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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Grand Daughter has a new Daddy

Here they are headed to the church to get ready for the wedding and start their new lives together as a family.

I know I wasn't going to write anymore about the tornado, but the paper is so full of stories every day and it is hard to still not be attuned to all of it. I just read that 18,000 cars were destroyed! 18,000! When we were in Joplin last week we saw several really battered autos on the streets. I sort of felt like driving them was a badge of courage for those folks. I don't think I would get body work done if it still ran! There was a picture of a van (couldn't tell from the pic) They were thinking of keeping it somewhere where they are collecting stuff to form a sort of museum to show what damage a tornado can do. The guy had just bought it and didn't have insurance transferred yet. Went into Walmart to shop and was lucky he was alive!

There was also a long article about the areas hardest hit and destroyed that had been some of the oldest historic part of the city. So with the loss of these buildings goes the loss of alot of Joplin's history.

Thought for the day:: Good things are worth taking care of!

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