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Saturday, January 19, 2008

What the heck is the Book Lady reading now?

Guess I haven't written about what books I am reading, maybe I should do this more often so I don't forget. You know my Recaller is not as sharp as my Forgetter any more!

1. Just finished Some-Where in Time by Richard Matheson. That is the one that Christopher Reeves starred in. I ended up going on line and ordering the movie. I know I have seen it along time ago, but just wanted it. I had read his other book What Dreams May Come not to long ago. These are different type love stories, as they take on a rather supernatural aspect to them.

2. Have read 2 of Kaye Gibbons books: A Virtuous Woman, and Ellen Foster. Both very good books.

3. The Extra Man: by Jonathan Ames: Quite a different book. About a young man living in New York area I think back in the 50's maybe. And he rents an room with an older very eccentric man who manages to live by escorting older rich ladies to dinner and events in order to live his life style at no cost to him, even though they live in horrible conditions. A very visual book. Anyway he teaches this young man how to be the extra man. A good read. Oh, and the young man is trying to figure out his sexuality.

4. At present reading: Black and Blue, by Anna Quindlen: Spousal Abuse is not usually my cup of tea, but when I started it, it is hard to put down. About a woman who hooks up with a group that rescues abused women when their life is in danger, and about her leaving all behind and starting over.

5. Next book on my stack is Cold Mountain.

So there you have it. Lots of reading going on this winter. Been reading the soft backs while I use my treadmill every morning (well almost every morning) Actually have different books for that. One there now is Silver City (something) Caught my attention because the setting is in NV back in late 1800's during the silver mining days. It is a rough book that holds my interest, a little smutty, so I stay on the treadmill longer. LOL!!

Was going to do a post about drivers that drive me crazy, but guess everyone deals with that. But its the ones that pull out in front of you, (when no one is behind you) then can't get their speed up to the speed limit for at least 2 miles. Mean while I had to drop my speed from 60 to 40 to keep from rear ending the duffas. Where is the courtesy? Oh, and frequently they do that then stay slow because they are turning off about a mile down the road, and have to almost come to a stop on the highway to make a right hand turn. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

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