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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giving from the heart or Random act of kindness!

We have heard many stories of love and caring that have come out of the tornado in Joplin May 22nd. Sometimes when a story is told it touches someones heart and they feel they need to do something.  My sister and her daughter heard such a story from a lady recently.  I will retell it as best I can.  This guy 86 years old lived in a rented home in Joplin,  when the tornado hit he was in the shower.  He had time to grab his boxer shorts and hang onto his bath towel.  When it was over, the only wall left was the one next to his tub.  A lady and her husband and son were on a mission of their own to find her father who had gone to the hospital for his dialysis and after many detours found out finally that he had headed back home safely.  They saw this elderly man on the corner with hardly any cloths and stopped to offer to take him somewhere.  He said he had no one, no family at all.  So they took him home.  Over the summer he lived in their camper in the back yard and has recently been relocated into an apartment. 

When my sister and her daughter heard this story they wanted to do something for this guy that they never met.  Being quilters they knew what that would be.  So they combined all their flannel fabric and started cutting blocks.  They did random blocks that turned out beautiful and backed it with a smooth piece of fabric that looks like lining to a sleeping bag.  It will be a cozy quilt. 

Yesterday my sister and I went to Joplin to shop and delivered the quilt to the lady that rescued this man and she was so happy to get it and knew he would love it.  She promised to send a picture of him with his quilt soon.  So here is a pic of my sister with the quilt, front and back.


MadCityMike said...

What great family members you have! Horrible tragedies bring about wonderful stories of humanity, too. Thanks for posting this.

Coffeypot said...

It is amazing what comes from tragedy
. Thank your sister and niece for what they did for the old man.