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Saturday, March 05, 2011

What makes an "Old" blogger?

I sometimes wonder why we love to blog. Alot of the time I wonder why we do FB and whats with all the tweeting? We somehow want all the world to hear us and love us. So we try to write witty things that will get us some adoration. If no one read our blogs would we still write?

Good question. I know when I first started blogging in 2005, I did it as a private little journal thing. Then I started getting comments. Wow that was fun. Someone out there was reading my stuff. Then I gave my site out to all my family. Now that is a two edge sword. You start to sort of edit your words that you type cause you don't want to hurt someones feelings or reveal something that you might not want to share with family. But on the other hand there was several years there when alot of the extended family was blogging. It was so much fun to log on and see what everyone wrote or what their comments were on what I wrote.

Somewhere along the line many family members sort of fizzled out. I think when the FB got to be popular and then the Twitter thing. But gee I miss the stories! There was some good meat and potatoes there, not just little one sentence comment that we are supposed to get all excited about. Example: "Look out Texas!! Road Trip." Sorry daughter, just used you as an example. Now a blog post about the trip would be awesome!

So 6 years of blogging and I have no intention of stopping. I may get dry spells, but I still have alot to say. If I get comments I still get excited. But I can't help but wonder who all is actually reading all this. I have done a little blog surfing and boy there is so much stuff out there. What makes one more interesting than another for a stranger to follow? Of course I have a few that I follow, some I have stopped following because they get to whinny or to long winded. So on that note I better stop!!
Thought for the day: It's better to be a has-been than a never-was.

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Anonymous said...

Well.. it was a great trip lol