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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Went into work today for their quarterly managers meeting. My boss, the director of the facility has turned in her resignation! What a shock, I foresee a lot of reorganisation coming about. They have had trouble keeping a director, I think its been 3 in the last 6 years. Tough job. Just like my job. They last about 6 months and they quit.

I was getting pretty depressed about my job, wondering what the heck I got myself into. I have posted before about what my hours are and the expectations and POOR orientation. I called up out at the prison where I worked for awhile thru the staffing agency last summer and they about peed their pants!! She tried to get me to come out immediately for another interview and start next week! I said Whoa! I was just checking things out in case I wanted to make the change.

But for now I will hang in there and hopefully do some better scheduling of my time so I can feel some job satisfaction. Its not always about the money.

Thought for the day: Birds of a feather flock together and crap on your car.

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