk in and just have one comfy chair to sit in.  Walk over to the kitchen area and open cabinet to see just enough dishes to last a couple meals, not a whole china cabinet full, plus 3 cabinets full.  Again we use the same few over and over from habit or its really all we need.

Maybe that's what it boils down to  "What we need"  Of course I would have to keep my shop to keep all my weaving and sewing "stuff"  but that would be OK, wouldn't it??