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Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Sisters Recycled

Last Saturday my sister and I did our first craft show at the local college.  It was their "first" annual craft and rummage sale in their parking lot.  What a beautiful day it was.  Perfect weather and the kids did an awesome job with organization.  EXCEPT they didn't advertise very much.  Lots of vendors but not many customers.  But it was a good experience for us to learn how to set up the awning and display our stuff.  Here are a few pictures.

We sold a couple totes and a couple rugs.   So now we will know what all we need for the big craft fair in October that is a well established event.
I am off tomorrow for my weaving demonstration.  I like to say that the Grasshopper is now the Master!  LOL!  Anyway it is fun to show off some of what I have learned.  It is a state park north of Joplin.  They celebrate the prairie thus Prairie State Park,  (you can google it)  An all day celebration with music, hay rides out to see the buffalo and the living history loop (That would be me)  in my prairie dress.  Please let it not be to dang hot.  Mid 70's is forcasted.  I am sure I will have pictures next week.  I will also be ready to take a picture of my weaving from class that I took off the loom this week.  I can taste that buffalo BBQ right now!  Woo Hoo,  or is that Moo Moo?

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MadCityMike said...

I'm glad to hear that the craft fair went well. I agree that even though it was not heavily attended by consumers, it was great practice for setting up and organizing. I do have a suggestion for you though, if you have a folding drying rack, you could hang a couple of rugs on it, giving a better visual display than having them all rolled up. OR (also?) could hang a few from the supports in the back of your display tent so that people would see from a distance that you have rugs, plus the full beauty of your rugs would be on display.
I'm looking forward to seeing your post on the big fair. I'll keep my fingers crossed for more excellent weather!