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Saturday, October 15, 2011

OK so I am a quilter

My first blocks.  My sister spend a day with me this week and taught me how to cut and stitch the blocks.  Please take note of the perfect corners that meet!!!!  The sign of a real Quilter!   LOL  The second one is to take to the quilt club. (Both blocks are made from the same fabric, the color of the top is sharper because of the lighting.)
We are bringing a 12 in. block in red, white, and blue then will join them all together to make a quilt to raffle off next 4th of July!!!  Make money for the club.
Been a quiet week at the store.  Have a couple here today set up to buy gold.  We been advertising all week but so far no takers.  They offered my 80$ for my class ring, but I think not.

Thought for the day:  Women will never be equal to men.  Only men can walk down the sidewalk with a bald head and beer gut and still think they are sexy!

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Coffeypot said...

True, you though for today. That describes me to a T.