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Friday, June 03, 2011

YeeHaw look out Texas

If I see this guy I will for sure stop and give him a ride. He may have to sit on my lap as we may be a little crowded.

Dtr. and her family and I are taking a little trip for a few days to Canton Texas. The First Monday Trade Day. Always the first Monday of each month and the weekend preceding. It is the biggest flea market, craft show in the USA. Guess it is hard to see it all in one day. Go to if you are interested in learning more. We were going to go the first of May, but there were so many storms brewing up that we chickened out. Now it will be good and hot and sunny. But looking forward to the family time.

Made some excellent book deals this week. One was at an estate sale and all the books were free. Got about 150 books in pretty good condition. Then today I stopped at a garage sale and paid 10$ for a big box of over 90 of these Love Inspired Romance novels that my older ladies just love. All nearly brand new. So Yeah for me.
(I almost feel guilty)

Thought for the day: Some people have such a talent for making the best of a bad situation that they go around creating bad situations so they can make the best of them. (makes sense to me)

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