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Friday, January 11, 2008

Its Friday, What Can I Say??

My big brother sent this to me. Hope you enjoy it, and ain't it true? Well I suppose its true. Actually we all know HE is the expert in this department!
Sunny and a little warmer today. Sorry but I wish winter was over and done with, just don't do cold very well. Besides I can't wait to start doing flowerbeds at our new home. We sort of rushed to transfer some rose bushes and hostas last fall from the old house and some starts of favorite ground covers. But I have some ideas for a garden and several flower beds. We had little brother build a cute little porch on the front of the utility shed. We can pull the BBQ grill out onto the porch. Want to make plantings around the porch and do some kind of walkway to the back porch. Will have to do some pictures, before and after. Right now there is a huge pile of firewood in the way.
Oh, we love our fireplace, it is huge and has blowers, so it is saving alot of electricity for us. Besides we always prefer wood heat when we can. But it is so nice to put huge rounds of wood in and close the doors and watch the fire and feel the heat.
We ended up buying a new single bed to put at the farm house for either one of us to sleep on when we stay out there so I could get my bed brought into the new house. So now I actually have a bedroom. Have room in it for the treadmill, and have been pretty faithful on it. (Of course that was my New Years resolution)
Well I am just rattling on here. Not much to say really, just hanging in there. We are doing OK.
Now come on SPRING!

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