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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Just finished reading a really good book by Stephanie Meyer ( the gal who wrote the Twilight Series) This was her first book for adults. I really liked it. Was almost a scifi book. But great story line. Would love to read her other books if they are ever in the library. Oh, the name of the book is The Host. Get it, Read it! Back to another Dean Koontz book, and checked out another Diane Gabaldon book. Have read all of her series of the Outlanders and have pre ordered her new one of that series. This one I have now is the third of her series of Lord John, not sure how many there are but I love her style of writing, subject matter, and the era. If anyone wants to read her, you must start with the first book, Outlander. Then you will get hooked. Nice big books that last a while which is good for me.

Not much other news. Got a call to work at the prison on the 16th. wish they could use me a little more often. I can hardly remember the computer stuff with 3 weeks between working. Still waiting to see if they will fill that part time position.

Thought for the day: He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh about!

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