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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ever feel like this?

I feel like this every year.  So much hype and guilt.  I am sure many feel this way.  Also envy for those who don't.  Envy for the happy families that gather and share and give to each other.  So for those of us who don't get invited to events and who's family is spread out and some you barely know it is a hard time of the year.  I always feel good after New Years Day.  That seems like a time for new beginnings.  I also feel I try to give thru the year as the occasion comes up and sometimes for no occasion that I just won't be made to feel guilty.  So if you don't get a card from me its not because I didn't think of you, I am just waiting for New Years Day!


Coffeypot said...

Right after Thanksgiving every year I convert to a Jehovah Witness until January 1st. That way I get to ignore all the hype.

dc said...

What a darn good idea! Maybe I will try that.