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Thursday, March 03, 2011

A fixer-upper? Or fire up the cat?

Last fall when I was doing my morning walks here in the little town where I have my book store I took some pictures of some of the towns decay.

As you can see, someone had good intentions and started putting siding on this house and at some point decided it wasn't worth it or else the load of used siding that a friend gave them just ran out. Who knows. It is sad to see so many old houses like this that just need to be dozed in.

But if you could know their history and the families that lived in them from the time they were new and what was the story on how they became so run down that they were abandoned, wouldn't it be interesting.

I do know about the first picture. Way back many years ago it was the hospital here. When I lived in this area the first time back in the 70's it was still open and I remember going to the Dr. there during clinic hours and asked him to pierce my ears and he sort of ran me off, telling me that he had sick people to see and didn't do piercings. Gee all I wanted was to get holes popped into my ear lobes in a sterile setting. At least they didn't charge me for the office call. I think I had a friend do it for me later. I understand that some folks have owned the building for a few years and are living in the back of it and have been putting in new windows. Boy if that building could talk!

Thought for the day: A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory

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Coffeypot said...

Restoring those two would be more expensive than raising them and building a new one in their place. But I agree with you, what if those walls could talk.