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Friday, September 21, 2012

Go West they said, so we did!

Back from a week long trip/vacation.  We spend 2 days in Wyoming at Saratoga.  Here is a pic of the Platte River, it was low enough that you could walk across it.  Weather was beautiful. Got a sprinkle the first nite there.  Ate at the old Wolf Hotel.

Mountain range east of Saratoga in the Medicine Bow Range.

Next is a peak into the bar of the Wolf Hotel.
We got a private tour of the old museum in Saratoga,  Hubby's cousin is a volunteer there and here is an older picture of her modeling their grand mother's wedding dress from around 1900. Their grand parents homesteaded in Saratoga and later he built a butcher shop to provide meat to the miners and she built a hotel called the Palace Hotel which she ran till she died in 1960 and it was torn down by her last wishes.

We left Saratoga on Wed. and dropped down into Colorado on the western side of the Rockies so missed the rain that Denver had.  We had beautiful weather the rest of the week. 
Here is a picture of the lake where we spend 2 days.  It is north of Gunnison Colorado, Taylor Lake.

We stayed in one of these rustic cabins.  You can see part of the lake in the back ground.  We were at 8,000 ft. elevation. It was 27 degrees both mornings we were there so had to scrape a little ice from the windshield before we could go fishing.
We caught a total of 10 trout to bring home.  Very good eating! The lake level was really low here also.  We drove our vehicle down to the lake edge where we used to park 20 to 30 ft back up the bank.
As we left this area we drove over Monarch Pass, and the trees were beautiful.

As we got over the pass we saw the first fresh snow that fell in the night mountain tops a couple days before.

Over all we had a good trip and hubby's sister was a good sport for staying in a rustic cabin for 2 nights.  We love that stuff but she missed her Fox news fix everyday.  Last night we stayed in Dodge City Kansas at a decent motel and she had that TV on so fast she could hardly eat any dinner! 
Me?  I could have cared less.  But we made it home safe and sound. 
Short week at the store this week.  Will be closed tomorrow so I can do my first craft show.  Anxious to see how it goes.  My sister and I are working together on this with our hand made crafts.  Will take some pictures and post next week. 
Where the heck did September go???  So glad to be having nice fall weather at last!


Coffeypot said...

I would love to have the time (and money) to spend a few months touring the West...been in the Rockies around Denver and it whetted my appetite for more.

MadCityMike said...

I love "The West", and have spent some wonderful times there, too. Always nice to go on vacation, but sure is good to come as well, eh?
How was your craft show? I hope you'll post about it with some photos of your booth.
We've had MUCH cooler temps up here in WI and some of the trees are starting to change colors, too. I LOVE Fall! ;) It has always been my favorite season, even when I was teaching and had to go back to work, so that is saying a lot. ;)